The Sector with the Brightest Sun: Chapter Three

“A General…”

Mimi took in what her mother said. All at once excitement rushed over her. “To be a general already!” Miranda wrapped her arms around her daughter.

“What’s this I hear about a general?” Mikaela walked in upon hearing the commotion.

“Mimi was accepted in the Magic Knight army at the general level!”

Mikaela let out a loud laugh. “That’s great!” He said as he too hugged their daughter, “My child, be sure to give it all you have. You hear?”

“Yes mama, papa.” Mimi said.

This is just the beginning. I’m aiming for the top.


Mimi walked down the street. She couldn’t wait to tell Malicia. It was a beautiful day the sun shining as bright as ever.


Mimi thought to herself

I’m really making progress.

“Oh, Malicia!”

Malicia came around the corner so quickly she nearly collided with Mimi.

“Ahh, sorry.” Malicia said a bit embarrassed.

 “Hey, did you get your results too?” Mimi asked Malicia.

“Yes I did! I am a general serving under Executive General Sifer Morleson.”

Mimi expression grew bright. “So am I!”

“Really!?” Malicia looked just as excited.

“Man! So it looks like we get to stick together, huh?” Mimi said with a warm smile.

“Yes, looks like it.” Malicia said as a warmth overcame her.


It had been three months since the ranks have been established. Bree and Bella were in Executive General Sifer Morleson’s army too. Bree was General of his 6th squad and Bella placed in the same squad as 6th Lieutenant. Mimi and Malicia served as general of the 4th and 5th squads. Interesting enough Zoieda Joy is Mimi’s Vice General.

Training camp began for new Magic Knights. It was a different league than the placement exam. However, Mimi’s journey prepared her well for the task of a general. She quickly gained a command and respect in her squad, leading them to be in talks as one of the most powerful squads in East Sol.


“Your official coronation is nearly here, your highness.” Merlyn started.

Merlyn is the current aid of Princess Rochel Sol. She is the oldest daughter of the Wolf family and the 2nd born. Being the princess’s aid is an informal Royal Knight spot as Rochel is not yet Coronated; however, that role typically means that she will become Rochel’s Rank 1 Royal Knight. Royal knights are direct aids to the Royal families. They are to protect the Royal Family they are assigned to directly. Typically, there 7 Royal knights assigned, and they are the only Magic Knighst to travel with the Royal Family any where they go. It is the greatest honor of any Magic Knight and has a prestige that rivals royalty.

“When you turn 18 in you will be officially crowned as Crown Princess.” She continued

“Yes, I will be headed to my first major Summit between the different leaders in the Bright Sun Sector.”

“Yes. You also will be choosing your royal knights. Do you have anyone who stand out for you?”

Rochel looked at the papers she had been studying. “Yes, there are three people who have been standing for a while.”

“Mimi Nowell, Malicia Wolf, and Bree Zane…” Merlyn looked over the Rochel’s shoulder, “They certainly have been impressive. There is even talks of them being candidates for Executive General. While their ages are young. They are the same age as you so choosing them would be great in the long run for the growth of the kingdom.”

Rochel lit up. “Then it’s settled. They’ll will be the ones I choose.”


December 18th 3×092, The day the Triplets of the Sol Kingdom were born, nearly 18 years have past since that day. As that day nears the kingdoms of East Sol, Central Sol, and West Sol are getting ready to crown their new rulers. Each Kingdom had already been assigned their Royal Noble Families.

The royal nobles are the families that work closely with the Rulers of the kingdom.  Since they have direct contact with the royal families they have direct input into the kingdom; people of royal noble status are considered the highest of nobles. Royal Noble are the only other class of citizen that have status that rivals royalty.

East Sol being the Kingdom of the Eldest daughter of the Sol kingdom was awarded the help of the ancient families of the Nowell, Wolf, Zane, Zander, Hayes, and Neal bloodlines. They have an history of being some of the most loyal and powerful allies of the Sol kingdom.

Central Sol received the help of Sander, Clock, and Coggins Ancient Bloodlines. Soon to be Crown Princess Camila Sol appointed the families of Vermillion, Rail, and Wonderwise to round out the families of Central Sol.

West Sol received the help of the Sand, Battle, and Coswell Ancient Bloodlines. Soon to be Crown Prince Malakai as yet to name the other three families. Malakai has always struggled to keep up with is sisters. This process has given him stress. As such there is an ongoing kingdom wide trial for the next Royal Noble families.

The trail on West Sol has a lot of people on frenzy. Many nobles hope to get in. However, with such competition there is also a lot of tension.

“Malakai.” Rochel started. Every now and then she would meet her sibling on the Kingdom Sol. They have always stuck together and have been rooting each other on in the process of becoming rulers. “Have you narrowed down the list of Royal Noble families?”

“Yes.” Camila added, “And what of your first Royal knights,”

“Yes yes, there is so much to think about. But I have narrowed it down between the Rhodes, the Gholston, the Shield, and the Preston families. As for Royal knights the strongest candates are from the Battle family.” Malakai looked at Rochel. “Are you picking Mimi?”

