In for the Rain: Short Stories, The Fallen Blade

He sat there wondering. His makeshift grave floating in his head. Why did this happen? His friend wept on the ground as he floated.

“Be a man, Marco.” He pleaded, “Damn it why can’t he hear me.”

“Don’t die, Marco. Don’t cry! Be a man!”

Marco helplessly sat there. He stared at his name.

“Titus!” Marco screamed helplessly, “Why did you lose!”

“I did! I was an arrogant fool!” Marco pleaded, “I knew it was too soon! God let him hear me! The blade was already sabotaged.”

Marco looked around. The clouds that had formed overhead began to rain.

“You mock me now! By crying for him more!”

As the rain hit him, his face screwed with sadness.

Marco screamed! He screamed at the top of his lungs.

“I loved him!”

Titus face sunk.

“Damn him! Damn him for saying that! I won’t leave now….”

“But you must.”

Titus looked around to see a beautiful angel with a solemn expression.

“No! You can’t! At least let me heal him!”

“You will see him soon. If he makes it here.”

“What are you saying?”

“He only is wounded because he caved and took money to make sure you couldn’t fight.”

“You lie…”

“He forged the blade in person. Lord Saban watched to ensure it was flawed. You cannot rest because his gift was shotty and you knew it.”

“He would have died had he not!” Titus yelled.

“And he still comes. Do you wish to wait for him?”

“I can’t. I’m ashamed.”

Titus looked away.

“Then at the very least come now.”

Titus floated down, ignoring the angels request. He touched Marco whose eye began to fade.

“So, you’ve come back to get me…”

Titus face wrenched with tears.

“Don’t look like that Titus… I did this.”

“Why save yourself only to come and get killed.” Titus said, “You shot at a high official. At least have the nerve to fire before he hit you.”

Marco closed his eyes.

“I feel peace hearing you.” Marco whispered, “Please calm down and lets live in heaven together…”

As Titus looked to the sky the angel sent a beam of light floating Marco up.

His eyes opened as he reached to wipe Titus eyes.

“Fine then… Let’s enjoy our stay.”

The angel smiled as she led the way.

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