The Sector with the Brightest Sun: Chapter Five

All Hail our Queen, Rochel Sol!

The crowd abrupted in applause as the ceremony crowning of the Queen of East Sol finished. East Sol officially has its Queen. The 21-year-old Rochel Sol.


It was so lively in the kingdom. Rochel looked at the smiling faces around her as she and her Royal Knights walked throughout the kingdom, greeting the citizens.

“Hee hee, everyone absolutely adores you.” Mimi smiled as she waved at some of the kids from the orphanage trying to get closer.

“Then I’d say I’m doing a good job then.” Rochel waved at some citizens that came up, “I wish to keep these smiles as they have become one of the most precious lights of mine.”

“That’s good. They may not be as much mine as they are yours, but I know what you mean.” Mimi gazed amongst the citizens.

“Well, I wouldn’t say that.” Rochel glanced at Mimi softly, “As far as I’m concerned this light belongs to all of us as long as we are together.”

“Right.” Mimi said as she returned her gaze to the crowds.


It was that time again. As busy as it has been since Rochel has become queen, late spring seemed to be as slow as ever. Which made it a perfect time for downtime.

During this time Mimi takes time to travel during this time to places she found on her journey with Glen. She used to do this with Glen until just last year. Glen has gotten ill over time, so this year he won’t be traveling with her. Mimi was a bit down at first, however Glen told her to come back and tell him a lot of stories.

Mimi arrived at the orphanage to tell everyone she would be leaving for a bit as she has always done.

Everyone was sitting in the common area. Everyone except Natalie.

“Where did Natalie, go?” Mimi said looking around.

“You know she doesn’t like it when you leave.” Lita said said “She’s probably went to her usually spot in the forest to paint.”

Mimi expression went soft. “Right I will go find her.”

Natalie and Lita have gotten very close to Mimi over the time since they’ve been there. Since meeting her they learned so much about their magic.

Mimi taught Lita how to create music from her sound waves something she never thought she could do. She had always thought she could only shoot them out of her hands.

Mimi collects a lot of music. She and Lita often listened to it when they hang out. Lita is particularly interest in drum n’ bass and anything with beats as found in earth music.

She also introduced Lita to Rochel whom Lita studied conversation with. They’d often do mock debates. At first Lita was trounced but over time she has become quite good at it. Now Rochel often practices with Lita before major conferences.

Natalie found out that her colorless magic was actually early form of the rare Omni Magic. Its colorless form was due to the lack of elements “saved into it.” This was caused by not practicing a variety of spells.

She was stunned by this information, yet at the same time very happy. She had often been casted off as defective by her siblings for not having beautiful magic. Often became depressed wondering what true beauty was. She would paint for hours imaging what she thought was the most beautiful things in the world. It became habit for her and a way to cope.

Mimi walked into a clearing by a beautiful stream. It flowed so slowly. The land was so lush. A rock in the center of the clearly had a perfect shape for sitting. It was currently occupied by Natalie as she had set up a canvas there. Mimi told her about this spot a little while ago. Mimi would often come here to relax herself

Mimi looked over Natalie’s shoulder.

Natalie’s paintings were always so beautiful. It reminded her of ancient Earth pieces. Her strokes were so defined and unique. Mimi often showed Natalie pictures of historical Earth paintings. Natalie was always overjoyed upon seeing them. She often practiced the style of Earth paintings. Mastering the dot technique, a technique where painters paint with only dots and no strokes, in months.

Even though Natalie often saw art as an escape, Mimi could tell she had a genuine love for art.

That’s when a thought crossed Mimi.

“Hey Natalie.” Mimi watched as Natalie seem to purposefully focus more on her painting. “I have decided where I’m going yet. So, let’s go on an art journey together.”

Natalie whirled around so fast she almost knocked her painting down.

“You mean it!?”

