The Sector with the Brightest Sun: Chapter Six

The sun bared down on them as they practiced. It was the Zane-Nowell practice section that took place every summer. It was very high paced. There was always such enthusiasm and intensity. This year was no different.

“Come guys! A few more laps!” Mimi yelled out as she watched the squads finish their final laps, “Great that’s it.”

Bree walked over to Mimi. “Those junior recruits are impressive.” She eyed one of the squads in Mimi’s army.

Junior squad 8 also known the practice unit. The members of the practice units usually range from ages 15 on up. Lita and Natalie have joined that unit. They are among the new recruits that have been standing out.

Lita and Natalie were too young for the registration for ranked placement. However, the Junior squad provided a route were walk-ons and those who are ages 15 to 17 are accepted. Those who perform well in the Junior squad are evaluated for rank placement.

Junior squad is designed to on be a two-year placement. It is a rule Mimi never liked because individuals who doesn’t perform well in those two years are let go and lose any placement in the army. Typically, when that happens most people are too discouraged to try again.

“Yes, a lot of the new members are doing great. We did good in a recruitment.” Mimi laughed.

“Gather up!” Mimi and Bree said in unison. “Stance!”

Their armies lined up together saluted in the traditional East Sol stance.

The East Sol stance is where a soldier stands at attention with their right fist over their heart.

“Excellent work today!”

“We hereby, End today’s Zane-Nowell practice! Break!”

They all eased their stance. And began to mingle around.

“Ho ho!”

A guy walked up to Mimi and Bree. He wore a tank top that showed off his biceps. He beamed as he approached.

“Our armies looked great.”

“General Oscar, you look like you could run 10 more laps.” Mimi laughed. “Hah! I’m always ready, Executive General.”

Oscar Blaine is the general of Mimi’s 2nd squad. He like, Malicia has wind magic as his main element.

“Hey, Mimi.” Natalie walked up to them. “Sorry to interrupt. But could you show me some of you moves.”


Mimi and Natalie found a spot with some space.

“The key is to flow into every movement. You want it to be a seamless motion. Like that of a flowing stream.”

Natalie mimicked the moves Mimi showed her. She had great form.

“You’re not bad.” Malicia said as she watched. “Let’s see those moves in combat.”

“Oh!?” Natalie was a bit surprised at the sudden challenge. “Okay, sure.”


Natalie and Malicia stood across from each other.

“Combatants, Stance!”

Natalie and Malicia got into the traditional stance of the Sol Kingdom.


They both rose. Malicia drew her wooden sword. She immediately dashed toward Natalie and swung a low position. Natalie jumped over Malicia spinning as she came to a land. Malicia expected a kick however Natalie continued to the ground and shifted her weight into a palm thrust.

Malica stood her ground a countered by moving the hilt of her wooden sword the butt of it holding Natalie’s hand in place.

Natalie spun around using her left hand to try to through Malicia off and struck quickly with her right hand as she came around Malicia’s side.

Malicia used Natalie’s momentum to spin out of it. She swung down her wooden sword.

Natalie summoned a shield however Malicia’s adjusted her swing as soon as it contacted breaking the shield.

The time that took gave Natalie time to move just enough to dodge her sword.

“Impressive.” Malicia said as she lightened her stance. “What division do you want to join?”

“The mage division.” Natalie answered.

“Man, you should join the Knight division!” A young woman walked up to them. She had short brownish red hair. Her for was a slender yet muscular form.

“You think so, Vice General Rhonda?”

Rhonda Gillison is the vice general of Malicia’s squad.

“Yeah. I just think you need some more power moves. I could show you that.”

“Oh, really that would be great!” Natalie said.


Mimi soaked in the tub. Even though she was used to such practice she could always enjoy a nice soak.

Mimi got dressed and sat down in the loveseat in her room. She closed her eyes a began to meditate. She always does this to help recover energy to after long days of training.

Rochel walked in. Ever since the day they of Glen’s funeral, Rochel coming to Mimi’s room more comfortably.

