The Sector with the Brightest Sun: Chapter One

Times have been very busy since the announcement of the new rulers of the sacred lands, a little too busy for Rochel. It seems all she ever does is study. However today has been a little more tiring than usual. Sunlight showered her as she walked the path she usually takes when she needs a break. She had gone a bit further this time; wandering into a nearby meadow. It had such pretty flowers. Flowers more beautiful than she had ever seen.

“I didn’t know these were here…” She said to herself. “Well maybe I would have had I gotten to go out more.” A long sigh escaped her lips. It was then she heard laughter. “Someone’s here… but where?”

Rochel listened. She could hear it again. This time it sounded like two people laughing. Rochel walked into the field of flowers curious to finding those laughers. She made it to the center of the field when she spotted two girls around her age playing. One of them had such a vibrant energy. She was almost all over the place. The other seemed to be struggling to keep up. Even so the energetic girl didn’t let her fall behind. They looked so free and happy. Rochel longed to be able to do that. She lingered around watching them her gaze falling upon the energetic girl. The way she laughed so happily brought a smile to Rochel’s face. She couldn’t help but watch her. Her smile was so infection that Rochel thought about going to see if she could join them. Those thoughts didn’t last long as suddenly Rochel realized that she was looking right into her eyes.

“Oh!” Rochel let out a bit startled upon the sudden realization that she had been seen staring at her. “I apologize I didn’t mean to stare…”

“Don’t worry about it.” The girl started. “My name is Mimi, and this is Malicia.” She pointed at the other girl who seemed to become bashful.

“What is your name?” Mimi asked “It’s Rochel.” “Princess Rochel?” Malicia asked gathering a bit of courage. “Yes” “Ooh, so you are going to the Queen of East Sol then!” Mimi said looking excited. “You want to play with us?”

“Um I’m not sure…” Rochel said “I have a lot of work to do, so- “Mimi suddenly grabbed her hand startling Rochel.

“Come on! Just for a bit!” Mimi excitedly pulled Rochel along.

“Maybe for a bit then.” Rochel said as she ran along.

Mimi was as energetic as Rochel thought. She ran about in such an enthusiastic way and she looked as though she was having the time of her life. It was so different being outside and playing. Rochel couldn’t help but get caught up.  “Hey, Rochel come over here!” Mimi said. “These are the prettiest flowers in the meadow. “Oh, they are pretty!” Rochel said looking in awe. “It’s starting to get late, Mimi.” Malicia said. “On no!” Rochel was having so much fun she had forgotten the time. “I have to return, or they will wonder where I am!”

Mimi looked disappointed “You’ll come play with us again?”

“I really would like that.” Rochel said with a smile. “I will try to come again tomorrow.”

Mimi lit up “Alright! Then let’s head back, Malicia.” Mimi said as she and Malicia walked into the other direction. “Bye bye, Rochel!” She said as she and Malicia waved.

And with that they went their separate ways.


Rochel strolled back humming to herself. The wind blowing through her hair. She had never been so happy in her life. She had so much fun with Mimi and Malicia. She already wanted tomorrow to come. Rochel had made her way to the castle when she heard crying. “Oh, Rochel! There you are!” Her mom suddenly wrapped her arms around her. “My dear child where have you been!?” “We were so worried.” Suddenly the source of the crying revealed itself. Her sister Camila ran and threw are arms around her. “Rochel, where did you go!” Camila said in tears. Her brother Malakai had been crying as well. “I’m sorry.” Rochel said feeling guilty that she had stayed out so long without telling them. “I was out playing with my new friends Mimi and Malicia.” “Mimi Nowell and Malicia Wolf?” Her father said. “Mimi Nowell and Malicia Wolf? Rochel repeated. “You mean they are of the Nowell and Wolf families?”

The Nowell and Wolfs are families of noble blood. They are of the Ancient family lines that have served Sols since the beginning. Those Families are the Nowell, Wolf, Zane, Zander, Hayes, Neal, Sand, Sander, Battle, Clock, Coggins, and Coswell.

“Yes, they are. The Celestial twins. Born under the same star on September 17th 3X092. They are both the third daughters of their respective families.” Cornelius continued.

“Oh” Rochel said. “Well, if our families are close then can I continue to play with them?”

Cornelius frowned a bit however his face softened as Rochel’s face fell “If you promise to keep up your studies then I suppose so.” Rochel lit up. “Oh, thank you Father!’” She said as she threw her arms around him.


It had been four years since they met. The three of them have become very close, however princess duties have grown and it is starting to become harder to complete her tasks in enough time to meet her friends. So much that Rochel has started rushing her studies to get to them.

“This isn’t good, Lord Cornelius.” Rochel’s instructor started. “While she has exceled, I fear that she may be a bit too distracted by her playdates.”