“Yeah.” Mimi said getting caught up in Natalie’s excitement. “I’ll take you to some of the most wonderful sights in the galaxy. There are tons of natural sights and great museums.”

Natalie’s eyes grew bright. She always lit up so much when they talked art.

“Alright then I’ll get ready! But first let me finish this.”


“So you’re going with her then?” Lita said a few hours later as she watched Natalie pack excitedly.

Lita didn’t know how to feel about this. She wanted to go with them but at the same time she kind of got the hint that Natalie expected to go with Mimi alone.

“Well then, be sure to take it all in and tell me lots about it okay?” Lita smiled as she decided to let her friend have this moment.

“Sure!” Natalie beamed at Lita.


“Hey, Master Glen. I’m heading off soon.” Mimi looked at Glen who seemed to look as if he’s aged many years, “I’m taking Natalie with me.”

“Oh really!” Glen said with a much enthusiasm as always.

Mimi looked relieved. “Yeah. I figure she would enjoy that. And perhaps it would help her find herself as my journey with you did for me.”

Glen smiled. “That’s good. Be sure to tell me about when you return.”

“I will.” Mimi hugged Glen and headed off.


Natalie watched the stars as she and Mimi traveled amongst them. She had been off West Sol a few times but never as she been so excited to be amongst them. She watched as their ship flew on.

Space is so beautiful. She thought

“Alright, we are almost to out first stop.” Mimi said as she watched Natalie gaze at the stars.

“Where are we going first?” Natalie asked with a curious expression.

“Sunkist Lily.” Mimi claimed

“Oh, I heard about that place in history books.”

“Yes, it is the next place I went to with Glen after Sky Dragon Bistro. They real start of my journey.”

Just then a large planet came into view.

Natalie’s eyes went wide in amazement.

“Wow.” She said almost breathlessly.


The planet looked as amazing on ground as it did from space. Natalie looked as if she was in Heaven.

“Here, this way.”

Mimi motioned Natalie to follow her.

They walked a littles way from their landing spot until a peculiar sight caught Natalie’s eye. She instantly grew fascinated by it.

“Oh, wow…” She mouthed as they got closer.

A colossus tree with many branches spread about stood in front of them. It was so massive that a great shadow flowed under it. But what made it an amazing sight was the sun shined above it. The way the branches spread many small beams of sunlight reached through and touched the ground. It looked like it was raining sunshine.

“This is amazing.” Natalie whirled around made it within close range.

“Come closer, I want to show you this.” Mimi walked in the rain of sunshine.

Upon closer look the tree had an interesting hue to it. Natalie stared at it in awe. She looked at Mimi who motioned her to a flower siting in a patch of sunlight close to the tree.

Natalie squatted down nest to Mimi completely mesmerized by it.

“What kind of flower is this?” She said as she gazed at it in awe.

“It called it’s self a ‘June Lily’.”

“It called itself? Oh right! You’ve spoken to it.” Natalie said as she caught up.

“Here you can speak to it as well.”

All at once Mimi began to glow.

The scenery around them began to shine.

Natalie watched curiously as the scene changed. She watched the flower glow and a form began to appear. Spiritual in appearance a rather short man appeared before them who oddly reminded her of the flower.

“My my.” The man looked pleased. “I see you’ve brought a friend.” He smiled warmly at Mimi.

“Hello old man June Lily.” Mimi motioned at Natalie.” This is my friend. We are on an art adventure.”

“Oh Ho Ho.” June Lily let out a laugh. “That’s wonderful!” He said as her looked at Natalie who stared in wonderment.

“So, young Natalie would you like to chat?”

“Sure!” Natalie said as she looked at June eagerly.

“Great then let’s talk about this culture of this land.”

The scene shifted again beautiful building surrounded them. Mimi and Natalie looked around in amazement.

“Here is a memory of this land.”

“It’s so beautiful.” Natalie looked as though she thought she was dreaming.

