The Sector with the Brightest Sun: Chapter Four

Mimi had just finished tidying up.

“You’ve done wonderful job, Mimi. The kids will love it.”

“I hope so Auntie Mathilda.” Mimi beamed at her aunt, “I really love helping around the orphanage.”

Just then someone came in. A girl Mimi’s age with brownish blonde hair with a white and pink streak down the right side. She looked around pleasantly surprised.

“Sam! What do you think?” Mimi ran up to the girl.

“It looks great the others will love it!” Sam said clasping her hands together.

“By the way, congrats on becoming an Executive General.” Mimi hugged Sam.

“It’s still no Royal guard. But thank you.”

“Even so, it is very impressive.” Mathilda said as she embraced Sam.

“Mama Tills.” Sam said with a blush.

“So, Mimi, I hear your next major trip is to West Sol. After the summit went so well I sure it is nice to travel to more kingdoms” Sam said after parting with Mathilda.

“Yes. And believe it or not I’ve never been there.” Mimi said looking a bit curious.

“It’s not bad if you don’t get caught in the status que.” Sam said. “I do miss it sometimes…”

A look of sympathy crossed Mimi and Mathilda’s face.

“But don’t worry.” Sam quickly changed the subject upon seeing their expressions, “I love it here and wouldn’t change a thing.”

“That’s good.” Mimi said a bit more relieved, “Well then, I have to go to the castle to prepare. I will see you two and hopefully the others later.”


Mimi knocked on the door softly. She made it to the castle and was directed to Rochel’s office. Despite being a royal noble Mimi still felt a bit out of place walking around a castle so normal.

“Come in.” Mimi heard Rochel answer from behind the door.

“Good afternoon.” Mimi said as she eased her way in.

“Good afternoon to you as well. However, you don’t have to be so formal.” Rochel watched Mimi come in.

“Right.” Mimi took a seat across from Rochel’s desk. “So, how has your day been going anyway? Have you been able to get any rest?”

“It has been productive for one thing. I’ve finalized the main talking points of the meeting.” Rochel wrote a few more words the a paper she was looking at. “There done.” Rochel she lit up. “Now then… I haven’t had a break yet. Do you mind taking a walk with me, Royal Knight Mimi?”

“Heh, I thought we weren’t being so formal” Mimi said with a teasing expression. “However, as your Royal Knight it would be an honor.”


The breeze was very nice today. I brushed lightly against their faces. Mimi had always enjoyed going out for walks especially on days like these. It just seemed much better doing it with Rochel. It so surreal being able to regularly be with her again. Mimi took in the air.

“It’s really nice out, isn’t it?” Rochel said as she too took in the warm air.

“It is.” Mimi said as she and Rochel waved at a few citizens as they passed by.

“Are you adjusting to your Royal Knight duties well?” Rochel asked.

“Yes I am. Its way different from nobility yet at the same time being a noble prepared me for it well.”

“That’s good.” Rochel smiled softly “Here let’s stop here for a bit.”

They sat on a bench near the park. The sun light pouring down on them gently.

“I’m sure I’ve said this before…” Rochel started, “But I’m really glad I get to do this with you again.”

“Yeah, I’m glad too.” Mimi said as they sat in the warmth of the sun.


West Sol.

The search for the Royal Nobles had reached its final stage with the Shield family having already been eliminated. It was down to the Rhodes Family, the Gholston family and the Preston family for the final spots.

Pressure is mounting between the families. None felt more pressure than the two youngest daughters of the Rhodes and the Gholstons, 13-year-old Lita Rhodes and 12-year-old Natalie Gholston. They had been such friends before this event of choosing the new royal nobles. They still are; however, it has become harder and harder to see each other. The competition is so high that they both swear the fathers have lost it. They already witnessed the mental collapse of the children of the Shield family with Samantha Shield the youngest sibling of the first house of the shield family disappearing from home.

Natalie Gholston sometime wanted to do that so often it hurts. She can’t even confide in her dear friend Lita because of this stupid trial. She just wished the dumb old king would have just picked someone and ended everyone’s’ suffering. Natalie sighed as she moved her brush across the paper. She only felt at ease when she was in her head swimming around colorful thoughts and translating them to her canvas. Today however the anxiety broke into her thoughts way too often. It didn’t feel fun at all.

