In for the Rain: Short Stories, Clockwork

Nina put down the clock she was working on. It was well into the early afternoon. She worked all day on this one in particular.

She examined the clock. She always marveled her work. There was such beauty in her craft and she knew it.

Nina brushed away wood shavings from any part that they clung too.

“Hmmm, I think I’ve out done myself this time.”

Nina smiled.

“My customers will love it.”

She moved to the next room to put it on the shelf.

Just then her phone rang.

“Oh no! It’s Jen.”, she said as she looked at her phone. “ I forgot I was meeting her today.”

Nina tentatively answered the phone.

“Well, at the very least you picked up.”

Nina winced at this.

“Ah, sorry I just love-“

“I know you love working on your clocks.”

Nina became exasperated by her tone but understood.

“Please don’t be silent.” Jen said, “ I want your time too.”

“Right, sorry.” Nina said softening up. “I just get a little arrogant.”

“You do.” Jen said. “ Now then, Lets not talk about it all day. I still want my date.”

“Right.” Nina smiled, “I suppose dinner is in order now.”

“It is.” Jen said. “ Meet me at our favorite restaurant. My treat.”

“Right.” Nina smiled. “With pleasure.”

Nina took her time as she locked her shop. The restaurant wasn’t far.

“Hmmm I have time….” She said as she went back in. “I’ll give her this.”

Nina arrived at the restaurant. She saw that Jen had been waiting.

She looked a bit scared.

“Don’t worry I wasn’t here long.”

“Oh good…” Nina sighed.

Jen giggled at how she seemed so nervous suddenly.

“Come on, Let’s go in. I already made reservations.”


They went in and took their seats. Jen invited for them to share an appetizer. After they ordered they chatted.

Nina talked about her work. Jen wasn’t keen on just talking about clocks but something in how Nina lit up made her smile. There was such a kid like fascination. However, today was different than usual. She Nina showed more openness to Jen and Jen couldn’t be happier.

By the time their food arrived they felt interrupted. Even so the night was well..

They finished up and exited the restaurant after giving their pleasantries to the waiter.

“Let’s stroll for a bit.” Nina suggested.

“Sure. After all we do live in the same direction.”

They walked in silence enjoying the night air coming in. It felt serene to Nina.

“You know….” Nina started as she pulled the clock she was working on out her bag, “I really love this piece I made.”

Jen’s eyes lit up. Nina smiled as they did.

“Good. You love it, too.” Nina placed it in her hands. “ It’s yours.”

Jens looked overjoyed.

“I love it. However…” Jen started as Nina looked curious at her sudden change in demeanor. “I going to show you up this time.”

“What do you mean?” Nina said as she watched Jen put the clock away and reached for something in her bag.

Nina’s eyes went big as she saw a box.

“I’m afraid my surprise is nice. Will you marry me?”

Nina felt as if she would cry but simply smiled and said.

“The time couldn’t be better. Yes!”

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