East Sol Presents: Character Spotlight, Natalie Gholston

Hello all, I have been working hard to make ‘The Sector with the Brightest Sun’ East Sol. A series based on the novel.

In this series of blogs you will meet the Characters of East Sol. Starting with Natalie Gholston. Read this story and a get to know her!

The forest wound for miles. She had gone there to get solitude. It was always a thing for her when ever life got stressful. She looked around at the trees as she slowly walked down the path.

She let out a sigh.
“I really needed this time.”

She looked around as she continued to walk.

“I’ll find a different spot today.”

After a looking around she found a spot that she liked. She sat next to a tree as she pulled out a sketch pad.

A huge smile formed on her face. She took a deep breath and began drawing. Images flooded her mind as she did so. Colors burst across her mind as let her brush cross the paper. A beautiful picture slowly formed into existence.

She drew for some time until she stopped to close her eyes. While she rested, she thought of her picture. Many changes flooded in. Many changes challenged by her. She fought and she accepted.

She brought the brush to her paper again. More time passed again before she looked at it with a look of contentment on her face.

She examined the picture, admiring her on work.

She was so preoccupied by the picture she didn’t see the animal sneaking up behind her.

It snatched the sketchbook from her before looking at it itself.

“Hey, what do you think you’re doing.”

It sneered at her before taking off.

“Argh, That sneaky winged koala.”

She got up and chased it.

They ran until she got very agitated.

“Hmph, I’ll have to be a bit more resourceful.”

She cut around to the other direction as she sent a ball of energy somewhere behind her.

The winged koala slowed its pace when it felt it got away. It stopped to look at the picture again.

“Hah, Gottacha!”

The teenage girl leapt into the clearing. The winged koala became startled as she approached.

It ran off to the direction it was facing before she cut it off, forcing it to change direction abruptly.

Good… She thought.

She watched as it moved and zigzagged around trees. She chased it until it suddenly saw the ball ahead.

It screeched before dodging straight into her arms.

“Welp, I caught you.” She beamed.

It looked disappointed.

“You liked that picture, didn’t you?

The wing koala looked up with enthusiasm before shaking its head.

“Well then, you can have it.”

She put up a finger before saying a chant.

“Save! Preserve!”

The picture was wash in a matte look.

“There now. It’s yours! Just be careful with it.”

The winged koala looked excited before pointing at itself.

“Yep, It’s yours! Trust me Natalie Gholston is quite generous.”

It screeched in joy before flipping and grabbing the picture.

“Hah! You’re welcome! Just don’t take my whole note pad again.”

She watched it run off.

A sigh escaped her lips.

“Welp! Natalie you still got it.”

She shrugged to herself before heading off herself.

“I’ll return to my usual spot before I began again.”

Natalie laughed to herself before a she was approached again.

“Oh, Lita it’s you…”

“Your magic went off. Are you alright?”

“Yep. I just played a little tag.”

Lita smiled.

“Alright then let’s head back, Mimi finished cooking something good.”

“Ooh, alright! I finished drawing anyway.”

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