“Yes, it is. Now then let’s explore.” June Lily said as he prepared to tell his story.


They had spent quite some time talking to June Lily. They learned so much of the ancient art of Sunkist Lily. June Lily seemed to enjoy himself talking to them.

“This was really nice.” Mimi said as she stood up, “We must continue our travels now. Our hotel at the first stop expects us to check in soon.”

“Awe…” Natalie and June simultaneously let expressed their disappointment.

“Don’t worry.” Mimi laughed. “We will visit again soon.” She said she bowed at June Lily. Natalie doing the same.

“Yes, please do. It’s been a pleasure.” June Lily bowed at them as he vanished.

The space returned to it original appearance of an eternal sun shower.

“Come on.” Mimi motioned.

“Right” Natalie hastily followed her eager to continue their journey.


They had gone to many places. Many of which made Natalie think she could live there forever. The museums she saw were fascinating. Ancient Earth’s  museums were particularly fascinating.

While on their journey they continued to talk magic. Natalie learned more about understanding spell. Mimi taught her the nature of that spell and gave Natalie instructions on a replicate spell. She also taught Natalie a spacial spell good for storing things. Which came in handy as the travel to many marketplaces and auctions.

Mimi bought Natalie unique art pieces to study and enjoy. Mimi herself found thing she wanted too. Mimi loved antiques. She found some nice ones including this vase with a beautiful red shade.

They had so much fun in the marketplace haggling and learning the ropes. Natalie felt a bit guilty as her parents didn’t provide that much funds and she herself had enough but not that much. So, Mimi rented a booth and one marketplace and offer Natalie too earn money herself there. Natalie was a bit nervous, but her art was a hit. She never thought people would be so excited over her work as they were.

For the first time Natalie actually felt good. She thought she was feeling great at the orphanage but some part of her still was bothered. She now knows what it is. She turned to look at Mimi as they settled on the ship returning to East Sol.

“You know I’ve always hated that I ran to art. I always thought I was just a bad as them.”

Mimi looked at Natalie a bit confused.

“They always clamored about beauty in one’s self and one’s craft. That included magic. My sibling have wonderful element and perform spells so masterfully. Mine was always so dull to them. They often made fun of me for being dull. I grew to resent them for their idiotic notion of beauty. I began to wonder why things must be beautiful to be liked. I drew what I though was beautiful and was entranced. I hated myself for it as I thought I’m as dumb as them. But you taught me that the is more to beauty than just appearances. There is beauty in art. There is beauty in love. And there is beauty in friendship.” She gazed at the warm expression on Mimi’s face, “I really appreciate you taking me on this journey. I’ve learned so much about myself and the beauty in me.”


Mimi talked to Glen for hours about her experience upon their return. She shared so many stories. They laughed so much.

“I am very proud of you, Mimi.” Glen suddenly said as their conversation finished up. “You really have grown.”

Mimi felt really good at hearing this. “Thank Master Glen.”

I will come again tomorrow to talk to you again.

“I’ll look forward to it.” Glen said as he watched Mimi leave.


“Hey, Lita…” Natalie said as she stared just a head of where they were sitting.


“Let’s join Mimi’s army.” Natalie was now looking at Lita.


“Come on. We’ve gotten much stronger than we were before.”

“You’re right.” Lita said.

“Then come on!” Natalie looked at Lita with a pleading expression.

“Hey, I wasn’t going to say no.” Lita said as Natalie lit up, “After all, I kind want to do something for them after what they’ve done for me. Anyway, you seem determined so I can’t leave you.”

“Yes! Let’s do our best together!”


Mimi was ecstatic upon hearing the news.

They have come such a long way.

Mimi beamed as she walked down the street to were Glen lived.

She hummed to herself as she reached closer to her destination. She stopped upon seeing a group in front of Glen’s house.

Mimi saw they expression on everyone’s face and began to get uneasy. Her uneasiness became panic as she saw their expression grow sad when they saw her walk up.

