In for the Rain: Short Stories, The Game of Life

Please enjoy this game. Enjoy the rest of my life.

That was the last thing he said as the computer‘s light surrounded his eyes.

He floated around in a space. The numbers flooded his eyes. A dizziness flooded his head as he looked around.

He flowed across the space in a euphoria. Many images formed around him as he pointed. With a quick poke he destroyed what he created. It was exhilarating to be able to control this space. A smile formed so wide as he stayed there creating and breaking things.

He played for what seemed like eternity. Before he knew it the was more desire to explore. He created a surfboard with digital flare. As it finished he hopped on and zipped across the plane. Zigging and zagging around things he made.

As he zipped a image emerged. It was a vicious looking thing he didn’t make. It oozed an ominous nature and broke down the space. A surprise came over him and quick as his fear.

As he approached it lunged for him. He came to an immediate halt and a swerved away in a frenzy.

It chases him so close he felt it was over. Everything he dodge, everything he put in front of him was devoured and destroyed. He feared death. He feared the pain of the jaws. He wanted to live. He wanted to end it all.

As he zipped with the speed of light, he made on more effort to stay safe and created a wall.

He strained and all at once it appeared in front of him. No fear was greater as he hit the wall.

His whole being ached his conscious shattered. There was no escape as the monster closed in his fate.

The space broke down to a women’s tears. As she found her son dying and a empty bottle next to him.

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