“Am I disturbing you? Rochel’s eyes feel on Mimi.

“No, you’re fine.” Mimi opened her eyes as Rochel sat next to her.

“How was practice?” Rochel asked.

“It was great. Our new recruits look promising.” Mimi beamed.

“That good. By the way, we were invited to the Kingdom of Magma for a three-way semi-meeting with the Royal family of Titus and my brother Malakai Sol of West.” Rochel started Mimi, “It is not as formal as the other’s we’ve done so far.”

“Oh really…” Mimi looked at Rochel curiously.

“Since it is not as formal, I will only be bringing my number one ranked Knight along.”

“So only I’m going this time.” Mimi said.

“That’s correct.” Rochel said.

Rochel gazed at Mimi. Her eyes had a warmth to them.

Mimi had seen that gaze so many times before. However, this time a slight blush creeped across her face.

“Hey, Rochel do you want to go to Cafe East? Just for a little bit.” Mimi said suddenly.

“I would love too.” Rochel perked up at Mimi’s invite.



Shortly after their trip to Café East Mimi and Rochel began to go over the semi-meeting. There wasn’t a lot of prep work just some minor details. Usually these meeting while not boring weren’t of excitement. However, this time Mimi was a bit excited. She would be traveling to a new Kingdom with Rochel. While it was still formal, she was very happy.

“You seem excited.” Rochel glance at Mimi.

“You can tell?” Mimi said a bit bashful.

“I can.” Rochel looked at Mimi, “For what it’s worth. I’m a bit excited as well. I get to be alone with you a bit more.” She continued as a slight blush crossed her face.

Mimi blushed as well. “Well then, Let’s try to enjoy the kingdom while we are there.”

Rochel lit up. “Sure!”


The Kingdom of Magma.

The ruler’s East Sol and West Sol arrived at the kingdom of Magma. They were greeted by Magic Knight of the Titus Family.

The Titus family was comprised of The King and Queen of Magma, Totan and Maria. They had three daughter, princess Lucida, princess Caroline, and Princess Rosalyn.

Princess Caroline was betrothed to Prince Frey of the Kingdom of Baysalin.

Princess Lucida had become very close to Malakai. They always seemed to light up around each other. Today was no different.

The rulers sat at the dining table as a formal lunch.

The guards were free to walk around at this time. Rochel was a bit disappointed Mimi couldn’t join but she understood.


Mimi wandered around a garden it was so lovely. She found this place after the lunch began. She was so in awe she stayed there for the most part. She checked her watch.

They should be finishing up soon…

Just then Mimi heard someone coming. A young woman with long redish brown hair and a yellow gown approached her. She wore an excited smile her eyes beaming.

“Do you like this garden too?

“Ah, Princess Rosalyn. It is a pleasure.” Mimi said with a slight bow, “I do. It is very nice.”

“I’ve always loved flowers. Queen Rochel said you have flower magic.” Rosalyn eagerly bounced, “Can I see it?”

“Sure.” Mimi conjured many petals and let them swim around Rosalyn. They had such a beautiful aroma.

“Wow…” She said in awe as she watched the petals dance.

“There you are.” Rochel spotted Mimi as she came into the garden.

She was immediately wowed by the beautiful display.

“Oh, Rochel.” Mimi watched as Rochel walked up. “I apologize, I should have met you.”

“On no, you’re fine.” Rochel said.

“I’m sorry Rosalyn said I believe it is my fault for holding her up here.”

“No, please don’t worry about it. It is quite alright.” Rochel answered as she looked around, “It really is beautiful here.”

“Yes.” Rosalyn perked up. “This is my favorite spot in the castle.”

“I can see why.” Rochel smiled.

“Do you two want to chat here for a bit?” Rosalyn asked.

“Sure. what do you think, Mimi?” Rochel glanced at Mimi.

“Of course.”


They talked for quite some time. Rochel and Rosalyn seem to get along quite well. Rochel herself was a bit surprised at how well the hit it off.

