In for the Rain: Short Stories, The Songtress

She sat on a rock humming to herself. The wind gently cooled the air around her.The sun sat high in the sky. As she made her way through each note, she seemed to find peace in her mind.

She looked around ever so often.

“I want to sing this tune out loud someday. With a big audience.”

“You seem to ditzy for that.”

She looked around to see a woman with wings floating about just high over a small tree.

“Hmm, a winged woman. Are you a fairy?”

“Of coarse not. But maybe I’m am. Or maybe I’m just a siren. If you want just call it that.”

“… You seem to be making fun of me.”

“Yep. I heard your words from another realm. They are shabby a best.”

The woman blushed causing the winged woman to laugh.

“Well, I’ll tell I’m new but I’m lovely. Watch me practice a bit and you’ll soar higher.”

“We’ll see. Show me your skill. But first give me your name.”

“It’s Claire.”

“Theona, is what they call me. And it is what I’m called.”

“An odd way to say it.”

She looked at Theona floating above. A curiousness formed as she watched her. Theona stared back but looked as if she will not speak. Claire readied herself for her song. However before she could sing Theona sung her own song. It was mesmerizing. Claire felt odd yet serene. It was hard to tell if she was floating away or simply in love. Her head spun before she shook her head.

“Hey! How dare you!”

Theona looked slightly impressed.

“I’ll have you know my song isn’t easy to break.”

“What brings you to me?”

“A bit of curiosity and an interest in your voice.”

Claire stared at her .

“You seem to use it well, yet you seem clumsy with it too. Beauty in song goes a long way.”

“That’s a stupid reason to sing such calamity.”

“Hmph. Naïve.”

“Listen to me I’ll use no words and hum a tune for you.”

Claire closed her eyes and started humming. She kept it simple and let the cords flow from her voice. Theona smirked before simply listening. She floated around her, brushing past her in an attempt to taught her. Claire felt an extreme desire to yell but stayed steady in her verse. Theona let out a laugh before a shadow loomed over them.

A cloud of a grey color moved closer into view before a man stood before them.

“Should one taught a child so viciously. After all a siren would sing better.”

“Zeus’s messenger instead of the man himself.”

“He need not chase a petty siren.”

Claire stopped mid verse to see the pair glaring at one a another.

Theona looked back at Claire. Zeus’s messenger watched as she did so.

“What interest do you have in here to be such a far way from the sea?”

“I exiled myself for that voice.”

“Exiled yourself?” Claire asked.

“Yes. That is a odd way to put it.”

“We sirens have a knack for song. But I will admit that she sings lovely.”

Claire looked more confused then she has since.

“As an order from Zeus, I demand you leave the human world.”

“Well, I can’t argue with him.” She shrugged her shoulders,” I had my fun. However I will say keep singing mortal. Or your voice comes with me, to which I will make better use of it.”

The messenger glared as she left.

“How rude…” Claire sighed.

She turned her attention to the messenger. He was turning to leave.

“Umm, could Zeus hear me?”

The messenger turned and smiled.

“He did and you sound lovely.”

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