The Sector with the Brightest Sun: Prologue

Many planets lay amongst the trillions of stars. These planets reside in a universe known as Stellas IX. Named for the 9 Quadrants of the stars. One Quadrant know as Quadrant III has the Brightest Sun of the Universe. This sun resides in one of the 9 sectors in Quadrant III known as the Bright Sun Sector. The ethereal energy that emits from the sun has heightened the life of the organisms around it and an abundance of magic can be found within it. Magic is a very rich part of life in Quadrant III. It is not uncommon to see magic just about anywhere. Many armies have even set up a separate magic knight’s division made up of elite individuals with an abundance of magic prowess. These individuals are the protectors of their land. Some even gain status with as much importance as that of Royalty.

The Bright Sun sector houses some of the most powerful kingdoms in the universe. One such Kingdom resides on a planet it is known as Elvin Lily. Its name is East Sol. East Sol is a massive kingdom rich in land and an abundance of natural energy. It is said to house the most powerful magic army in the universe. East Sol is ruled by the first daughter of the newest generation of the ancient Sol bloodline. She is part of a set of triplets set to rule three major kingdoms on the continent of Sol. (East Sol, Central Sol, and West Sol) Her name is Rochel Sol.

This the tale of East Sol and the strongest Magic Knights.

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