The Sector with the Brightest Sun: Chapter Eight

Their ship landed on the Kingdom of Harold. As soon as the landed they were greeted by the Magic Knight of Harold. Mimi and Rochel stepped out of the ship along with their four Royal Knight. An excitement waved across Mimi. It felt so surreal it was as if she was already married to Rochel. They followed the Magic Knight to the castle of The Kingdom of Harold were the meeting will take place.


A teenage boy sat under a tree. I had such a scowl on his face. He sat there in his thoughts.

Why does Siegfried always get such praise?

He watched his older brother train from a far.

Magic Knight this. Magic Knight that. Screw this.

He sighed.

“Slack off again, Siege?”

The boy looked around to see where the voice came from. His eye fell on a girl his age.

“Ugh, Rail. Why must you pester me.” He replied

“Hah, that attitude of yours never ceases to amaze me.”


Natalie and Rhonda were in a nearby forest with Malicia. They finished the first part of the meeting and were taking advantage of down time to train. More specifically Malicia was giving them a crash course on Royal Knight duties. Natalie pondered the information she was receiving it was so much to take in.

Natalie gazed straight ahead to clear her head to better process the information.

Just then she saw something in the distance.

Natalie squinted her eyes.

Is that a small bear?

Natalie leaned forward before exactment washed across her.

“A walking Teddy!”

“What?” Rhonda turned to Natalie confused by her sudden outburst.

“Ooh!” Natalie quickly got up a dashed off.

“Hey wait!” Rhonda yelled as she reached out for Natalie. However, Natalie was too fast as she quickly lost sight of her.

She let out a long sigh.

“That girl…”


Natalie wandered around the forest.


She spotted the bear again. She chased it around.

It was so quick. She almost had trouble keeping up.

“I’m going to catch you.” Natalie said playfully.

Natalie caught up to the bear and in one fell swoop she scooped it up.

Natalie examined it. It really did resemble a teddy bear.


Natalie noticed something strange about the bear.

“I feel someone.”

Natalie closed her eyes and opened them again more focused. She felt a strong presence from within the bear.

“A possession spell….” Natalie looked at the bear. “Where is your owner?”

All at once the bear went limp.

“On to me, huh?” Natalie said out loud, “But I already know where you are.”

Natalie dashed deep into the forest.


A teenage girl sat under a tree. She looked as though she was hyperventilating. Her brown hair hung so wildly in her face. She breathed hard.

“Oh No! What do I do?” She spoke in a quiet voice. It quivered as she did so.

“I need to go get Beary.”

The girl placed her head in her hands.

“Think. Think what should I- EEEEEK”

She yelled as she turned and noticed Natalie squatting next to her curiously.

“What are you just doing there suddenly.” She managed to squeak out.

“What’s with you?” Natalie said very unbothered.

“Huh?” The girl said timidly.

“You okay? What you name? How did you get this bear to move?” Natalie suddenly was bombarding her with questions.

“Beary! Give him back!” The girl yelled after seeing her bear.

She reached for it; however, Natalie held it without reach.

“Come on!” The girl pleaded.

“Why are you hiding out here anyway?” Natalie asked as the got up.

“Please give him back.” The girl looked at Natalie with such a pleading expression.

“Fine. But answer my questions.” Natalie said as she handed the bear to the girl.

The girl hugged her bear.

“You know, If he means that much to you, you shouldn’t use him to carelessly spy on people.”

The girl became extremely bashful upon hearing this.

“I’m sorry.” She looked at Natalie sheepishly, “My name is Chloe.”

“Natalie.” Natalie responded.

“I have shadow magic.” Chloe continued, “I simply put a shadow in Beary to animate him.”

“Ooh.” Natalie lit up, “That’s amazing.”

“Is it?” Chloe examined Natalie’s expression.


Natalie looked at Chloe so earnestly. Chloe wasn’t used to people looking at her like that.

“Don’t you think I’m creepy?”

“Is that why you are hiding out here?” Natalie simply asked her unbothered by her question.

“It is where I feel safe. When I’m alone I feel like I can be me.”

“Well can you be alone with me?” Natalie asked, “I want to talk to you more.”