Cornelius frowned. “Yes, I suppose you are right.” “Her duties as a Princess and the future ruler of East Sol must come first.” “As such she will have to stop seeing those two.”

A loud crash could be heard from behind them where Rochel had dropped the books she was carrying, startled at what she overheard. “No!” Rochel started clearly getting overwhelmed with emotion.

“Dear child calm yourself- “Cornelius tried to reason with his daughter. “No!” Rochel yelled again. “It isn’t fair!’ “Rochel Sol!” Her mother had come upon hearing the commotion. “Rochel” she said again a bit more softly this time. “I understand that your friends mean a lot to you; however, you are the future ruler of East Sol. Many people will be relying on you. They will look to you in hopes that you will bring a light and stability to their worlds. Your kingdom is your responsibility and as is those who live in it. I know it is hard for you but please keep your head up my child.” Her mother wiped tears away from Rochel’s eyes. “Can I at least tell them goodbye?” “You may do so.” Her mother said. “Just for this time, take as long as you need.”


The road seemed much longer than usual. Even though the sun shined as bright as ever and the warm summer breeze felt the same; Rochel didn’t feel the least bit warm inside. She couldn’t believe that she had to say goodbye to them. Rochel felt tears began to form again as she walked almost dazed to the meadows where they always met. She had been dreading getting there so much that she hadn’t realized she already made it.

“Rochel! What’s wrong?” Mimi asked her face full of worry. “I can’t see you guys anymore… My princess duties- “Rochel tried to explain but upon seeing the look of sadness that crossed Mimi’s face she couldn’t bear it anymore and began to cry.

“Oh, Mimi! I don’t want to leave you.” I want to play here with you forever!” “I know I have a responsibility but why does it- “Rochel was suddenly embraced by Mimi. She couldn’t speak anymore overcome with emotion. “Don’t cry Rochel. It will be alright. Do your best and become a Queen everyone will love. Be a Queen far greater than anyone can ever imagine. And I will become a Magic Knight. One so powerful you will be able to choose me as a Royal Knight to protect you. I will be your strongest ally! So please don’t cry anymore, I will be there.”

“You promise?” Rochel said in a small voice “I will.” Mimi said as she let Rochel go.

“And for what it’s worth I will be there too.” Malicia said.

“Then, let’s promise we will do our best and meet again when you are Queen and we your Royal Knights!” Mimi said. “Yes let’s” Rochel said. “I will see you two there. So please be my strongest allies.”

Rochel gave one last glance at Mimi and Malicia as she turned to leave.

I will be the greatest queen ever. One worthy of the name Sol and one worthy of the strongest allies.


It had been six months since their promise Mimi and Malicia have been working hard to become magic knights. Being nobles, they had to juggle a lot of work. Fortunately, their families aren’t unfamiliar with mixing magic knights with nobility as both of their older sibling are strong candidates for royal knights. Both Mimi and Malicia have older brothers who are highly skilled. Skilled enough that they have potential to become royal knights for the Sol Kingdom, One of the 8 capital kingdoms ran by the founding bloodlines of Elven Lily, ruled by King Cornelius and Queen Racal Sol. Their older sisters are already highly skilled as well. Especially Mimi’s older sister, Mari of the Four Swords, as the call her for having been chosen by all four ancient ‘Swords of Element’ to be their wielder. Even so, their training has proven to be a very challenging feat especially for Malicia.

“Almost there Malicia!” “Don’t Give up!” Mimi said as they ran their usual laps around the mountains. Malicia’s heart felt like it would explode. She really wanted to keep up with Mimi. Mimi was so upset the day Rochel left. Even so she has been determined to be the best and has exceled in her training. Malicia; however, knows that she herself is over doing it. She was never really as strong as Mimi, but she has always pushed herself so that she could stay near her. Malicia tried to focus herself to make it back to town until she saw something unfamiliar. “Mimi what’s that!?” “Wha-“ Mimi started until she heard an horrible screech like roar. “No… What’s a Scorpion Kong doing out here!?” “Malicia hurry! We have to escape!”

That was that last thing Malicia wanted to hear.

I’m too exhausted I can’t do it.

Malicia tried to pick up her pace but it was no use. She was too tired. Mimi looked back to see Malicia clearly wouldn’t be able to get away.

Darn it.

“Malicia! Go on! I’ll hold it off!”

“Wha-“ Malicia yelled stunned as Mimi turned and head toward the monster.

It was a huge beast shaped like a gorilla. It had four arms but that wasn’t what worried Mimi. It was its stinger. Mimi summoned a staff made of red wood from the Sun Fern of Sol kingdom. “Alright, here we go!”

