In for the Rain: Short Stories, The Twilight Letter

She stared into the moonlit sky. The stars twinkled above in a vivid beauty. She sat under the sky in silence pondering. She wasn’t thinking of much but she was also thinking so much she felt an endless void.

She shifted in her spot before grabbing a notebook out of her backpack.

Pondering further she pulled out a pen and started writing.

Dear Mom,

I’ve always thought I learned enough to be as strong as you. However; I always said I still needed more time before I left you. I didn’t think you would leave so soon.

Tears welled in her eyes, as she paused. She quickly wiped her eyes as not to have her tears fall on her notebook.

She picked up her pen again and continued.

It has been tough but I will survive. This night is beautiful. It reminds me of the times we spent together. Telling stories, baking, talking, just being mother and daughter. I really miss you.



She examined the letter before she pulled it out of the notebook. Evonie looked into the sky before getting up.

She walked a bit before sitting on her porch. She put the letter on a metal table and prayed before pulling out a lighter.

She set the letter on fire and watched it burn as she wept. She looked up at the starry sky. The stars continued to twinkle. Evonie loved the stars. It soothes her so much to see the brightest one up ahead. As her letter finished up, she took one more look at the sky before the stars began to rain. It was so pretty that Evonie paused.

She then clasped her hands together and simply said she hopes to continue to do well.

She watched the last of the meteor shower before cleaning the table.

“Don’t worry, up there… I know I’m alright. I just thought I’d ask.”

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