Chloe was stunned by Natalie’s bluntness. But didn’t refuse as it looked like Natalie was staying regardless.


They talked for some time. Chloe was a bit eccentric however Natalie herself was too. Natalie had such a genuine interest in Chloe.

“There you are!”

“Eek!” Chloe was startled at Lita’s sudden appearance.

“When you learn to do that?” Natalie said clearly unbothered.

“Natalie why have you run off? Everyone was worried.” Lita said ignoring Natalie’s question.

Lita’s eyes trailed off to Chloe.

Chloe looked absolutely horrified.

“Man, you’d think a monster was here.” Natalie stated as she too looked at Chloe.

“Sorry.” Chloe said gathering herself, “I’m just not used to this.”

“It shows.” Natalie said in a matter of fact tone.

“I’m sorry to interrupt. But we have to go, Natalie. Mimi is waiting on you.” Lita said.

“Oh, then I guess I have to leave.” Natalie started to get up, “It was nice talking to you Chloe. I had fun!” Natalie smiled at Chloe as she headed toward Lita.

“I’m Lita by the way.” Lita turned to Chloe again. “Maybe we can chat sometime too, Bye for now.”

Lita and Natalie walked off into the distance as Chloe watched them.


Natalie got chewed out by Rhonda upon her return.

“Now that you understand…” Rhonda finished, “I’m glad you are safe.”

She wrapped her arms around Natalie.

“Right, sorry I worried you.” Natalie’s expression filled with sympathy.

Rhonda was always so tough in appearance, but she really does care.

“So, you said someone had Shadow magic?” Mimi asked Natalie curiously.

“Yes, it was really interesting. She embeds piece of her shadow magic into objects and animates them.”

“How fascinating!” Mimi perked up.


Mimi, Lita, and Natalie stepped out for a bit. They walked down the main street of the Harold Kingdom.

“Hmm!?” Natalie suddenly looked agitated. She suddenly dashed off to which Mimi and Lita followed.

They watched as Natalie scooped something up.

“What are you? A stalker? Come out and hang with up properly or I’ll hit you!” Natalie yelled out.

Just then a pale looking girl came from around a building. Her brown her wildly in her face. She looked extremely terrified.

“Chloe!” Natalie said.

“Sorry.” Chloe said timidly “I didn’t mean to upset you.”

“It’s fine.” Natalie said her expression softening, “Here come meet Mimi.”

Chloe walked up to Mimi closed into herself.

Mimi flashed a warm smile, “So you’re Chloe.”

“You know me?”

“Natalie’s talked so much about you.” Mimi started as Chloe lit up, “I’m interested in talking to you myself.”


They spent hours talking. Some how they got on the subject of cooking. Chloe was very knowledgeable. Especially in making noodles. She impressed Mimi a lot with a knowledge in making them.

“Man, I would love to try some of your recipes.” Mimi beamed at Chloe.

“Oh! Let’s go to our quarters now as try them.” Natalie suggested.

“You would have me?” Chloe asked looking a Mimi astonished by the suggestion.

“Sure, why not?”  Mimi said.


Upon their arrival Mimi and Chloe immediately began cooking. Chloe watch as Mimi prepared her food.

“Wow, you amazing.” She looked in awe as Mimi prepared her meal.

Chloe paused for a moment. You know what I will be right back.

Chloe quickly dashed away.

“What was that about?” Lita looked at Natalie.

“I’m not sure.” She responded rather curiously.

Moments later the room filled with an amazing aroma.

Lita and Natalie smelled the air.

“Man I could just float away…” Lita said dreamly.

“I know…” Natalie agreed.

Just then the door opened.

Chloe was back with Rhonda.

Chloe had a bag of what looked like cooking ingredients.

“I back.” she said.

“What did you get.” Natalie asked curiously.

“You’ll see.” Chloe said with a rather mischievous grin.

“Well let’s eat first.” Bree said as she let herself in the room upon smelling the delicious aroma.


Every sat in awe. Mimi’s cooking was amazing.

They were now waiting to see what Chloe had planned. She had been in the kitchen for a while now.

Soon the door to the Kitchen opened.

A pungent smell spread across the room.

“Mmph!” Bree started, “I don’t know about that smell.”

