The Sector with the Brightest Sun: Chapter Two

Malicia just finished getting ready. The Wolf family were to be moving to their new home in East Sol today. Excitement overwhelmed her because the Nowell family would be moving there today as well. The most exciting part about that is Mimi will be there shortly after. Malicia smiled to herself.

It’s been so long; I can’t wait to see her again.


“Wow this place is beautiful.” Mimi said in awe. “So, this is where I’m going to live from now on.”

Mimi walked down the street looking around. The architecture of the city was a sight to see.

“Your family has already settled in, I told them that we will be there by noon.” Glen told Mimi as he too looked around in awe.

“Hey, look old man Glen, there it is! The Magic Knight Registration Hall!” “Well if that isn’t the finest looking building I’ve ever seen…”

The Magic Knight Registration Hall of East Sol is where all potential magic knight come to registered to serve in East Sol’s main Magic Knight army. Top candidates have potential to place well in the ranks. The higher the rank the closer you are to being chosen as one of the elite royal kinghts. The Sol Kingdom takes great pride in its ability to recruit and build up great magic knights. As such a land which will be ruled by the first daughter of Cornelius and Racal Sol has one of the toughest recruitment processes there is.

“After I submit my application; I can finally go see everyone!”


Mimi barely turned around before suddenly being embraced.

“Wow, Malicia! It been so long!”

“It has…” Malicia said smiling sheepishly.

 “You look well.”

“So, do you.” Mimi smiled.

 “Well if it isn’t little Malicia!” Glen said with a big smile.

 “So, you are ready to enroll in the placement exams too, then?”

“Yes, I am.” Malicia said retuning the smile.

“Well we better hurry, then.” Mimi said as they went inside.


“The line sure is long…” Mimi sighed.

“It is…” Malicia was getting a bit overwhelmed.

She had always struggled with anxiety; especially in crowds.

“Hey, look Malicia we’re moving again now.”

In what seem like forever they finally made it to the front to put their applications in.

“So, looks like our placement exam starts in 10 days at 9 o’clock.” “There is also information on the types of test and trials.” Malicia looked through the list. “There are three tests. One on magic abilities, one on physical abilities, and a bracket style sparring.”


Malicia and Mimi looked around to see where that voice came from. Their eye fell on a girl. She brown in completion and wore her hair in two large puffs with the front of her hair braided down into two smaller puffs. Her eyes were hidden behind sunglasses with red lens.

“Bree Zane, it is a pleasure to see you here.” Malicia started.

 “Likewise.” Bree replied her eyes falling on Mimi.

“You must be Mimi Nowell, it is nice to finally meet you.” She held out her hand.

“Yes, it is nice to meet you too.” Mimi said as she grabbed her hand.

“Are you guys doing the 9 o’clock exam too?” Bree asked as she glanced over at the paper.

“Yes, we are.” Malicia responded

“I see, I hear the exams are pretty challenging.”

“Yes, But I wouldn’t expect any less.” Mimi said.

 “True.” Bree said. “In any case, I wish the two of luck. See you there.”

 And with that Bree headed off.

“Well, Malicia I think it’s time I went home to see everyone now. I’ll catch you later.” Mimi waved.

“Alright, See you later.”


Mimi and Glen walked a few streets over. “Here it is, Mimi, your new home!” Glen motioned towards this beautiful mansion.

“So, this is it…”

Just then the door swung open. “MIMI!” three kids around the same age came running out. One was a girl around the age of 10 with tears streaming down her eyes. The other two were boys identical in features who were both 11.

 “Meryl, Mick, Mack!”

Mimi ran toward them as they ran to greet her. They had hugged her with such force that they nearly knocked her over.

“Mimi! I missed you!” Meryl said through her tear.

“I missed you all too!”

 “Now now…” Glen said, “Let’s let your sister get inside.”

Mimi had just made it inside when she was embraced by her mother Miranda Nowell.

“Oh, my dear child. Mikaela! Look how she’s grown!”

“Yes, Welcome home Mimi!” Mimi’s father said as he too embraced their daughter.

 “Mimi, I see you look well.” Mimi turned around to see her older sister Mari and the rest of her siblings.

 “Yo, come here kiddo!” Her big brother Mark picked her up and swung her around before place is hand on her head.

“We really missed you.” Her little sister Mikki said.

“We did!” Micah her little brother said as he seemed to be gathering himself. “Here, Why don’t we all catch up over lunch.” Miranda said.

“That’s good!” “I could really eat” Mimi beamed.


“So, you and Mark are serving the King and Queen of the Sol Kingdom now?”

“Yes, that is correct.” Mari took a sip of her tea. “To be exact I am the first rank Royal Knight of Queen Racal Sol.”

