In for the Rain: Short Stories, Life

Death looms in an empty space. Floating past father time. Close your eyes and you will sleep. An eternity passes before you wake. A woman named Earth wakes you from your sleep. An entity free as the open air. You look about and see a flare as the sun of life opens your eyes.

Free as a bird you reach for the sky. One with earth singing sweet lullabies.  A cosmic flare takes your eyes and the stars began to rain in time. You hold your hands together and make a wish. You sigh a breath that’s sweet and serene. You take a look at the green light in the sky.

As time flies by you are again in bliss. A new arrival at your side. We fall in time both you and I. We dance together under the moonlight. As happiness wells we keep on moving. Our smiles the earth brings light up our souls. The joy of life just unfold.

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