The beast snarled and quickly lunged at her to which Mimi jumped back swinging her staff as she did. The staff landed a good blow across its jaw disorienting the Scorpion Kong. “Mimi come on!” “Malicia!?” Mimi said horrified that Malicia had not already gone ahead. As she feared the Scorpion Kong sensed the weak link and lunged at Malicia stinger ready. “No!!” Mimi screamed as she too ran in that direction.

Oh no I can’t move!

Malicia froze in fear turning as white as a ghost as she closed her eyes.

I’m done for..

All at once the Scorpion Kong began to strike when Mimi ,who had barely made it, struck the Scorpion Kong in the mid-section with her staff. The force was so heavy it sent the Scorpion Kong flying backwards, however this caused the stinger to hurl at her with a great speed.

I have to move!

Even though she could see it coming she had put so much strength into the blow that her reaction time was off. Mimi had moved back a few inches too little and was gashed on the side with the stinger.

“Nooo!” Malicia screamed as she opened her eye at the sound of Mimi’s yell in pain. “Noo!” She yelled again. She started making her way to Mimi when she saw the Scorpion Kong get up its eye glowering in anger.

Oh no, this is my fault! We are going to die!

It was then something flew past Malicia and all at once an old man stood in front of them having downed the beast in one blow. “Old man Glen!” Malicia managed to say through her tears.

“Quickly, we must get Mimi back to town and treat her.” Glen told Malicia as he carefully picked Mimi up and they returned to town.


They had been operating for hours. Anxiety swelled in Malicia’s chest; as tears fell endlessly.

If only I had gone on like she told me, this wouldn’t have happened.

“I apologize.” Glen told Mimi’s Father Mikaela Nowell. “The beast had wandered into kingdom territory and I lost track of it after engaging it.” “A pitiable error. Those kids are suffering so much now.” He said as guilt overcame him “You could not have expected this. As horrible as this outcome is; we all couldn’t have expected it.” Mikaela tried to comfort him, but he could not hide is worry for his daughter.

The doctor finally emerged from the operating room. Glen and Mikaela looked with hope but feared the expression of the doctor’s face. “While we managed to close the wound and extract much of the venom. The process of the venom has already beginning to take effect. Her body is combating it, but it is only restarting the process of the venom constantly. At this rate she will only survive 6 more months.

Mikaela was devastated. “My baby girl…” He said as he put his hands over his head. Glen felt horrible.


News spread fast of the devastating attack of the Scorpion Kong. Sadness spread around the kingdom as Mimi had been a joy all around. However, none took it harder than the princess of the Sol Kingdom and the heir of East Sol.

“Poor Mimi…” Rochel said as she sobbed in her mother’s lap. “If only I hadn’t made such a fuss, she wouldn’t have ended up this way!” Rochel said as tears fell down her face. “You don’t know that, Rochel!” Camila said as she tried to help their mother comfort her. She had never seen Rochel so distraught before, she worried so much for her. “Yeah, it was an unfortunate accident that could have happened to anyone.” Malakai said. “But, Why her!? Why Mimi!?” Rochel said as her tears flowed. “Come dear, why don’t you rest in your room, okay?” Racal took Rochel to her room hoping that she could calm down.


Three months passed since Mimi’s encounter with the Scorpion Kong.

I really messed up.

It was late at night. Mimi couldn’t sleep. It was honestly too scary to sleep. Every night it felt as if she wouldn’t wake up. She only sleeps when she can’t stay awake.

She looked across the room where Malicia slept. Malicia hasn’t left her side since the day Mimi returned home.

Poor Malicia, I hope she will be okay.

She wasn’t the only person Mimi worried for.

I wonder what Rochel will think…

I promised her I would be the strongest.

What a way to go…

Mimi’s eyes became heavy. Sleep began to creep over her. Her heart began to race has she feel into a slumber hoping she will wake up again the next morning.


The warmth of the sun poured into Mimi’s room. Slowly Mimi opened her eyes. “Mimi! Old man Glen is back with another pretty flower!” Malicia said clearly relieved Mimi had awaken. Shortly after learning of Mimi’s fate old man Glen felt responsible. Having learned that Mimi had a special ability to learn flowers secret, past, and abilities by touching them; Glen began traveling in hopes to find a flower that could help her combat the venom. So far each flower has been helpless, however they have served one purpose. They have brought light to Mimi’s world. As she talks to each flower and learn their secrets, she has had warmth to her that makes even Glen think she may be okay. They would talk for hour about stories Mimi found out from each flower. Today was no different. They talked for hours about this flower. Until Mimi could hold it anymore.

“I think I am going to die soon.” She suddenly said, “Nights are getting darker and darker for me.” “I’m afraid I am not going to wake up again every day.”

Malicia heart sank. Glen could see the devastation on her face.

“Please just hold on a little longer.” he said, “I am going to find a flower so beautiful and so strong that it will make you feel all better.” “So please hang in there.” Glen said. He knew it was wrong to say such things, but he had grown so attached to the young girls that he too wanted to believe it. So much sooner than he has before; he set off again in hopes to save her.


