In for the Rain: Short Stories, Air

She silently watched as she wept. Her tears fell endlessly. The tears were as pure as crystals. Though there was pain in her tears a smile formed as the beauty of her love shined. She flew in closer to get a look. The woman wept what seemed like endless tears. She reached for one before their eyes met.

Taken aback by the sudden stare.

Is someone there?

She didn’t answer.

She enjoyed her stare.

The one who sat there dried her eyes. A warmth filled her soul. She felt as if she could fly.

“Do you hear me?” The angel said softly

“Why have I crossed to the other side.”

“You are not.” The angle said softly, “I am just here by your side.”

“Why do I hear you so clearly.”

“You simply are just divine.”

“Are you a lost spirit.”

“No, I am simply a ghost.”

“Then you feel like me and can’t rest.”

Tears welled again.

Before that fell she spoke softly.

“Dry your eyes and just help me rest. Let me see happiness.”

“That is hard. But if you need rest the I will try.”

She got out of her bed. The angel floated down closer.

It’s curious. She already seems better

The woman pulled a cup out of her cabinet. The angel watched as she filled it with water and slowly drank.

“May I ask why you wept?”

“I feel lost. However, don’t worry about it.”

“Why aren’t you afraid.”

“I’m honesty half out.”

“What does that mean?”

“Don’t worry about it.”

The angel frowned.

“You seem too strong to give up.”

“I appreciate your words.”

She looked in the direction of the angel.

“It feels like you’re staring. I want to look in a direction. Are you over there?”

“I am but, do you see me?”

“No, but I feel you there.”

The angel looked confused.

“You really shouldn’t be that close to heaven enough to hear me.”

A worry washed over her.

“I feel fear.”

The angel snapped out of her thoughts.

“I have to sleep.” She looked in the direction of the angel, “Is your name Belle.”

She paused.

“It is…”

“Is something wrong?”

“I didn’t say that out loud. How did you know my name?”

“I felt like that was it. My is Nori.”

She smiled.

“Then let us rest.”

She rested on her side.

“I feel like you’re too close.”

“I simply miss sleeping.”

“It doesn’t feel bad just different.”

Belle smiled.

“I am going to pull you up for a bit.”

“What does that mean?”

Nori fell into a blissful slumber. She was surround by a warmth. Clouds around caressed her softly.

“Did you just kill me?”

“No only put you in a deeper slumber.”

A fear washed over Nori’s face.

“Should you do that?”

Belle smiled.

“You will feel more rested.”

“It’s nice here….”

“Please don’t get used to it. It’s only for a bit.”

She rested on her side.

“You are a beautiful angel.”

“I thought I hid it well.”

“Try not to get in trouble by God.”

Belle paused.

Nori sat up. She looked around.

The clouds where they rest seemed endless. The stretched for miles. The beauty of them bewildered her.

Belle watched as an awe came over Nori.

“Do you like clouds, too?”

Nori looked at Belle.

“It seems to real to not be heaven.” Nori’s hearts sank.

“Don’t worry I didn’t kill you.” Belle sensed the fear. “We are just safe.”

Nori closed her eyes.

She drifted. She felt like a endless stream. The world seemed as if it faded. A longing for the world to stop overflowed through her. She opened her eyes. Belle had wander off a bit. She watched her from a far.

She is nice looking.

“Are angels as beautiful as you?”

Belle was taken aback. She turned to see Nori looking at her.

“I thought you were sleeping.”

“Why do you wander?”

“No reason. It is a bit lonely here.” Belle looked a bit bashful, “You have time to think here. As blissful as it is you do miss humanity.”

“I don’t see why an angel would miss it.”

A long silence flowed against the sky.

“What if I said I love you?”

“How would you do that?”

Belle laughed. She returned her gaze into the cloud she was looking at. She glanced at Nori who seemed to fight sleep. The bewilderment in her eyes worried Belle. Yet at the same to she wanted her to see. She watched as her mind seemed to be dreaming. A child like smile formed on her face. As sleepy as Nori seemed to become, she beamed such bright energy. Belle wanted this to be forever.

Nori saw one cloud in particular that caught her eye. It sat high and mighty. It expanded into a mesmerizing shape. She watched it intently. Soon sleep overcame her. She let herself slip into a slumber.

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