A Few Drabbles

Hello all, hope you are well. I’d like to share a few drabbles. While not exactly 100 words in length, they are a piece of my mind. I love writing these as much as short stories. They have been put together as Love-Lie, Dreams, and Sleep. Here are a few that I have not put together but would like to share.

Drabble #1


The parade of men lit the sky. Sinners are punished, by the one that claims their prize. They stalk the ground as they become death. As a greed call sin steals both woman and man. Raining from the sky the stars drop until they disappear. At the stroke of midnight, the goddess comes down. She weeps as she wanders and thinks, “why did this land fall now?” The soldiers begin to reek. She lifted them into the air “Now you’ll all come with me.” Then the moon disappears.

Drabble #2


The ones in the sky they call the gods sent me a message called love. The diamonds in the sky show my sign and send them to you. Look up my love and the world will turn. Sweet dreams to me as the sun still burns.

Drabble #3

Bottled Message

I penned down words and lost them for you. They fell in the sea and floated helplessly. I tried to smile but as I pass you by, the message I sealed away comes up in time. You walk down the shore and find my love, as I finally come up and say, “Why cry?”

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