“Oh yes! I hear she is already an Executive General.” Camila said grinning at her sister who began to blush.

“Why are you looking like that.” Rochel said a bit agitated.

“Hah, Well it’s obvious you’re happy right.” Malakai’s expression became the same as Camila’s.

“Well… Yes I am.” Rochel said. “In any case our first major summit is coming soon. I wish both of you well as it will become very busy and we may not get to meet as much. At least for now.”
“Yes let’s do our best.” Camila said as Malakai nodded and they went their separate ways.


Mimi Nowell and Bree Zane have made quite a name for themselves as time went on. Being only 18 in age they became the youngest to achieve the rank of Executive General. Malicia was a bit down she didn’t make it however she did not detour from her goal. She wanted to be Mimi’s strongest ally no matter what. So, she transferred squads to serve in Mimi’s armies. She serves as the general of Mimi’s 1st squad. Most of Mimi’s squad transfer over to serve under her army. Zoeida became the general of her 3rd Squad.

As newly appointed executive generals Mimi and Bree had a lot of work. They both strived to build the strongest armies. Even so their friendship remains strong. They are the only executive generals to hold joint practice. It was a bit odd to some of the veterans, however the level of comradery was very important to the unity and growth of the kingdom.



Mimi thought to herself as she looked around the crowd.

That wizard should be somewhere.

Mimi had been hearing rumbling of a powerful wizard being seen around. This wizard had a high command of many elements and is rumored to have the very rare Omni element. So much word going around yet catching site of the wizard was hard. Mimi did find out she was someone around her age. A girl slightly dark in complexion with golden amber colored eyes and was typically scene with her hair in long braids.

However, no one she’s seen so far matched that description at all.

Mimi let out a long sigh. She closed her eyes going into a slight meditation.

The sun beaming down on her light brown skin. Since her journey with Glen; Mimi had practiced the habit to keep herself calm. It also was a good way to tune into the aura of her surroundings. It was soothing yet it also kept her aware.


Mimi felt something extremely unstable. She looked around before her eyes feel onto a young woman who looked quite freighting or maybe freighted. Mimi couldn’t tell but somehow, she felt it was the latter.

I’ve felt this felling before. Anxiety?

Whenever Mimi meditated, she always had a general sense of the emotions of the people around her. Being around Malicia; Mimi is no stranger to the feeling of anxiety. No matter how she looked at it that young women was definitely the wizard she was looking for and the reason she was so hard to find has become very evident.

“What do you want.” The Wizard glowered at Mimi as she approached her.

“I here you have a lot of skill.” Mimi said unbothered by the temper. “I could us-“

“Not interested.” She said abruptly as she pushed her way past Mimi.

“Might I ask where you are in a hurry to go?” Mimi said.

The young woman looked agitated now. “None of your business. Leave me alone.” As soon as she said that she bolted off.

Mimi thought to herself as she watched her leave.

“Valencia Cowell.”

“Huh.” Mimi saw an older woman come up next to her. “Valencia Cowell? You mean the girl I just spoke to?”

The woman nodded. “Is there a reason you wanted to talk to her?”

“Yes, I felt like she would be great in my army. I am filling the Magic user squads.”

“I see…” The woman seemed to be thinking. “You know what. Why don’t we have a chat for a bit and I can tell you what I know.”

“Sure.” Mimi followed the older woman as they took a seat at a nearby bench.

“Valencia Cowell was the only child of an upper-class family. They were humble individuals. A happy family. Valencia was always a shy child who didn’t speak much and didn’t play with a lot of other kids. Her family was the only people she seemed open too. One day her parents were traveling on a business trip. However, they never returned as the ship malfunction in orbit of another system and they were killed.”

Mimi’s expression tensed.

“Valencia stopped talking to people altogether. Even firing all of her staff and house maids at the age of 15 when she was old enough to live on her own.” “Every now and then she was spotted practicing her magic; but even that too stopped when it got a lot of attention. She only comes out to get things for her house and that’s it.”

“I see…” Mimi said. “Thank you for sharing. I really want to get to know her more…”

“It would be nice to see Valencia with some friend of her own.” The older woman said, “I can’t imagine how lonely she must feel.”


The sun shined down against Mimi. The gentle breeze causing her hair to move. Mimi had picked a spot a little way from town to sit.

“You, again.”

“Hmm?” Mimi said a bit startled at the sudden sound.

“You’re waiting for me here are you?” Valencia glared at Mimi as she got closer.

“What makes you say that.” Mimi asked.

“Because I’ve never seen you here before.” Valencia said rather shortly.

“Well, for starters, I’m not one to lie. I am waiting for you.”

Valencia’s expression tensed.

“However, I could sit here if I want with out that notion, as well.” Mimi said.

“Being funny now aren’t you?”

“If you say so.” Mimi said, “In any case, I’ll leave you alone for now.” Mimi walked off into the direction of town.

