The Sector with the Brightest Sun: Chapter Seven

The news of the Magic Knight festival of East Sol created a buzz just about everywhere the news reached. People excitedly talked about the event. It wasn’t everyday East Sol opened its doors to so many people. As such the event was sure to be something special.


I few months passes since the formal invitation have been sent. Rochel was on the Sol Kingdom with her siblings.

“What so have you found out more about what Mimi is planning?” Camila aske brimming with curiosity.

“No, she has been very tight lipped about it.” Rochel said a bit dreamily.

“Well in any case it seems like it is going to be grand.” Malakai said.

“Yes, it does.” Rochel still seemed aloof.

“Well we can only wait.” Camila said.


Rochel woke up. She quickly got herself ready it was the day of the event. She felt like a kid waking up on her birthday. Rochel walked in the castle to te breakfast hall.

“Good Morning, Sleepy head.” Bree greeted her.

Only Merlyn and Bree were there.

“The Mimi and Malicia are getting ready for the opening ceremony.” Merlyn noticed Rochel looking around.

“So, we are you knights for the event.” Bree said.

“I see then let eat breakfast a head into town.” Rochel said eager to go.


Town was bustling. There were more people there than ever. Rochel looked around in amazement she had never seen it so lively. What was interesting was the restaurant owners seem to be in on it. There were also many performers.

Rochel’s eyes feel on an exhibition in the distant. “Oh my!’

Natalie’s art was on display. Many people gathered in awe. She was a young man with a crown on his head with tears in his eyes. “Prince Lawrence of the Kingdom of Cosmic Stars.” Rochel said as she approached him.

The young man turned around wiping tears from his eyes. “Ahh, Queen Rochel Sol. This is such a beautiful exhibition.”

Rochel could see why he was crying the painting were so beautiful.

Rochel and her Knights continued to enjoy the festivities until an announcement came telling everyone to her for the arena.

They made their way to their seats Rochel’s eye immediately feel on Mimi who stood in the center of the arena. Rochel marveled at Mimi’s appearance. She wore the traditional Sol Kingdom warrior garb tailored to her own army’s style. As everyone seated themselves Mimi began to speak.

“Welcome to East Sol. I am Royal Knight Mimi Nowell. Third child of the Nowell family. Executive General in the Magic Knight army of East Sol. I hereby welcome you to this grand event.”

Mimi looked around as the crowed focused on her intently.

“We at East Sol pride ourselves in a Magic Knight army. On Kingdom thrives own the honor of those who protect it. I welcome you all to explore our kingdom. Our most precious treasure. The kingdom our Magic Knight swore to protect.”

The citizens of East Sol erupted.

“Now then for our Main event.”

The crowd quieted to listen.

“Army is completely vacant.”

Murmur washed across the crowd.

“Each member has been relieved of their ranks.”

Rochel was confused to what Mimi was talking about. She wasn’t the only one the crowd murmured and exchanged glances.

“They will be competing in a tournament to gain their spots back. However, I have invited 200 more individuals to get those same spots. Watch as my army compete and prove that we are the strongest army in East Sol. That we are Queen Rochel Sol’s strongest army.”

The crowd erupted in excitement.

Rochel’s eyes grew big. She couldn’t believe it was Mimi really doing all of this for her?


The Event had been going on for fours days now. The final day of the event had arrived. Rochel had so much fun participating in the festivities. But what she really looked forward to was the ongoing tournament of Mimi’s army. Everyone who participated was so strong. None however were stronger than the Magic Knights of Mimi’s army. Not even one of her Knights have been eliminated before the slots of her army filled. They all made it. They were now battling amongst themselves for new ranks. They last match was about to begin. This would determine the rank of the general of the 1st squad. In the magic knight division.

The match was between Zoeida Joy and Malicia Wolf.

They assumed the Sol kingdom warrior stance. Then they rose.


