In for the Rain: Short Stories, Dear Love, Sincerely Me

Dear Diary:

Each day that passes her face appears in my mind more often. A funny feeling rises in my chest and I can’t help but smile. Is it love? Perhaps. I know this feeling is strange, but love feels too strong a word. While I do enjoy the feeling; a feeling a fear comes with it as well. What if it gets stronger? Part of me feels that could lead to pain. Is it a one-sided love? Does she even see me? Does she think of me as often as I think of her? Though what if it’s nothing? The thought of it being nothing leaves another strange feeling in my chest. Regardless of what it is I feel or fear, for now I will just cherish these thoughts of her.


Ranae placed the pen down on her desk, a long sigh escaping her lips. She examined the writing, taking in what she just wrote. These days I have been writing about her more and more. She thought as she glanced to the other side of the room where roommate was already sleeping. Realizing she herself was getting sleepy she placed her diary into the desk drawer. It didn’t take long before sleep overtook her after she crawled into bed, one last thought of Her.

Rays of sunlight poured into the room. Its warmth welcomed Ranae from her sleep. “Finally up? Sleepy head?” Ranae looked around to see Brenda already dressed and ready to start her day. “Oh no!” Ranae sprung out of bed and looked at her clock. “If I don’t hurry, we’ll be late!”

The rest of the girls was waiting in the lobby. “Where are they?!” Said Kelsey who was clearly agitated. Before anyone could answer Ranae and Brenda came running out the room. “Sorry I overslept” Ranae said between breathes. “I’m sure our breakfast is getting cold” Kelsey pouted. “I’m more worried about Ms. Gretchen” Melony groaned. “Sorry…” Ranae repeated. “Don’t worry about it, Ranae” Brenda smiled “Now let’s get this day started!”

The girls took their seats at breakfast. “Oh boy, I’m starving!” Kelsey said as she started to eat. “Is everyone ready for the upcoming chemistry test?” Brenda asked. “Not really…” Melony said with a sigh, “but I’ll manage. What about you, Ranae?” Ranae who had let her mind wonder to a certain person again jolted at the sound of her name. “Huh?! I’m sorry I wasn’t listening.” “That’s been happening a lot lately” Tina said with a bit of worry. “Yeah you really are distracted these days, Ranae” Cree added. “Really I’m fine” Ranae said as she realized her friends were starting to worry about her. “Anyway, we should hurry Chemistry class is starting soon; The review should be very helpful”

“Now then this is a delicate mixture that must be created with precision. As so…” The professor Began to demonstrate. As Ranae watched she could not help but let her mind drift again. Do I really seem distracted? It’s strange, even when I don’t mean to, I think of her. “Now then who want to volunteer?” The professor asked. Everyone hesitated. “Fine then I’ll pick a volunteer. Ranae!”  “Oh!?” Ranae snapped back from her thoughts. “Right.” Realizing the situation Ranae went to the front to do demonstrate the experiment. “Umm” Ranae looked on; this is clearly new. I’ve got an idea of how this is done Ranae thought as she grabbed a few ingredients. As she began mixing… “Good choice of ingredients, Ranae; however, that is not the experiment I just demonstrated.” The professor said with a frown. “Oh, I’m sorry” Ranae said slightly embarrassed. “To be honest I wasn’t paying attention.” The other Girls looked at each other in concern. “Rather unfortunate to hear, Ms. Ranae. I really do advise you to pay attention; this is on the test.” The professor said sternly. “Right it won’t happen again.” “Alright, Brenda why don’t you try?”

Ranae let out a sigh; she seemed out of it even to herself. The gentle breeze brushed across her face as she walked. Every day around the same time she would walk along the countryside before returning to the bus stop to head to the inner city and take the same route around town. It has become so routine. As she turned the corner, she passed it; the café. As she walked by: she glanced inside. Her paced slowed. There she laid eye on the person who occupied her mind so. Her and her sister were always there in the same spot around this time. How long has it been since Ranae realized this? Ranae herself couldn’t remember. But since then she has often come this way if only to steal one glance at her. As she passed the café her heart fluttered. Sighing Ranae kept walking until she fully passed the café. If only it wasn’t such a short pass. Even so; a smile formed across Ranae’s face. “I better head back now”

Night had fallen. Ranae glanced across the room to were roommate slept. She sat at her desk pulling out her diary.

Dear Diary:

Today could have gone better.  My friends are starting to worry about me. I don’t blame them. I really can’t get her off my mind. Or maybe that’s not it. Maybe I don’t want to forget her. The feeling I get from one glance at her makes me happy. Sometimes I wish it could be longer. To be able to sit across from her at that cafe. If only I didn’t have to be so far away from her. It would be so nice.


With that she put her diary away. As she lay in bed, she thought to herself. Perhaps it was time to come to terms with her feeling. On second thought, maybe it’s too soon. Ranae thought as she drifted to sleep.

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