“What’s going on?” Mimi said clearly unable to hide her worry.

“I’m sorry my dear…” Miss Fiora started, “Glen has passed.”

 “It can’t be.” Horror washed over Mimi’s face. She shook her head. As she quickly became overwhelmed. “Let me see him. It can’t be.” Miss Fiora wrapped her arms around Mimi who began to cry. “My dear… I am so sorry.”


Glen’s funeral was shortly after. Many in the kingdom appeared to pay their respects. Mimi was heartbroken. She tried so hard to keep herself together but many times throughout the ceremony she couldn’t hold it in.

Malicia was just as upset. She loved Glen so much he was the mentor and their second father.

Shortly after the ceremony Mimi and Malicia spent some time with their families. The Nowell and Wolf family stayed together as long as possible knowing their daughters needed their support.


Mimi and Malicia walked to the castle. Their moms didn’t want them to go assuring them them could stay and rest at home. However, they insisted that they would be okay.

Mimi watched Malicia as they made it to the main entrance.

“It’s hard to believe he’s gone.” Malicia said.

“Yes, it is.” Mimi said.

Mimi watched Malicia’s expression. She looked so sad.

“Here.” Mimi said as she stopped, “Let’s take a moment for ourselves.”

Malicia looked at Mimi. “Maybe tomorrow. I’ll see you then. Goodnight.”

Mimi slowly walked to her room. She felt so sad.

She laid on her bed when she heard a knock.

She didn’t answer not feeling like talking today.

Just then the door swung open.

Rochel walked into the room.

“Sorry, Rochel not today.”

Rochel looked at Mimi. She had never seen her so upset. Rochel herself wanted to cry at the sadness Mimi expressed.

“Even so, I’m not leaving you alone like this.” Rochel said as she sat down next to her.

“I wish I was there with him. I should have gone to him sooner.” Mimi felt tears began to form. “I had been there with him yesterday and didn’t notice a thing. Oh, how he must have hurt.” Mimi cried.

Rochel hated seeing her like this.

“How could I leave him alone in a time like this. I’m so awful.”

Rochel hated hearing Mimi say this. She wanted so much to ease her pain. “You should be so hard on yourself, Mimi.” She said as she caressed Mimi’s forehead.

Mimi looked at the expression on Rochel’s face. She sat up upon seeing how worried she was. “Forgive me. I’m being so pathetic right now. I causing-“ Mimi’s words were stopped with Rochel placing her lips against hers. Mimi was startled. Rochel’s kiss was so tender. Every bit of Mimi felt like she could melt. Rochel pulled away from her.

Mimi started again.

“Forgive me.” She said this time a bit more gathered. “I didn’t mean to worry you so much. Glen means so much to me; however, I’m sure he wouldn’t want me to be like this. I’m sorry Rochel but could you stay with me?”

“Of course.” Rochel said a she and Mimi laid down; Mimi cradled in her arms.


The next day Mimi went to check on Malicia. Mimi was feeling much better. She managed to get Malicia to go out with her a bit to cheer her up. They went to the Sol Kingdom to the field of flowers they used to hang out at.

“I’m sorry for leaving you yesterday, Mimi.” Malicia felt a bit guilty.

“Don’t worry, Malicia.” “You needed that time.”

“Even so you needed time too.”

“Malicia…” Mimi started. “Let’s do our best to move forward. We still a lot waiting for us. We’ve met so many amazing people. Many whom we can call friends. It is sad right now. But as long as we push forward, we will make it. After all we still have each other. We still have our friends. So, let’s stay strong Malicia.”

Malicia smiled softly. “You’ve always been stronger than me, Mimi. It is that strength that always move me. I’m glad you’re my friend Mimi.”

Mimi’s expression warmed as she embraced Malicia.

“Here, Let’s go back to the others.”

“Right, Let’s go back.”

End of Chapter Five

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