In for the Rain: Short Stories, Crossing Paths

Frogs resounded across the lake. They sat on their lilly pads. The night sky shone bright with the moon at its highest point. Wes looked around. Fireflies floated about, forming light on the ground around her.

“It’s as beautiful as ever out here.”

She strolled closer to the lake. A playful frog hopped towards her.

“Whoa! A little too close there!” Was said with a jump.

It hopped away as she watched it.

She laughed to herself as she continued.

“I can’t believe that startled me.”

Wes took a trail up ahead. It was one she always loved.

She took a deep breath as she walked.

“ The air is so crisp…”

She stretched her arms over her head. The feeling of bliss filled her.

“I love the night mood. It’s so invigorating.”

Wes looked at a spot she rarely visits.

“Hmm…” she pondered, “ Why not head to the picnic spot.”

She followed the trail up ahead. She got to a spot where some people had already settled.

“Now then where shall I sit…”

She crossed her arms and placed her hand under her chin as she thought.

“I could use some company, if you don’t mind.”

Wes turned around to see a woman sitting by herself.

She waved at her as their eyes met.

“Hmm, I typically sit by myself out her.”

“Really, that’s too bad.”

“Yeah, sorry.” Wes said as she went past the table to find her own.

“Such a shame, you’re cute too.”

Wes stopped at this.

“What do you mean by that?” She said curiously.

“Oh, we like compliments?”

Wes pouted.


“I’m just kidding. Please join me.”

Wes looked wearily before joining.

“This is a new thing for me.” The other woman started, “I typically don’t know what to do on these trails.”

“Well hanging out at a picnic spot is a good start.” Wes said as she looked at the woman across from her.

“My name is, Wes by the way.”

“Ooh a name, well I’m Jasmine.” The woman said rather smoothly.

“Right, someone seems to be flirting.”

“Yes, I am. I called you her for that reason.” Jasmine said with a wink.


“Already thinking about me?”

“No!” Wes said as she snapped into attention.

Jasmine snickered.

“I’m awkward already, aren’t I?” Wes said with a blush.

“No, you’re cute.”

Wes looked around before settling her eyes on Jasmine.

“Did you eat here?” Wes asked.

“Nah, I just came here to sit.”

“Then do you want to head to a spot below the path.”

“ Moving me already?” She said with a smirk, “ You going to kill me?”

Wes jumped and went red.

“No! I just felt more comfortable in the wild.”

Wes winced at the curious look she got.

“Is it closer to the entrance?”

Wes nodded.

“ Then I don’t see why not.” Jasmine said as she got up, “Let’s take a stroll.”

Wes got up and followed her.

“You lead, if you have a spot in mind.”

“Right.” Wes said.

As they walked Wes seemed preoccupied. She couldn’t stand being so flustered. Yet at the same time s she awkwardly glanced, their eyes always seem to meet.

“I’d prefer talking to awkward glances.” Jasmine teased.

“Yeah. That would be better.”

Wes said as she looked at her more directly.

It was different for her to have someone walk with her. However it was more challenging to talk to someone who threw her so much.

It was long before Wes pointed to where she wanted to go. They walked a few more steps before Jasmine stopped in awe.


“This spot is nice, isn’t it.” Wes beamed.

“It is…”

The pond had cleared of most of the frogs. The fireflies still floated around the lilly pads.

“The moon is in the lake!” Jasmine ran toward it, careful to keep from scaring the scene.

Wes strolled up. She watched the lake. The moon was positioned right over it.

“Someone loves nature as much as I do.” Wes said.

“No, I just love the beauty of this.” Jasmine said as she watched Wes stop next to her.

“You know what, Wes?” Jasmine said rather suddenly.

Wes’s looked intently as she started.

“I want to see more of the place with you.”


“Yeah! But first I have one question.”

“And that is?”

“Can we be girlfriends?”

Wes’s eyes got big before answering.

“Yes, however let’s take some walks here first.”

“Yeah, that would be more normal.”

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