Valencia watched her disappear in the crowd confusion washed over her face.


Night had fallen over East Sol it was always so beautiful out. The stars always shown so brightly.

Mimi took in the cool air. She walked down a long road.

It should be here.

Mimi stopped in front of a rather large house. It was so dark around the house that she wasn’t sure anyone even lived there. Mimi walked up and rang the doorbell. Immediately she heard loud rustling as if the inside was in a frenzy. Shortly after the door cracked open.

“What are you doing here!?” Valencia looked absolutely terrified at the sight of Mimi standing at her door so late at night, “You haven’t come to kill me have you?”

“Not at all.” Mimi said a bit perplexed at her morbid conclusion.

“I just wanted to talk”.

“Late at night!?”

“Well the streets are usually quieter this time around as everyone is usually inside.” Mimi said looking a bit bashful as she too started to think this was crazy. “I just thought you’d be more comfortable now.”

Valencia looked at the expression on Mimi’s face.

This chick seems so naïve.

Valencia sighed. “Fine, but only for a bit.”

Mimi brightened up.

“But I still think you’re creepy.” Valencia said as Mimi winced a bit.


Valencia looked around as she and Mimi walked around town in silence.

She’s right.

Valencia thought as she took in the sereneness of the town. The buildings were so beautiful. It was her first time really looking at them.

“You look like you are enjoying yourself.” Mimi said with a warm expression.

Agitation washed over Valencia’s face. “Yes, but don’t ruin it.”

“Heh.” Mimi chuckled.

“You aren’t offended?”

“Not in the least.” Mimi said as the continued their stroll. “Afterall I am that creepy person who randomly showed up at your house.”

“Yes, you are.” Valencia said as her eyes went to the sky. “The stars are nice from down here.”

“There is a place where they are nicer.” Mimi said, “The Lunar Garden.”

“The Lunar Garden?” Valencia became intrigued by the sound of the name.

“Yeah. If you don’t mind, I’ll show where it is.”


Blue flowers with a light moonlight glow to them surrounded the tower. Fireflies flew about dancing from flower to flower. A beautiful tower stood tall in front of them. It resembled a lighthouse or turret.

Valencia looked like a kid in a candy store. She excitedly turned to look at Mimi.

“This was here this whole time?”

“Yes.” Mimi replied,  “Here, let’s look around.”

The two of them walked about the outside of the Lunar tower. It didn’t take long before the were talking like old friends. Something about being under the stars in the Lunar Garden lightened Valencia up.

The had went inside. It was just a amazing. There were little pond like fountains the glowed a serene blue color. Valencia couldn’t believe her eyes.

“Let’s get to the top.” Mimi excitedly motioned to an elevator.

They took an elevator to the top of the tower.

“Wow! The stars are even more amazing up here!” Valencia became mesmerized by the sight.


They sat there under the moonlight. Mimi had brought up Earth II’s astrology. The history of stars from Earth. Valencia listened with such focus.

“Wow, that is interesting.”

An expression Mimi could quite catch washed over Valencia’s face.

“Why do all this for someone you don’t know?” She suddenly asked.

“Well…”  Mimi started, “I guess it’s because you seemed like you wanted someone to talk to. Forgive me for being presupposes but I don’t think you want to be left alone. From what I’ve seen of you may not want to get hurt losing someone.”

A sadness washed over Valencia’s face.

“Even so” Mimi continued, “You seem like you have a strong will. No you do. I can feel it.” Mimi said as she closed her eyes. “Someone powerful in nature. Yet very caring. You want to care for yourself and thus you nurture your heart. But you are also too protective of it. You treat it as it is something so fragile that with wrong move it will easily shatter. It may not be my place to say but that thinking keeps you afraid.” Mimi opened her eyes to see Valencia fight tears. “However, at the same time, it shows what a gentle person you are.”

“You really are a weird person.” Valencia said as she wiped tears from her eyes, “But at the same time, I appreciate it. Thank you.”

Mimi smiled.

“So, you are Royale Noble Mimi Nowell Executive General of East Sol army?”

Mimi perked up.

“You know what, you may just have yourself and a new recruit.”


It wasn’t long after Valencia’s arrival that Mimi’s army was rumored to have the potential of being top ranked.

December 18th had come so fast. Rochel’s official coronation was about to begin. There she will be crowned Crown Princess of East Sol and official named the future queen. It is after this ceremony that she will announce her Royal Knights.


The ceremony was huge every person in the land was there to witness the crowning of Rochel Sol. And with Rochel Crowned a Crown Princess the royal knights were revealed. And they were:

Mimi Nowell, Rank One Royal Knight

Bree Zane, Rank two Royal Knight

Malicia Wolf, Rank three Royal Knight

Merlyn Wolf, Rank four Royal Knight

Mimi was beside herself with joy. She tried hard to maintain her composure.


I finally did it.

Mimi thought to herself as she was handed her badge by Rochel herself.

“Congratulation, my knight.” Rochel to Mimi softly.

End of Chapter Three

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