Chloe laughed.

“Don’t worry, I assure you are in for an experience.”

Mimi looked at the bowl. It was such a strange color. She never seen a noddle bowl like this before.

The smell caused her tongue to tingle.

“Well it worth a try.” Mimi said she tasted the dish.

Her tongue was immediately hit with a powerful flavor.

Mimi was surprised at how tasty it was.

“Ooh! Try this!” Mimi excitedly looked at the others.

“You not playing? Are you?” Bree warily looked at the dish.

“Come on, Bree!” Mimi said as she urged her to try it.

They a took a bite of the dish.

Pleasant murmur crossed the room.

“See, it’s good.” Mimi said.

“Yeah you right!” Natalie said with excitement.

Chloe beamed.


Chloe had become good friend with Natalie. During Natalie’s downtime from the meeting she would seek out Chloe.

They walked down the street. It was pretty crowded. Chloe felt a bit uneasy however she really wanted to hang out with Natalie.

All of a sudden someone walked into Chloe.

“Hey! Watch it, Freak!” A teenage boy shouted.

“What’d you say!?” Natalie immediately squared him up.

“Wait, Natalie! It’s okay leave Siege alone. I’m fine.” Chloe said trying to get Natalie to leave.

A smug look crossed Siege’s face.

Natalie glared at him.

“Not until this clown apologizes.”

“Oooh!” Some guys behind Siege snickered at this.

Rage crossed Sieges face.

“You whore! Who do you think you are!?” He yelled squaring Natalie up clearly trying to intimidate her.

“Natalie!” Chloe began to panic. She really didn’t want to be in this situation.

“I’m used to it. Don’t bother with him for me.” She grabbed Natalie’s arm.

“Yes, know your place.” Siege added on.

“You’re a Junior Magic Knight.” Natalie said as she examined his badge.

“What of it?” Siege scowled at her.

“Let’s settle this in a Magic Knight way.” Natalie stared into his eye, “We will spar. And when you lose, I will have you get on your knees and apologize to both of us!”

Chloe was horrified.

Siege Looked at Natalie in disbelief.

“I’m not wasting my time with you?” He said.

“Yes, because coward only mess with people they think they can beat.” Natalie taunted him.

Embarrassment crossed Sieges face as the other guy laughed.

“Fine. But when you get your ass kicked don’t run off crying.” Siege said as anger crossed his face.


Siege led Natalie to a practice arena of The Harold Magic Knight army. A group including Chloe had followed them.

Siege and Natalie stood apart from each other.

Natalie bowed in a warrior stance than readied herself.

Siege rolled his eyes and got ready.


Natalie rushes Siege with great speed.

Siege to stunned to react Was struck immediately and was sent flying back landing just shy of out of bounds.

He could here laughs and jeers.

This made him angry.

“Okay, girlie!”

Magic welled around him.



Siege sent huge wave of Aura at Natalie.

Natalie ran around it with such speed, Siege lost sight of her behind his spell.

He frantically looked around before she was right in front of him.

“No!” He yelled as he was struck again this time landing out of bounds.

I laid there stewing in embarrassment.

“Get up and apologize!” Natalie demanded as she walked herself and Chloe to him.

Siege stood up his face red with fury.

“Do it!” Natalie said as she and Chloe stood in front of him.

“Screw you!” Siege said as he stormed off laughter echoing the arena.


Chloe couldn’t believe the events she witnessed. She and Natalie sat in the forest where Chloe often hang out.

“That was really cool. What you did back there.” Chloe started, “No ones ever done that for me before.”

“You shouldn’t be used to bullying.” Natalie looked at Chloe seriously.

“I know…” Chloe looked down. “But what choice do I have. I’m an outcast. Even my own parent have banished me to out basement.”

Natalie was stunned. “Are you serious?”

“I am.” Chloe started, “I am from the Braxton Family. A middle-high class family on the verge of nobility. They were always ashamed of me and often hid me from sight. My older sister is the only one people know.”

Natalie looked at Chloe. A look of sympathy on her face.

“I spend so much time alone. I taught myself many things in my free time. Including my cooking skills.”

Natalie went silent before speaking. “Come with me then.”