Rochel and never really had friend besides Mimi and Malicia. She was always so busy. She often studied to herself and didn’t really hang out like this unless it was with Mimi.

“Well then, I suppose I will let you go for today.” Rosalyn finished wrapped up their conversation, “It was really nice chatting with you two.”

“Yes, I enjoyed myself to be quite honest.” Rochel smiled. “Shall we be off then?” She turned her attention to Mimi.

“Yes. I really had fun too. Until next time, Princess Rosalyn.” Mimi bowed slightly and she and Rochel head back into the castle.

“Hee hee.” Mimi laughed to herself.

“What is it.” Rochel asked.

“You were so cute.” Mimi said glancing at Rochel who blushed.

“It just that I don’t do that often.” Rochel started. “I really did have fun.”

“Yes, it was fun.” Mimi smiled. She could tell Rochel had become bashful. She was really cute like that.

“Do you want to take a look around the kingdom?”

Rochel’s expression glowed brightly. “Sure!”


It really was a nice Kingdom. Mimi and Rochel found many places they wished to visit again. They stopped to have a snack at a local café. Rochel seemed to glow the whole time. She was very happy after all. She made a new friend and now she was hanging out with Mimi. Today felt like it couldn’t get any better.

They strolled back to the castle the sun beginning to set.

“I always like this time of day.” Mimi looked at the sky. “It always looks so pretty.”

Rochel gazed at the sky as well. “It really does…”

They returned to the castle.

“Well it’s getting late.” Mimi turned to look at Rochel. “We should turn in.”

Rochel thought for a moment.

“Is something wrong?” Mimi looked at her wondering what Rochel was thinking about.

“Is it alright if I stayed with you tonight? Rochel said a bit bashfully.

Mimi blushed slightly. Rochel’s expression was so innocent, cute even.

“I don’t see why not?” Mimi said as Rochel lit up.

“Great, then let’s turn in.”


The next day Rochel was going to spend time with Malakai. He wanted to talk to Rochel about something.

Mimi walked Rochel to the spot her and Malakai were to meet.

“Good Morning, Rochel. Mimi.” Malakai watched Rochel and Mimi arrive. He was accompanied by his number one ranked knight, Kyle Battle.

Kyle nodded as they approached.

“So, shall we be off?” Malakai motioned. “By the way you two are coming as well.” Malakai looked at Mimi and Kyle.

They found a nice restaurant to eat breakfast.

“This is a pleasant surprise.” Rochel said happy Mimi could come along.

“How so?” Malakai started, “After all our Kingdom are allies.”

“Yes, they are.” Rochel said.

Mimi looked like she was thoroughly enjoying her breakfast. She always enjoyed food as goo as this.

“I really want to know what they put in this Hollandaise sauce.” Mimi thought out loud as she ate her egg benedict.

“It is good.” Malakai said as he too was enjoying an egg benedict.

“So, what did you want to talk about.” Rochel asked curious to what Malakai mentioned as he asked her to come out.

“I want to marry Lucinda.” Malakai said.

“Ah, so you finally decided!” Kyle exclaimed looking happy for Malakai.

“Oh! That’s great” Rochel said.

“I already talked to Camila about it. She said I should do it.”

“And you should.” Rochel agreed.

“You too do look like you enjoy each other.” Mimi added.

“We do.” Malakai agreed. “Then it’s settled then. I’m going to ask her. I just need to buy the perfect ring.”


Malakai’s proposal went extremely well. News spread fast of the engagement. West Sol was going to have its queen.

“I’m so happy for Malakai.” Camila said.

The family of Sol was celebrating the engagement of the son first son of Sol.

“Yes, he looks so happy.” Rochel beamed with excitement.

“So…” Camila’s expression went into a grin. Rochel knew what was coming. “How are you and Mimi coming along?”

Even though Rochel expected it she still blushed at the sound.

“What do you mean.”

“Don’t act silly. You love her, don’t you?”