“And I’m the first rank Royal Knight of King Cornelius Sol.” Mark boasted rather loudly.

“Wow, that amazing!”

“Mimi aren’t you aiming to be royal guard too?” Meryl asked.

“Of course, It’s what I’ve been training for.”

“Well I’m sure you’ll do well.” Mick said excitedly.

“I’m going to do my best. Afterall that’s all I can do; right Master Glen?” “Exactly.” Glen Said with a smile. “Until then let’s relax and prepare for the exam properly.”


10 days seemed to go be really fast. It was very lively and there were a lot of participants.

“There you are, Mimi.” Malicia ran up to Mimi “Let’s do our best today.” “Of course…” Mimi gaze trailed off to a figure making its way toward them. A beautiful girl around 17 of age, like them, headed toward them. She had long black hair in tight curls. Her emerald color eyes shined brightly. She wore a beautiful emerald color gown that match her eyes and had a crown on her head.

 “Mimi! Malicia! It’s been ages!” Rochel looked as if she would cry.

“It has.” Mimi said smiling warmly. “You look well.” Mimi watched Rochel stop in front of them.

“You as well.” Rochel said her cheeks tinting a slight rosy color. “I can’t believe you’re standing in front of me. I really have wanted to see you again.” Rochel’s voice came out softly as she looked at Mimi. Mimi features had matured. Her brown hair had grown just below shoulder length. She looked like she might be slightly taller than her now.

“Are you two participating in the exam today?” She added.

“Yes, that is correct.” Malicia interjected.

“Princess Rochel!”

A young woman speedily walked up.

“Please your highness do not run off like that.”

The young women glance at Malicia.

“Ah, yes you are participating today aren’t you?”

“Yes, I am” Malicia said

“Well then I wish you the best of luck, my dear sister.”

 “Thank you, Merlyn.” Malicia said.

“Come now your highness we shall take our seats for the trial.”

“Right…” Rochel said clearly disappointed she couldn’t talk to Mimi more.

“Rochel sure did look nice…” Mimi said almost dreamily to herself.

 “Yes, however don’t get too distracted.” Malicia said a bit abruptly.

“Don’t worry Malicia!” Mimi said grinning excitedly “Now I’m pumped up!” “That’s a nice look!” Bree walked up to them. “Let’s go in there and get this thing rolling.”

“Right.” Mimi said as the there of them went in.


Welcome to the first of the Placement Exam of East Sol. Here your abilities will be tested and evaluated for the Magic knight Army. Your performance here will determine not only your eligibility to the army but also your placement. You will be tested on your strength and use of magic as well as your skills in combat. There are currently 80 participants. You will all be set into four groups. Each group will be tested in three trials. The first is the Magic trial. In this trial you will be tested on your ability to use magic quickly, accurately and effectively. This trail will only use general magic to test your abilities to have the basic skills of a magic knight. The next trail will test your strength, stamina, and agility. You will be put through many obstacles and will be tested on your ability to get through them. The last exam is one on one combat. More specifically a bracket style tournament. Each group will be bracketed for three rounds. You will be place in order of the performance of the first two trails. Lowest performing will start at the bottom highest performing at the top. The matches will go on until five individuals remain in each bracket. Those individuals will receive high scores for the overall exam. If all in understood, we will begin. Best of luck to all participants in this exam!


“Well, looks like we are in different groups.” Bree examined their papers. “I’m in group 4. You’re in group 1 and Malicia is in group 3.”

“Yes, it would seem so. “Mimi too looked at her paper.”

 “Well then. Best of luck to all of us then, Let’s meet again with good results.” Mimi said as she nodded at Bree and Malicia.

“Yes, best of luck to you two.” Malicia said as she they went to their groups.


“Participants of group 1, I am Zion Crawlings, your head examiner. Your first trail will begin with spell casting exercises” Zion looked around his eyes falling on Mimi

“It would seem some of you have great potential. However, the results will be what matters.”

“And with that, here are the rules of the first exercise.”

“A number of examiners will fire spells at each participant, mind you these spells are harmless. Your job is to counter these spells by either casting a nullification spell, an attack spell, or defense spell. This will test your reactions time and give an overall hint of your abilities. Now then we will call your assigned numbers and you will step forward to demonstrate your abilities.”

Mimi looked at her number.


she grinned

Looks like I’m starting us off.

“If there are no question, let us start the first trail! Participant Number 1! Please step forward and say your name!”

Mimi moved towards the center of the arena.

“Yes! I am Mimi Nowell.”

“Very well then, Mimi Nowell. Do you have any questions?”

“No sir.”

“Then Let us begin!”

All at once five magic knight examiners appeared. Mimi looked around.

Looks like two are equipped purely for attacks, one will cast curses to null and the last two are there to set up defense. I guess the defense is who will test my attack spells.

