In for the Rain: Short Stories, When Hell Comes

“Well…”  A woman walked through the woods, “I have to find those scared roots.”

She walked around looking with an almost bored expression. Toads hoped around. One was immediately captured by a snake slithering by. She snarled at the snake and then chuckled at the disaster.

“Worms are tastier than those fellows.” She looked around, “Right? You!”

A girl jumped.

“Leave! I only followed you because I’m lost.”

“Well then…” The woman raised her hands, “Kyral is the name. Follow me anyway, hun.”

They walked deeper into the forest. A lake was just ahead.

“Oh no…” Kyral paused,” We may be in trouble. Tell me, girl, did you disturb a cave?”

“It’s Kimmi, and no I was only looking around.”

“That place is not for adventure. Your sent must be all over it.”


They both jumped as this horrible monster appeared. I giant snake like creature at the bottom a tormented woman at the top.

Kimmi froze in fear. Those eyes looked like they would send her to hell.

“Run you fool!”

The monster lunged at her. Kyral jumped in front of her and sent her hand up.

A shield immediately bounced the beast back.


“Why is that here!? What is it?”

“A Hell Viper.” Kyral readied herself, “And it seems I’ve made her mad…”

The Hell Viper slithered her anger showing. Kyral snapped her finger and a bubble surrounded Kimmi.

“Wait I have to run!”

“Nah, I got you!”

Kyral jumped onto a floating pool she had gather from the lake.

“Let’s go!” She said lifted her hand.

They flew past, the Hell Viper hot on their trail.


Kimmi clutched her head and closed her eye in fear.


Let’s go!

Kyral jumped off and all at once she squared the Hell Viper up. She let her crash into her fist. The Hell Viper stopped at once as she held her back with her fist on its shoulders.


She shot two flare sending the Hell Viper up. It stopped it momentum curled its back and lunged Kyral jumped out of the way this time. The ground shattered causing dust to stir up. It slithered around.

Kyral had began to cough as she inhaled some dust. All at once the most heavy hit she’s felt in her life in her across her abdomen. She was sent into a tree and blacked out.

The impact cleared the dust.

“Oh no!” Kimmi’s bubble burst.

Her feet pounded against the ground as she flew to the tree as fast as the Hell Viper rounded again.

“Wake up!”

She had just barely got there when Kyral jolted up and fired a bolt of lighting so fearsome the earth thundered.

The Hell Viper slithered around but the attack shook its senses.

“Back off girl!”

“I can’t leave! This is my fault!”


Kyral fired another shot at the Hell Viper this time she waved her body and the lightning followed her movements and hit the Hell Viper full on.

The Hell Viper screeched. It watched Kyral and Kimmi.

Kyral prepared for another strike. When the most gruesome smile formed Hell Viper she held up her hands.

Kyral turned and hugged Kimmi before her bubble formed around them and the were hit with a blast of wind.

They both screamed as they were sent flying. They bounced about in any and all directions.

“I can’t hold up!” Kyral yelled.

The bubble burst with the latest impact and the both were sent rolling. Darkness filled their eyes.

Moments later Kyral felt her head was going to explode. She could her soft crying. She moaned as she came to in Kimmi’s lap. She looked to the side.

“Well… How odd I found them.”

Kyral reached to the side and pick the roots.

Kimmi dried her eyes.

“I though we were dead too.” Kryal smiled.

“Here let’s get out of here. We’ll go around.”

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