Malicia drew white fern. Her wooden sword. She dashed at Zoeida with great speed ending with a lunging strike. Zoeida parried with her own wooden sword. The stood in a deadlock before Malicia shifted her weight causing Zoeida to come off balance toward her. Malicia moved with Zoeida and quickly spun to Zoeida right side and swung white fern to which Zoeida use her wooden sword to parry again. This time she lifted her feet off the ground using Malicia’s swing to help push herself back to gain some ground.

Malicia stood in a tradtional kendo stance. She raised white fern above her head and struck the air in front her sending an air slash at Zoeida. Malicia began striking the air creating wind slash after wind slash. Zoeida parried each one; however, the heaviness of the blows began to take its toll.

Timing her movement with Malicia’s stroke, Zoeida quickly stood in a power stance a swung her wooden sword. The force of her swing knocked the incoming air slashed into oblivion. The force of her slash hurled toward Malicia as if it was an air slash.

This time it was Malicia who buckled down. She rose white fern a swung down with a great force. The force slash warped. All in one movement Malicia position white fern at her side and quick slashed the warped force slash, sending three strikes hurling to Zoeida at once.

I can’t dodge that!

Iron Wall.

Zoeida used her steel magic to create a wall that absorbed the strikes. She lowered her wall but didn’t see Malicia.


Malicia struck as Zoeida’s blind side.

Zoeida twisted her sword around using it to block from behind. Then whirled herself to face Malicia.

They exchanged a series of clashes. Neither one gaining ground.


Malicia launched herself into the air.

Wind Hail!

The wind around her formed into little balls and poured down toward Zoeida.

Zoeida dodged and parried the wind balls.

“Heh, how about this.” Zoeida quick struck some on coming wind balls sending the right back.

Malilcia was hit and went spinning toward the ground.

Zoeida thought she had land a good blow until she noticed how controlled Malicia’s spin was.


Zoeida felt herself being pulled in by Malicia. The way she spun created a current Zoeida was stuck in.


Suddenly Malicia reversed direction causing a counter current that sent Zoeida flying with the collision of force.

She rolled uncontrollably before finally being able to stop herself. She got up to go for Malicia again.

“Out of bounds.”

Zoeida was stunned as she looked at her feet. Sure enough she was out of bounds.

The crowd erupted in cheers. Excitement wash across the stadium.

Zoeida walked up to Malicia and saluted her with the East Sol Salute. “Congratulation, General Malicia!”

Malicia also Saluted.


They kingdom was more lively than it’s ever been. The tournament concluded with Mimi’s army completely intact. The ranks shifted a bit however fact were still the same. Mimi’s army fended off 200 challengers.

Chills ran down Rochel’s spine she had never seen such a spectacle. This event was surreal. She took her seat for the closing ceremony of the event. She watched as Mimi stood in the center of the arena.

“What do you all think?” Mimi started

The crowd erupted.

“We are at the end of the Magic Knight Festival of East Sol. I thank you all for joining us. I am proud of my arm the all fought well. As did the individual who participated. I thank all of you whom joined in on the event. “

Mimi’s eyes fell on Rochel who looked down at her in awe.

“Queen Rochel, I your strongest ally present to you your strongest army.”

Rochel felt an overwhelming happiness as the watch the Magic Knight march to the arena they all lined in formation.


All at once in perfect unison the Saluted the traditional salute of East Sol.

The crowed watched in awe.


All at once the army broke the salute and remained as attention.

Rochel was overwhelmed with emotion.


Rochel waited in the common area of the castles there were main guest there. They all mingled excitedly talking about the event of the festival.

Just then Rochel heard applause. She looked around to see Mimi had walked in.

“Bravo, Lady Nowell! Bravo!”

Cornelius Sol clapped with such a thunderously loud sound.

Mimi bowed as she greeted him.

Everyone watched as Mimi talked to the King of Sol kingdom.

“You really are a fine Royal Knight. I want you as my Royal Knight.”

“Father!” Rochel said annoyed that he was hogging Mimi’s attention.

“Ah yes, however you are best suited by my daughters’ side.”

“I’m glad you think that your highness.” Mimi said her gaze turning to Rochel. “Because I think so too.”

Rochel watched Mimi. She had never seen such an expression on her face. Rochel began to blush.

