Collected Drabbles

Hello all, here are some short drabbles I wrote over time check them out.


A tarnished land void of life. Whistling wind that echoes through the sky. A woman stops and hums a tune, her hand swinging at her side. She sees red all around. Her mind spins as she falls down.


As pure as the snow, is a shimmering soul. I gaze into it, as I let it go. So sweet is the serenity of your face. As you sleep the dove of the lord sends you away. I take a breath and say, “I thought I asked for her to stay.”


Covered in fear of death, the light of man shows no mercy. It breaks through with guidance from above, trudges through impending doom. In an awakened state the earth finds its light for fear of death bring forth our fight.


The wind rustled about as I stepped. I walked a path to see myself. I woke up to my fears. I sat and chat with them for years. I looked at them with honest eyes. I found a meaning to my life. As I walk with fear right by my side.


Above the trees, there flew a bird. It saw the clouds pass it by. It saw the ground speed on by. It wings broken the air as it flapped away. Freedom called it each and everyday.


Hope is only the first step to the world of living. It rises us to the sky with anticipation. When it feels our minds, it challenges fate. When it fills our eyes we lite our spirits. Just beyond the horizons is a new peace. If hope bring happiness, happiness is me.


The waves of life call you to that place. A land where all the flowers grow. The paradise above where you were sent to, calls me as it calls you.


Time flies by at the stroke of dawn. A new beginning is here. Don’t be scared my dear, as we are all here. You fall to the unknown. And look at the dust. However, as you dream, I’ll pull you back up.


The woman in my mind floats around in bliss. I see her every time I yearn for a kiss. My heart it flutters with a simple voice. I walk past her in a distant dream. I simply ask her do you have the time. She simply says yes “I’ve waited all my life.”


Greetings from my heart. Look at the place around and take a spot. Find anywhere you like and call it your own. A peace like serene will light your heart. Welcome home my dear and I’ll say it a lot.

I Love You

When the daisies bloom, you’ll know how I feel. I’ll create a world for you to be with me. We’ll dance own the starlit ground. We’ll talk our hearts and say our vows. As I see them bloom, I say, “I love you.”


A devilish greed called jealousy robs one of their soul. It poisons others, it rid them of life. It looks as sinful as a monster from hell. It drains on of their sanity as they wither in dark. To be a jealous being is to lose from the start.

Love Me Sincerely

Love me sincerely and I’ll give you a rose. Tell me honestly “I love you.” And you’ll fill my soul. I’ll give my heart. We’ll sing sweet cheers. A bright future is always near.

Love Me

The only thing in the world of you is a divine being that take me high. I float around on cloud nine. You sway me to feel my best. I love you the way I should. I’ll love me the you should love you.

Me and You

Love will bloom in the new dawn. A white lily tells the tale of a beauty who shares my heart. A rose for her to say much more. A daisy for me to smile sincerely. We build a bouquet to find our way. Until the end please always stay.


Trust in the feeling of your heart and be brave to the world. I follow you near and hear you close. I am your mother dear. The one you know. I will light your path and wash away your fears. I will calm your tears and tell you, “Cheer up my dear.”


I went to the garden to pick a flower. It tells you the beauty of you. It simply says, “I love you.” It hopes you say, “I do.” I gave you this flower and I hope you’ll have me too.

To be Free

Dreams flood your mind as you sleep. One such dream is one where you fly to the sky. You spread your wings just under the sun. You feel the wind caress you face. You land just beyond the rainbow. To a new a precious place.


I look around and see the sea of smiles. I watch their hands come together, thunderous and loud. I take a bow and I feel my tears. I raise my hands in the air. I celebrate with a boisterous flare.

Wishing Stars

The stars made the sky cry as they streaked along the night. I stare at the sight of you in distant memories from me. We walk the shores. We laugh a lot. The one I love has gone back home.


The gust of wind that calls me to here, calls me back to the garden of Zen. I close my eyes and I take a breath. I open my eyes as I simply slept.

Check these out collected in my book In for the Rain: Short Reads here.

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