Rochel was beet red now.

“I do…” Expression softened as she said it. “I really do.”


Rochel laid on her bed dreamily. It was the first time she admitted to someone else she loved Mimi. Really it was the first time she said it out loud. But she really did. She closed her eye and thought of her love. Mimi’s face came into view as clear as if she stood before her. Rochel imagined her eyes.  They were the most beautiful eye Rochel has seen. A light brown color with a light amberish hue. Her face was soft and beautiful here light brown skin was so clear. Her brown hair so lush.

Rochel sigh to herself.

“I really do love her.”


Mimi, Bree, Bella, and Malicia sat at their usual spot at Café East. Mimi seemed a bit dreamy.

“Girl, I’m going to eat your sandwich if you just let it set there like that.” Bree teased Mimi as she watched her stare aloofly.

“Huh?” Mimi came back.

“You seem off.” Malicia said. “Is something wrong?”

“No, I was just thinking about Rochel.” Mimi said.

“Thinking about Rochel?” Bella said bit surprised.

“With that look on you face?” Bree snickered.

Mimi blushed “What look?”

“That one.” Bree laughed.

Malicia grew silent.

“Well the thing is…” Mimi paused a bit. “I think I like her.”

“I don’t know why you said you think. You know you like her.” Bree said as she looked a Mimi.

“I do.” Mimi said more assured.

“Well what are you going to do?” Bella asked curiously.

“You know what I have a plan.” Mimi said.

“A plan?” Bree was a bit confused. “What you need a plan for ask her out.”

“But I want to marry her.” Mimi said in a matter of fact tone.

Bree looked like she was going to say something however Mimi cut her off.

“We’ve been together so long. Every time I’m with her my heart flutters. These days I feel like I could fly away. I really love her and every moment I’m with her.”

Bree expression softened. “Well what ever you need, girl, I got your back.”

“Yes you have my support as well.” Bella clasped her hands together.

“And mine as well.” Malicia added.


Even thought she said that, Malicia’s heart felt heavy. She had known for some time Mimi’s feelings for Rochel. Even longer than Mimi herself knew. Malicia closed her eyes.

I should be happy for her.

But it hurts…


A few months later.

Mimi gather her army. They were all curious as why they were called on such short notice.

Mimi watched them come in the meeting room until they were all there.

“Good Morning everyone!” Mimi looked around at there curious expressions. “I’ll get right to it. I think it’s time we put to rest this talks of us possibly being the strongest army. Let’s put on a show. An exhibition so great they won’t question us anymore.”

Everyone looked pumped.

“And for that I am stripping you of all of you ranks.” Mimi watch as confusion washed around the room. “I have invited 200 warriors to participate all of which could take your spots. As you may know there are only 165 spots in this army.”

The room tensed up.

“Being Executive General of this army is my proudest achievement. Each and everyone of you are my strongest allies. Which is why a selfishly ask you to accompany me on this next mission in my life. I want to prove that This army is the strongest in East Sol and ask Rochel to be my wife.”

Murmurs crossed the room.

“As such I ask that you participate in my selfish request.”

 “Executive General, I for one will follow you anywhere.” Valencia stood up and entered the East Sol Salute.

The room erupted in agreeance.

“Then please, come back to me all of you.”


Mimi asked Rochel if she could speak to the chancellors for a special project. Rochel was very curious to what me was up too. However, Mimi told Rochel to wait and see. This made her more curious. It wasn’t like Mimi to be so secretive.

It seemed like the whole kingdom had been preparing for something. Mimi was all over the kingdom and often left the kingdom. She was clearly hard at work. Rochel missed being able to see Mimi as often. However, she also was a little excited to see what Mimi was planning. Soon Rochel got her answer as an announcement that reached far throughout the universe.

It invited every to enjoy the Magic Knight Festival of East Sol. Featuring the Magic Knight tournament.

Rochel looked excited.

So, this is what she was planning?

A festival!

End of Chapter six

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