Without warning an examiner fired off what looked like an aura ball.

Deflectere! Strike!

Mimi summoned an aura wall that bounced the aura ball in the direction of an examiner who threw up a wall destroying it.

“Very impressive.” Zion said to himself as he watched.

Mimi continued to counter spell tactfully not wasting spells and using her opponents’ movements and spells against them.

“A tricky one she is.” One of the examiners said, “She certainly as the mindset of a General.”

“Time’s up!” Zion yelled.

“Participant One, Mimi Nowell, Perfect score!”

A lot of excited murmurs arose in the crowd.

Rochel looked on excitedly.

Wow! Wonderful! She’s so strong!


The trails yielded tremendous results. The competition was very stiff. Every mage there showed great skill. However, there were a few mages that stood out the most during the trails. Starting with Rochel’s top candidate, Mimi Nowell.

There is a brief intermission before the final trail and that is the three round one-on-one spars.

“Wow you really are good.”

A girl with black hair styled in curls with red highlights approached Mimi. Her eyes beamed from behind red framed glasses.

“You’re Bella Bell.”

Bella looked excited. “Yes! I am! Your movements are so fluent. Almost everything happens at once with no break, it’s amazing.”

“Thank you.” Mimi replied. “It was a style I developed with my master. It is the practice of strength with movement. It requires a lot of stamina however that goes for your foes as well.”

“Wow…” Bella said dreamily.

“It looks like it’s almost time for the next trail soon. I’ll let you continue your prep. Bye for now!”

Participants! 5 more minutes until the final trail.


The first two rounds were rather quick for Mimi. The final opponent looks tough, however. Mimi had been noticing her.

Zoeida Joy.

Her skills with the blade was coupled with a swiftness that rivals her own.

Participants number 1 and 10 please step forward.

Mimi and Zoeida stepped forward and assumed the traditional Sol kingdom warrior’s stance.

The warrior’s stance in were each person get on their right knee and with their right fists over their hearts.

The both rose.


All at once Zoeida charged at Mimi.

Aiming to make this quick, huh.

Mimi buckled down into a power stance. Different than what she as shown before. As soon as Zoeida reached her calculated range; Mimi struck at her swinging hand, stopping the strike of Zoeida wooden sword. Zoeida tried to retreat however Mimi grabbed her arm with way more force the Zoeida expected from someone Mimi’s size and swung her towards the out of bounds area.

“Zona! Lacus!”

Zoeida teleported behind Mimi.

“Steel Lariat”

Beams of light appeared around her. They formed into a steel rope she aimed to capture Mimi in.

“No you, don’t!”


Mimi used wind at her feet to shoot herself in the air narrowly missing the steel ropes. All at once she rotated midair until she was in a spin.

“Rose Storm!”

Many petals flew from her spinning form. They looked to be forming a tornado of rose petals.

“Hmph, that won’t hit!” Zoeida maneuvered herself out of the way when suddenly Mimi twirled towards the tornado and in one swift move round house kicked her spell.

“Wha-“ Zoeida was sent hurling back by the force of the disrupted spell.

“Out of bounds!”

The onlookers erupted with excitement.

“Congratulation. You are a formidable warrior.” Zoeida stuck out her hand. “So are you.” Mimi said grabbin her hand.

“Next opponents please step up!”


We are now at the conclusion of the Placement Exam of East Sol. We would like to thank all participants for coming today. Participants will be notified of the final results within a few weeks. Best of luck to all knight in training.


Mimi trying to catch her breath walked around.

“Oh, Malicia! Bree!” Mimi smiled as she walked up to where they were drinking water

“You too look like you held up good”

“Man, but it sure was tough.” Bree said as she drank her water.

“Let’s hope we will be ranked high.” Malicia said excitedly.

“Yes, let’s hope so. So, what are you guys planning to do next?” Bree looked at them curiously.

“You know what?” Excitement covered Mimi’s face. “Let’s go home to wash up then meet at town square this afternoon to hang out.”

“Great idea!” Bree perked up at the thought. “We can really get to know each other!”

“As long as there is room for one more.” Malicia, Bree, and Mimi turned to see Bella Bell standing within earshot.

“You know what why not?” Mimi said as Bella lit up with joy.

 “Alright then.” Malicia threw her water bottle in the trash “We will meet at town square in an hour.”


“Looks like we’re all here.” Mimi began as Bella was the last to arrive.

“So where to?” Bree said.

“Ooh, let’s go to Café East. I’ve been dying to try their food.” Mimi offerd. “Oh yeah, they’re really good.” Bella started. “Their sandwiches and finger food are out of this world and I can’t say enough about their coffee.”

“Sweet! Let’s go!” Mimi excitedly headed off into the direction of the café. “I’m game.” Bree said as she and the others followed.