“Rochel…” Mimi said as she got closer. “I love you.”

Rochel heart skipped several beats. She couldn’t believe her ears.

“I love you so much.” Mimi continued.

Rochel felt like she could float away. She began to reply until she saw Mimi reach for something. Mimi pulled out a box. Rochel’s eyes grew wide.

“Will you marry me?” Mimi looked at Rochel with such a loving gaze.

Rochel felt tear began to form. She felt a lump form in her throat, but she refused to let that keep her from answering.

“Yes!” She said, “Yes, I will!”

Mimi eyes lit up. She placed the ring on Rochel’s finger. Rochel looked at it she couldn’t believe it.

She embraced Mimi.

“Oh, Mimi I love you too.”

She said before their lips met.


New spread fast of their engagement.

It was the talk of the kingdom.

East Sol was getting another Queen.

Rochel hummed to herself as she got ready for her day. She and Mimi were going to the Sol Kingdom to celebrate their engagement.  They set the date of their wedding to be July 18th of the next year.

Rochel heard a knock on the door she got up to answer it.

“Wow, you look beautiful.” Mimi said as Rochel opened the door.

“You do too.” Rochel said with a blush.

“So, shall we head out?”  Mimi motioned as she took Rochel’s hand.


The celebration was huge many people went up to them to congratulate them. Rochel beamed as she talked to everyone. She it was so surreal. She and Mimi were really getting married. Rochel was pulled away be Camila for a bit.

Camila embraced her sister.

“I’m so proud of you.”

Camila looked as if she would cry.

“You really did it.”

Rochel became emotional herself.

“Yes. It’s all so surreal. But it is real Mimi and I are getting married.”

She and Camila hugged again.

“I hope there’s room for one more” Malakai came out to the veranda Rochel and Camila were on. “Too think another one of us would be getting married again.”

Malakai had married Lucinda sometime before the festival.

“Yes.” Rochel said tears in her eyes.

“Now then…” Camila wiped Rochel’s eyes. “It’s time for you to return. We can’t have you looking like that now.”

And with that they headed back into the celebration.


The next year came in a flash. The kingdom of East Sol was entering talks of alliance with the Kingdom of Harold and the Kingdom of Braum. The kingdoms were to meet on the Kingdom of Harold. Mimi has been invited to participate in talks as she will be the future Queen of East Sol.

“Are you ready, Mimi?” Rochel watched Mimi as she scribbled down some note on a sheet of paper.

“Yes, I am.” Mimi double checked the notes. “I’m a bit nervous; however, I completely confident I have the major talking points of the meeting down.”

Rochel smiled, “Good. Now then let’s take a break before we head out.”



Malicia and Bree sat at a bench just beyond the castle.

“How you holdin’ up Malicia.” Bree watched Malicia intently. She knew Malicia was a bit down about Mimi’s decision to marry Rochel.

“I’ll be alright.” Malicia started as she looked at Bree, “Mimi is precious to me. I just wish her well.”

“Well if you want to talk, I’m here.” Bree assured her.

Malicia thought for a moment. She and Bree had become good friends since they started to hang out. With them being promoted to Royal Knight at the same time their bond has only grown.

“I always thought she would be mine.” Malicia finally spoke, “We were so close. We still are.” Malicia paused a for a moment as Bree watched, “We’ve been together since our birth. It seemed like destiny.” Malicia’s lip began to quiver.

Bree wrapped her arm around Malicia.

Malicia began to speak again, “I’ve tries so hard to fight my jealousy. I feel so awful I feel this way.”

“Well your human.” Bree tried to comfort her, “It’s normal to be upset about not being with someone you love.”

Malicia fought back tears.

“Let them out.” Bree told Malicia. “I’ll be here for you. You’re my friend. So, vent as much as you have to and I will be here to pick you up. I always will.”

With those words Malicia buried her head in Bree’s shoulder and cried.


Natalie had been talking to Rhonda a lot lately. She really enjoyed training with her. As she talked to Rhonda more and more she realized that as scary as Rhonda is in practice she actually quite a kitten. Rhonda and Natalie were in town when they ran into Lita.

