In for the Rain: Short Stories, My Lady

The little imp followed her to the ground.

“You lied to me my, liege.”

“It’s lady gorgon to you.”

The gorgon was a beautiful woman devilish in the eyes. Her might showed in her face as the imp fell to his knees.

“I did as you asked.”

“I asked for her to be brought to me.”

“But I did…”

“She is too pure for her to come that way. She rises far beyond my reach.”

She stalked over to the fallen woman and reached for the crimson liquid that fell from her chest.

Her eyes blurred as she nearly wept.

“My Liege…”

The woman raged and swung her stained hands toward the imp.

He fell into a cower.

“You took her! I will never have her now!”

She let out a furious roar. Her body went into a buckled lurch. She grew scales and her eyes went out. Only death was in them and they only wanted that imp.

He ran with all his might. His feet assaulting the ground as he tried to escape. He looked around to see her closing in fast.

“Why run! Why not come and cower before your liege!?”

He looked around as chills took over him.

All at once he turned and ran into a tree. She closed in and the tree buckled into two.

She never felt such anguish as she devoured an entity.

The sky clouded up as she cried. The woman wept into the sky.

“She’s not coming back. She’s not coming down. I can’t hold her!”

She looked into the air and saw a small spirit.

“You fool, I can’t reach up there!”

And with that she returned to Hell.

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