“I don’t think I will ever get over how beautiful East Sol is.” Mimi walked down the street taking in the sites. “I’ve lived here over a week. And it still amazes me.”

“It is nice.” Bella said.

“I’ve been so busy getting prepared for placement I really haven’t enjoyed the kingdom as much. But looking around I really want to explore more especially some of the restaurants.” Mimi continued

“Then why not?” Bree looked at Mimi. “We can do it together. After all we plan on being Magic Knights in the same army. We may even end up in the same squad.”

“Ooh yeah.” Bella clasped her hands together. “We can just meet up every now and then and explore!”

“That sound fun.” Mimi smiled.

“Yes, it does.” Malicia added.

The café came into view. Smells of delicious food and fresh coffee filled the air.

“Man, I’m salivating.” Mimi sniffed the air.

“Girl, I know.” Bree too took in the aromas surrounding the café.

The café was much larger than it looked. It had a very rustic Victorian look. The girls chose a window seat after they got their food.

 “It’s nice in here.” Malicia took in the view from the window.

“Yes, and the food is very delicious!” Mimi said between bites of her sandwich.

“I’ve eaten many places on my journey and this is as good as it gets. It’s really nice to have a place like this at home.”

“I’m glad you say that!”

An older woman came up to their table.

“I put many years into each and every one of these recipes.”

“It shows!” Mimi said.

The woman laughed.

“I am Fiora Wisdin. The owner of this café.” She eyed Bree and Malicia, “I recognize some of you from the Royal Noble family of Nowell, Zane, and Wolf.

“That is correct! I’m Mimi Nowell.”

“I’m Bree Zane, it a pleasure.”

“I’m Malicia wolf.” Malicia nodded.

“My name is Bella Bell.” Bella added as not to be left out.

“It is nice to meet all of you. By the way, Mimi I heard a lot about you from, Glen.”

“Oh really.” Mimi curiously looked at Fiora.

“Yes. He said you are his finest pupil both as a warrior and as a chef.”

“Ahh!” Mimi perked up.

 “That’s good to hear. Master Glen and I traveled so many places. There were places high in spiritual energy, places with the most beautiful scenery, and kingdoms with many talented people. Occasionally we’d stop so I could learn something form an acquaintance of his or a local master. In fact, our first stop was to a restaurant of old friend of his, the Sky Dragon Bistro. It was like temple in the sky held by enchanted dragon statues. His friend-“

“Head Chef Toh Bastion!” Fiora jumped in.

“Yes! That is him. A Scary looking tower of a man. But gentle at heart.”

 “Is he?”

“Hee hee, yes. There, I was just beginning my journey of recovery from a recent health scare.”

Malicia’s expression slightly dropped remembering Mimi’s ordeal.

“I remember landing there not knowing what to expect of our journey. In fact, I was a bit nervous. That was until I smelled the most wonderful aroma. An earthy yet savory aroma that warmed me to the core. Master Glen had such a pep in his step as he walked with the goofiest expression. We order Chef Bastion’s beef stew, “Waking Beef”. It was the most delicious thing I ever tasted. To the point where I cried. So much life welled in me. It was then I wondered if I could do that too, so Master Glen said “Why not?” Surprising enough Master Bastion let me learn a few tricks.”

“Oh really?” Fiora looked surprised.

” Yes, it was tough but at the same time something felt good about it. It was fun. So much fun. So Master Glen decided to feature cooking in our journey as a break. To this day I have a special place in my heart for cooking. Especially cooking like yours. It warms my soul.” Mimi smiled brightly.

“I see, well that make me happy. It was a pleasure talking to you; however, I won’t hold you. Come back anytime, you hear?”

 “Thank you, I definitely will.”

“Wow so you learned from Chef Bastion?” Bree said.

 “That place is hard to get in.” Bella said, “One of the most famous restaurants in the galaxy.”

“I heard it is.” Mimi said,  “Even so let’s try to go there together one day!” “Ooh, I would love that” Bella said.


The girls walked out of the café.

“Man, that was nice.” Bree stretched as she looked at the others, “I really enjoyed myself. Let’s do this again sometime. “

“Yeah” Bella agreed.

“Agree. Anyway, all of this action is starting to catch up.” Mimi looked a bit tired.

“Then let’s turn in for the day.” Malicia said looking equally as tired.

“Alright until next time.” Bree waved them goodbye as the each went into their separate directions.


Two weeks passed since the Placement Exam. Mimi has become great friends with Bree and Bella. She looked forward to their outings with her an Malicia. Mimi had just finished training and soaking in the bath.

“Mimi! Mimi!”

“Mom, what is it?” Mimi said as she came out the bathroom.

“You been accepted, Mimi!”

“You’re a general now!”

End of Chapter two

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