Chloe looked confused. “Where?”

“To East Sol.” Natalie looked at the disbelief in Chloe’s face, “I mean it would be a shame for some was wonderful as you to waste around here.”

Chloe couldn’t believe her ears. “Do you mean that?”

“I do.”


Siege stalked around his room. I was so embarrassed. How could this happen to him. He was of Royal Noble blood.

He fumed.

Soon is door swung open.

Siege turned around to see his one of his older brothers fuming.

“You moron! Do you know how much you’ve slandered our family name!?”

“Buzz off Sola!”

Siege turned away from his brother before being yanked around and held in the air by the collar of his shirt.

“You little runt.” Sola hissed at Siege, “Quit being such a doofus. You’re an embarrassment.”

He dropped Siege and stomped out of his room.

“Damn it!” Siege yelled in frustration.


Siege walked down the main street.

He was so agitated he didn’t know what to do with himself.

He made his way to the park.

He slowed his pace.

He walked slowly around until his eyes fell on a beautiful woman.

She sat as still as a statue eyes closed in a clear meditation.

He examined her until his eyes feel on a badge similar to that of which that girl wore.

He quickly turned to leave.

“Why in such a hurry?”

He heard the women speak.

He turned to see Mimi was now looking at him.

“I don’t have time for you.” He said shortly.

“But you have time to pick on people?” Mimi asked as she began to approach him.

“Leave me alone.” Siege said as he began to get nervous.

“What bother’s you?” Mimi looked at Siege.

Siege felt as with she was looking straight into him.

“What’s it matter to you?”

“It doesn’t.” Mimi said rather simply.

“Then why ask?” Siege began to get frustrated.

Mimi gazed at him before beginning to speak again, “Your crest is that of a Royal Noble is it not?”

“What of it?”

“I am from the Royal Noble family of Nowell.”


“The Crest of Freid?”

“It is. But I’m not proud of it. I don’t belong there.”

Mimi examined Sieges expression, “I’ll listen.”

Siege looked at Mimi wondering what she was up too.

He eventually decided to sit down deciding that at least having someone to vent with would be nice.

As the conversation went on Siege felt a bit better.

“Truth be told.” He started, “I would rather bake than fight.”

“Oh, really!” Mimi lit up. “My big brother Mark is an excellent baker.”

“You mean that huge scary guy who serves the King of Sol Kingdom!?”

“My brother is not scary.” Mimi pouted.

Siege snickered at how cute Mimi’s expression had become.

“Well I suppose I should be returning.” Mimi got up.

Disappointment washed over Sieges face.

“You’re returning to East Sol tomorrow?”

“I am.”

“Well have a safe trip.” Siege said as he walked in the opposite direction.

“Thank you.”


Siege laid on his bed. He thought of the recent events.

He wasn’t used to people like the girl he met from East Sol.

He took off his family crest.

Examining the emblem.

I wonder if it is better there.

Siege got up and left his room.

He walked to his father’s office.

He knew his father would be in there as his father constantly conducted business calls.

Siege knocked on the door.

“Come in!’ His father yelled rather abruptly.

“Father…” Siege started.

“What is it I am very busy! You know that!”

“I want to go to East Sol!”

“We don’t have to for frivolous trips.”

“Don’t worry you don’t have to come.”

Sieges father turned to face him.

“What do you mean?”

“I want to move to East Sol.”

“And do what!?” His father demanded, “You are a Freid and serve the army of Harold. You brother’s army!”

“Then I quit.”

Siege took of his badge and family crest tossing them at his father’s feet.

“Pick those up immediately!”

Siege didn’t listen to is father as he left.


The meeting concluded with semi-good results. They couldn’t strike an alliance with the Kingdom of Harold. However, the Kingdom of Braum wished to talk more on East Sol in the near future.

Mimi waited as Natalie went to bring Chloe to the ship. Aunt Matilda talked with Chloe’s parents about letting Chloe live at the East Sol Orphanage. They happily signed her over.

They had just arrived when Natalie turned around.

“Why are you following us?” Natalie looked to see Siege had been following them.

“I want to go too.” Siege said as he looked at Mimi.

“Let me come to East Sol too.”

End of Chapter Eight

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