After traveling for so long Glen began to wonder if his efforts were in vain. He had gotten a lead from a local of a planet North of the Sun of Sol of a land filled with magical flowers. One flower from that land is known in legends to have miraculous power. It seemed foolish to go based on a legend, but he really wanted to save Mimi. So, he headed to the planet known as the Sunkist Lily. It is an ancient planet were the ancient magic tribes resided before war ravaged it and made it a dead planet.

Upon landing he saw that over time the planet had healed itself and was filled with beautiful lush plants. It almost looked like paradise. On a planet like this which flower could be the one he is looking for?

Glen wandered around when he saw in a distant a flower of a golden color. It looked like a golden lily. It had such a mesmerizing appearance. Glen felt an amazing aura from it. “Please dear flower” he pleaded, “Please be the one that saves her.” And with that he carefully pulled it up and headed back to Sol.


Mimi closed her eyes. She couldn’t help it. It felt like she was falling into a deep slumber. Each second seemed darker and darker. The darkness expanded so until she couldn’t tell what was what.

Malicia didn’t like how still Mimi had gotten. “Mimi!?” Malicia tried to wake her up panic beginning to rise. Just then Glen came in with the beautiful flower. “Mimi, look! Old man Glen is back with a beautiful flower. Please Mimi wake up!” Malicia said shaking as she knew Glen had been too late. Mimi was gone. Glen felt a horrible sadness wash over him. Tear welled up as he placed the flower in her hands. “Please rest in peace dear child.” He said as Malilcia began to cry.


Rochel felt a bit off. She hadn’t been doing well after hearing the news of Mimi’s soon to be death but now she felt unusually uneasy. She had left the lunch table and headed to her room. She started to get in bed.

“Rochel? Are you alright?” Camila who had followed her asked. Suddenly she grew uneasy as Rochel didn’t seem right. Her breathing seemed off almost rapid.

“Rochel!?” Camila ran toward her sister. “Rochel!”

Rochel wasn’t responding. She honestly could barely hear her sister; who was now screaming. “Rochel!”


Where am I?

Mimi felt a warmth around her. It felt so good.

When did I get here?

She was amongst a field of flowers they were so beautiful. She felt so overjoyed.

“Wow. It’s amazing!’ She said an urge to run through them overcame her however she stopped when she saw a rock with the most sun shining over it.

I want to bathe in it.

Mimi thought as she headed to it. She stood on the rock. The light was so warm. It filled her with such energy.

It’s nice…

I want some tea now…

Mimi closed her eyes.

I really do want some… tea?

Mimi opened her eyes to an amazing aroma. But she was no longer in the meadow.

“Mimi!” “Mimi! You’re alive!”

“Malicia?” Mimi was surprised. She was in her room again. Everyone was there with tears in their eyes.

“Wait. What happened? Why do I feel so good?” Confusion wash over Mimi.

“You suddenly started glowing after you touched the flower and shortly after you asked for the flower to be made into tea.” Malicia explained gathering herself. “Then you started to glow even brighter.”

“Really…” Mimi couldn’t help but still be confused.

“Oh Mimi! I’m so glad!” Malicia threw her arms around Mimi sobbing in her shoulder.

Mimi decided not to think about it anymore as she wrapped her arms around Malicia, happy to be alive.


“Please! Rochel! Don’t leave me!” Camila was no hysterical.


“Rochel! Are you okay!?” Camila asked relieved she had finally gotten a response.

“I think so…” Rochel said wearily.

“Let’s go to mama” Camila said as she helped Rochel up.

“Yes, that would be a good idea.”

Camila though was relieved as her sister seemed much better.


Not long after the miraculous event of the flower, Mimi had been given a full bill of health. The kingdom felt great relief that Mimi Nowell had recovered. Rochel seemed livelier and more determined than ever.

Glen having gained such a respect for Mimi, vowed to help her in her journey of becoming Rochel’s strongest ally. But first he offered for her to go on a Journey of healing. They leave in a few minutes.

“So, you are leaving now…” Malicia was a bit sad at the thought of Mimi leaving.

“Don’t worry I will be back in a few years.” Mimi said trying to comfort Malicia.

“I know.”  Malicia quickly replied sensing what Mimi was doing. “And when you return, I will be much stronger.”

“We both will be!” Mimi beamed. “That’s a promise. Until then you can have this.”

Mimi conjured what looked like a wooden sword. Its wood was white as that of light.

“This is White Fern.” “Use it to guide you.”

“Please stay strong Malicia.”

Malicia took the sword “Thank you, Mimi… Have a safe trip.”

And with that Mimi grabbed her bags and headed off to meet old man Glen.

End of Chapter One

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