“You two sure are close now, huh.” Lita said as she watched them approached.

“What are you up to?” Natalie asked.

“Whatever do you mean?” Lita said in a faux innocent tone.

Rhonda’s eye narrowed, “Now you do seem like you are up to something.”

“Not really.” Lita said as her eyes trialed off, “I was just thinking, with Mimi becoming Queen, there should be a way to get into good favors with them. I want to be her Royal Guard.”

Natalie’s eyes lit up, “You know what that would be great.”

Rhonda suddenly looked awkward.

“What’s with you.” Lita noticed the change in body language.

“Huh, nothing.” Rhonda said trying to sound innocent.

“Uh huh.” Natalie said clearly not fooled, “What’s up?”

Rhonda looked like she was thinking of an excuse before both Lita and Natalie stood in front of and stared her down.

“Hey quit, You know I don’t like that!” Rhonda said trying to avoid their stares.

Natalie shifted in her view again, “Then talk.” She said in a sing songy voice.

Rhonda paused for a bit before finally saying, “It just that Mimi has already approached me about filling a spot on her Royal Knight unit.”

“EEEEE” Natalie screamed.

“Wow.” Lita looked in awe.

“Hey hey, I don’t think I’m suppose to talk about it yet.” Rhonda tried to quiet them down.

“So, what.” Natalie said in a dismissive tone, “This is great.”

“Hah, well I going to work hard so that I’m next.” Lita rose went to sit down again.

Just then Malicia and Bree walked up.

Bree suggested that she and Malicia take a walk before returning to duty.

“Ahh, you three seem lively.” Bree said upon seeing them.

“Hey, Bree tell how I can gain some ground to be a Royal Knight.” Lita said rather suddenly.

“Umm…” Bree started.

Malicia cut in, “Hey Bree, they are young recruits.”

“Yeah…” Bree looked at Malicia curious to where she was going.

“Well, they can come along on this next meeting as apprentices.” Malicia finished.

Natalie and Lite perked up.

“Oh yeah, well that you know what? That’s not a bad idea. They do have a ton of potential.” Bree started, “Let’s talk to Mimi about it.”

“Ooh can we come along?” Natalie bounced up and down in excitement.

“Yes. And you too, Rhonda.” Malicia looked at Rhonda who looked as though she was leaving.

“Huh, oh okay.” Rhonda followed them to the castle.


They arrived at the castle. Natalie walked around in awe.

“Mimi there you are.” Malicia said as Mimi came into view with Rochel.

“Yes? What up, Malicia.” Mimi asked curious about the party in front of her.

Malicia explained to Mimi and Rochel the request.

“Well we will technically short one Royal Knight as Mimi well be participating with me.” Rochel pondered the situation, “Well then, Rhonda. Why don’t you come as a stand in? Afterall you are the one the individuals Mimi wants in her Royal Knight unit.”

Rhonda stood at attention, “It would be an honor, your highness.”

“As for you, Lita and Natalie. As long as one of our Royal Knights agree to have you as an apprentice then you may join.” Rochel continued.

Rhonda raised her hand, “If I may, your highness. I actually wanted Natalie to be my official apprentice.”

Natalie lit up.

“I wanted to start the process soon. As such would that meet the criteria of her being able to come along?” Rhonda finished.

“Yes, it would.” Rochel replied.

“Wow that is great, Natalie!” Mimi exclaimed.

“You know what?” Bree started, “Lita, you come with me.”

Lita lit up with excitement, “You mean it?”

“Yeah I been meaning to talk to you a bit more. I want to see what you can do with your magic.”

“Then it is settled.” Rochel said, “Our party will consist of Bree serving as my Rank 1 Royal Knight, Merlyn serving as my Rank 2 Royal Knight, and Lita as a Knight’s apprentice under Bree. For Mimi’s side, Malicia will serve as her Rank 1 Royal Knight, Rhonda her Rank 2 Royal Knight, and Natalie as a Knight’s apprentice under Rhonda. If we are in agreeance, then let us prepare for this meeting.”

End of Chapter Seven

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