In for the Rain: Short Stories, Dreams

When it Rains

An Imagination that lights the heart. A smile and a laugh from the bottom of me. Gently resting under a tree. A dream of sunshine a warmth of rain. A single whisper a silent pain. My eyes they weep. A sound of lightning rings above. A man calls down “What is your name?” I call back as the sun fades and simply say “My name is Raine.”


An Imagination that lights the heart. A smile, a laugh from the bottom of me. Gleefully dreaming under a tree. A nap and a story under the sun. A sound, a song that enter my ears. A serenity as the sun disappears. The stars that shine show a picture of you. Tears fall down my face as a warmth and joy disappear. I listen, I wander to a distance voice; hoping my happiness doesn’t fade.


An imagination that lights the heart. A smile and a laugh is where it starts. A dream of me under a tree. A gleeful smile, a woman’s frown. “Tell me… Which way do I go now.” I take a nap. A song then blares. As the sun rises without a care. A sweet melody fills my ears. As tears now fall from my dear.


When you’re mine I’ll fly to the sky. I’ll grab a piece of the bright and shinning sun to light your eyes. I’ll hide your tears in the summer clouds and bathe in they rain as they return from the sky. The love I feel lights the night. The constellation of your sign tells me you’re mine.

Your Dreams

As you sleep, the stars in the sky show you light. The moon smiles to its side. You fall into my arms as you dream. I watch from above wishing my cloud had you with me. Fallen tears become the rain in your sleep. We awake to each other, but you do not stay asleep.


The soil beneath my feet as I fell to the Earth. I wander into madness as my hope dries up. The villains of my conscious will never let up. I call to the sky as the storm lets up. I fall to my knees and a woman comes up. “Tell me your name.” She says as my head lifts up.

Our Desires

Within the grail is a sin called love. We grasp it together and take a sip. We spiral into a heated battle of our lust. Warmth washes over us and burns our wombs with desire. A sweet kiss to seal the deal. And a youthful rest as our future comes. As the bell rings your name is mine. Our future is bright as the sun still shines.

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