“Child, what are you doing!?” A house maid suddenly barged in her room. “Did you not hear the call for dinner!?”

Natalie grew tired of that tone and attitude. It seemed they only talked to her that way. “Right, I’m coming.”

Dinner seemed to take forever to finish. She always hated dinner time. All her family did was talk about the trial these days. She often gets chewed out if she didn’t seem to participate enough. This day she couldn’t take it.

“May I be excused?” Natalie said rather abruptly.

“Excused!? So you can laze around an color!? Aren’t you a bit too old for that!?” Her father, Nickolas Gholston, yelled as agitation flooded across his face.

Anger boiled through Natalie. She couldn’t believe it. “That’s what you think!?” She yelled. “A bet that’s what you all this, huh!?”

“Natalie, we don’t have time for your nonsense.” Her mother, Claudia Gholston said sternly. “If you must leave, then go to your room and clear you head.”

“Fine.” Natalie said fighting back tears.

Natalie bolted for the door, but she didn’t head to her room. She went for the front door before she knew it, she as outside running. She ran as hard and she could, determined to get away from there. It was such an awful day clouds filled the sky and rain covered the ground. Natalie slowed down, she walked around dazed her face drenched in tears.

“I’m done.“ Natalie said “I’m done.”

Walked out as far as she could. She stopped on a bridge just above a river. She heard a young woman call out to her asking if she was lost but she could care less and threw herself in.


Mimi was horrified. She quickly ran over to where the girl stood and before she knew it was over as well. She immediately felt as if the water would take her.

That kids not going to make it!

I’m not going to make it!

Thoughts of drowning flooded Mimi’s head.

It hurts…

But that kid must hurt worse.

At that thought all at once Mimi mustard up all the strength within her. She swam with all her might.


Mimi caught hold of the girl while fighting the current.


Mimi summoned a channel of wind that flung them out of the water. In such a short time they had washed some way down the stream. That however didn’t concern Mimi.

“Oh no, Are you alright!?” “Answer me!” Mimi began to panick as the girl lay still.

Mimi started to pump the girl’s chest before the girl suddenly coughed up water and began to wake.

“Wha-“She slowly came too. Her eyes came into focus landing on Mimi and all at once anger washed over them.

“How could you…” She yelled.

 “Why!?” She was now crying, “Why did you save me!? I wanted to die!”

“I couldn’t just watch you drown.” Mimi replied relieved the girl was up.

“Then mind your own business!” Natalie as her tears fell.

“Please… I won’t ask for you forgiveness. You may be angry that I saved you but please don’t disregard your life. I don’t know you. Sure, it’s not my place to care. But even so It hurts so much to see someone in such pain. It may not be much but please don’t not be so hasty to end your life. I can’t promise you it will be better, but I am willing to show you that there is possibility if you walk a different path where you may find light. So please don’t give up!” Mimi said through her own tears.

Natalie was stunned

Who is this girl? Does she really mean it?

Natalie gazed at Mimi’s pleading expression.

“Then you better take responsibility.” She said.


Aunt Mathilda had just arrived.

“Thank you for coming in such short notice.” Mimi said to her aunt, “I have just talked to her parents and they are ready to sign her over to the orphanage.”

“It is no problem, my dear.” Mathilda wrapped her arms around Mimi, “Are you alright?”

“Shaken but I’m fine.” Mimi said, “Please take care of her until I finish my duties her on West Sol.”

“Nonsense my child, I will take care of her and you. After all you are my precious flower.” Mathilda caressed Mimi’s forehead, “Stay strong my child. “


“So, you’re leaving tomorrow then.” Lita said over the phone.

Natalie could tell Lita was disappointed. “Yes, I am.” She said softly.

“Well then, good luck to you.” Lita said.



Lita hang up the phone. A long sigh escaped her lips.

This sucks!

She fell back unto her bed. She started to close her eyes.

“Lita are you feeling okay?”

Lita snapped up to see her older sister Lisa walking into the room.

“I’m fine.” Lita lied.

“…” Lisa could tell immediately Lita was lying. “We don’t we practice a bit.”

