In for the Rain: Short Stories, Death

Movement One: Despair

I look around and all I see is an abyss. Fighting time with rage, fighting life with despair in my eyes. I call to the lord with my fist in the air. No answer again a I fall into despair.

No one to see or grasp at. No one to hear or breath with. Alone in the abyss of my mind. Falling to madness in due time.

Movement Two: Madness

I suffer through these gritted teeth thought of death pursue me. I grab a blade and fight my will. I see the sun and hope I burn. I want to live but I won’t suffer. I see time and abandon my will.

I thrash and turn. I watch my eyes blink. Fear laughs in my face. Horror strikes my soul. It shouldn’t feel like this. I should be in bliss.

Movement Three: Death

I lay still as I cry. My eyes close with an image of a guy. I rest as I go still. He sheds a tear as he reaches down. “I’m such a fool. I’m too late now.”

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