In for the Rain: Short Stories, The Fallen Knight

As I reflect on my actions, my wounds do not heal. I want so much to change it. That evil deed of not winning. I couldn’t save her. I couldn’t save you my Emily.

To try again would me the world to me…

Over and over again I see your end. Over and over again I watch them fall…

My comrades in battle… It was foolish to leave them!

At the very least you fool, You should have stayed with them. Or at least be more resolved in your love and save her.

My eyes won’t stay strong. They won’t give me peace.

Quit crying you fool… why do I have to weep! Be a man do not cry!

… … …

My tears are vexing… they hurt my chest.

Quit bleeding you fool! Quit dying! Live to repent! And quit being afraid…

Check out the my book ‘In for the Rain: A Collection of Stories’ here.

And me short stories collection here

Also my short reads here.

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