Lita sighed. That seemed all she ever did. Everyone was so ridged these days. Lisa wasn’t so bad, but she wished they could just hang out with each other without all of that training nonsense. It always sucked anyway. She didn’t understand why her father insisted she try to be a magic knight too. Isn’t being a royal noble enough? She never performed well in training. It’s not like she didn’t have magic prowess it was more like having such obscure magic like sound magic wasn’t really versatile. Trying to figure out how to use it and fight physically was such a pain. But you were expected to do it. As such Lisa has been training her none stop almost without rest.

“Can we put it off this time?”

Lisa frowned.

“Come on Lisa I’m not in the mood!”

“And you said nothing was wrong.” Lisa countered.

“Fine…” Lita got up as they headed outside.


“We will do some quick exercises.” Lisa said as they prepared for training.

Lita wasn’t really listening. She couldn’t get over Natalie leaving.


“Right right. I’m ready.”

Lita practiced defecting spells with her sound waves. Lisa fired in all directions. Lisa was always so nimble. Lita quickly found herself having trouble keeping up.

“You’re off today!” Lisa watched Lita closely.

“I am not!” Lita began to grow frustrated. Just then a spell flew at her from her from behind.

“Shoot!’ Lita turned as fast as she could slipping as she lost her footing. A wave a sound came out way harder than she met for it to. It ricocheted the spell into a tree causing it to break and splinter hurling a branch at her with great force.

“No, Lita watch out!” Lisa put everything she had into getting to Lita who unknowingly was already reacting.

Lita fired off a frantic soundwave causing the branch hurling at her to viciously snap in two. One piece hurled into the opposite direction the other flew in the direction of Lisa.

It hit against her head causing her to collapse.

“Noo!” Lita was horrified. “Lisa! Wake up Lisa!


Hours had past since the unfortunate incident.

“You fool!” Her father, Darius Rhodes yelled, “How could you be so pathetic. For this to happen in a routine practice.”

“I didn’t mean too…” Lita said through tears. “I really didn’t…”

The doctor came out.

The Rhodes family looked at the doctor hoping for good news.

“She is will be alright. She suffered a concussion however fortunately that is the extent of the damages.”

“Thank goodness…”  Their mother Lorette said as she let out of sigh of relief.


Lita watched her sister’s resting form. She still was very shaken.

 How could this happen?

She almost killed Lisa being so careless.

Lita walked to her room. She didn’t know what to do. She picked up the phone.

“Hello?” Natalie answered the phone.

“Hey, when are you leaving?” Lita said weakly.

“Are you okay?” Natalie became concerned at Lita’s tone.

“Take me with you.”


Lita had finished packing her bag.

“You don’t have to leave, I’m fine.” Lisa said as she watched her sister pack.

Lita didn’t answer her or even look at her.

“Please, Lita!” Lisa raised her voice but immediately clutched her head.

“See, I’m no good for you.” Lita finally said.

“Please Lita, calm yourself.” Lisa pleaded.

“Sorry, Lisa. I can’t.”

Leaving those word with her sister Lita walked out the front door.


Malicia watched Mimi head out the door. They had returned from West Sol and were in the castle of East Sol. They finished their duties helping Rochel with summarizing the meeting on West Sol.

“She sure is out of it.” Bree said as she too watched Mimi leave.

“She had always been rather sensitive to others pain.” Malicia started.

Concern washed over Rochel’s face.

“Even as a child she always seemed to feel other anxiety as if it were her own.” Malicia continued, “I’m not sure if even she is aware how much. She was always so compassionate growing up. A very sensitive soul. Even I don’t think it is not a weakness for her. It is that compassion that drives her. She strives to be strong so that she may be that light for others. She has a genuine desire for others wellbeing. Even if it comes off as no more than dim light to someone, she strives to still remain there as that light.  Sure, one might worry that she may be swallowed up in that compassion, but her strength of self is very strong. She will be alright.”

“She has always been like that.” Merlyn added.

“She has.” Malicia said.

“Do you still carry that photo?” Merlyn looked curiously at Malicia.

“A photo?” Rochel asked


Malicia pulled out a photo. “She is talking about this one.”

She handed the photo to Rochel as Bree came around the other side to look at it too.

“Oh…” Rochel said as she studied the photo.

It was a picture of Mimi and Malicia in the same bassinet. The looked no more than a few days old. Malicia looked like she had been crying. Mimi looked like she had just awakened. What was interesting was Mimi had Malicia’s hand and her head was slightly turned to Malicia’s direction.

“Our moms are very close friends.” Malicia said as she too studied the photo, “When the day of our birth came My mom went to the hospital of Saint Lily. She was stationed in the west wing and it was there she gave birth to me. My father was so proud he called Mimi’s father to tell him only to find out that they were at the same hospital in the east wing. That was were Mimi was born. Our families were very excited and decided that they would try to leave together. Sure enough we got home at the same time. Our moms wanted a picture to celebrate our birth and hopefully the start of our friendship. Mom said they placed us in the bassinet and was getting ready to take the photo. It was then I started to cry. She said she reached to pick me up when Mimi reach grabbed my hand and all at once I stopped crying. That’s when they quickly took this picture.

“Wow…” Rochel said. “It is such a precious photo.”

“It is…” Malicia said.


Mimi walked into the orphanage.

She was immediately rushed.

“Mimi!” The kids of the orphanage ran up to her.

“Hey you guys!” “She said as she greeted everyone, “I brought treats from Miss Edna’s Bakery!”

Excitement washed across the room.

“You’re here!” Natalie pushed her way to the front. Causing a few kids to murmur in distaste.

“Now now, no need to be so rough.” Mimi said looking rather sympathetic at the other who were nearly knock down.

“Well if they’d get out the way…” Natalie said as now the other were now grumbling.

“Come on, Natalie.” Lita said,

Natalie sighed.

“Right right, sorry. I’ll be more careful.” She said she got a pastry for her and Lita.

Just then Sam walked in.

“How are you two holding up?” She asked Natalie and Lita after greeting everyone.

“It’s not bad.” Natalie said between bites of her pastry. “I mean I am able to relax.”

“Yeah.” Lita said, “But it is still surprising that we would fine Samantha Shield here, If you don’t mind me saying that name.”

“It’s fine.” Sam said.

“If you don’t mind me asking did you come her for the same reason?” Natalie asked tentatively.

“I did…” Sam said, “I made the trek here myself, however. My family, as you know, was in the running for the royal noble house. My parents figured we had a good chance because my brother was already Royal Knight caliber. However, this was cut short as in a training exercise I lost control over my fire Magic and severely injured him.”

Lita felt a slight tug at her heart.

“He couldn’t fight the way he did before and eventually grew bitter over it. Everyone grew bitter over it. It became too much, so I left.”

“I see…” Natalie said, “Sorry I made you talk about it.”

“No, don’t worry about it.” Sam said upon looking at the guilt on Natalie’s face. “Come on, Let’s join the others. We are all hear together now. Let’s take care of each other.”

Mimi gazed at them from a far.


Mimi returned to her quarters within the castle. Being a Royal Knight meant she could stay in the castle. She lay on her bed thinking to herself. She had always been a Royal Nobel; however, she hadn’t been around to see every face of a noble. It was her first time seeing the fight for status cause so much pain.

I guess things like this happen too…

Mimi closed her eyes.

Just then she heard a knock on the door.

 She got up to open the door.

“Rochel!” Mimi was a bit surprised to see Rochel as she has never come to her room before, “Is something wrong?”

“No.” Rochel said sensing Mimi’s confusion. “I just wanted to see if you were alright.”

It was then Mimi realized that she may have been down.

“You know what… I guess I am a bit down. I get so focused on others that sometimes I don’t realize my own feelings.” Mimi watched Rochel’s expression go soft. “However now that I know that, I will be alright. Everyday there is always something new to learn. Whether good or bad, I believe it is there to make me stronger. Thank you for checking on me, Rochel.” Mimi said as she smiled at Rochel who returned it.

“Even so.” Rochel started, “Having an ear to listen can’t hurt, right?”

“Are you asking if you can come in and talk?” Mimi said rather playfully.

“I am.” Rochel answered.

“That would be nice.” Mimi smiled as she motioned inside. “Please come in.”

End of Chapter four

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