The Sector with the Brightest Sun: Chapter Nine

The day of the wedding drew near. Mimi sat in her room dreaming to herself. It’s almost here.

Our Wedding is almost here!

Mimi hugged her pillow as she fell back on her bed, excitement overflowing through her.

She eventually became too sleepy to think.

Well I might as well turn in.

Mimi turned off her light awaiting sweet dreams.


Sunlight poured through her room.

As soon as she woke, she heard a knock on the door.

“Come In!” Mimi said groggily.

“Did I wake you?” Rochel walked in the room.

“No, I was already awake.” Mimi said softly, “So, did you rest well?”

Mimi got up to meet Rochel as she made her way further into Mimi’s room.

“I did.” Rochel interlocked her fingers with Mimi’s.

“Let’s have breakfast. We have a lot of preparation ahead of us.”

“Right. First, let me get ready.”


“Mimi have you decided on whom you’d wish to join Malicia and Rhonda as you’re Royal Knights?” Rochel looked at Mimi curiously.

They had finished eating breakfast at Café East and returned to Rochel’s office.

“There honestly are so many whom I could chose.”


“Yes, There Sam, Zoeida, Oscar, Valencia, and Lita.”

“Lita?” Rochel perked up. “I actually thought of her myself.”

“Ah, yes. You need replacements for Malicia and I to maintain the minimum number of Knights.”

Mimi thought to herself.

“Isn’t the age requirement the same as army rank placement’s?”

“It is.”

Rochel watched Mimi waiting to see where she was going with this.



The Kingdom brimmed with excitement. The streets filled with flower and decorations.

The day had come for the union of Queen Rochel Sol and Royal Noble Mimi Nowell.

Many gathered at towns square just in front of the Castle were the ceremony would be held.

“Are you nervous?” Malicia looked at Mimi.

Mimi had chosen Malicia to hold the ring for her during the ceremony.

“Like crazy.” Mimi said honestly.

“Don’t worry, you will be fine.”

“I know.” Mimi said, “Thanks, Malicia. For everything.”

Malicia smiled.

It was still a bit sad. However, she knew that her dear friend was very happy and vowed to support her no matter what.


Mimi waited in front of the minister.

Murmurs soon crossed the room as a carriage arrived.

Mimi watched in anticipation as Rochel stepped out of the carriage.

She was more beautiful than Mimi had ever seen her.

Wearing long flowing gown as white as snow, Rochel was escorted out of the carriage by her father. Her face was covered in a beautiful veil.

King Cornelius walked his daughter down the aisles.

Mimi gazed upon Rochel’s beauty as the Minister began the ceremony.

He neared the end of the ceremony as they each stated their vows.

“And if there are any objections speak now or forever hold your peace.”

“You may now kiss.”

Mimi and Rochel shared the kiss of their vows as the crowd erupted in applause.

They turned to the crowd as they celebrated their union.


The ceremony to crown Mimi as East Sol other Queen ended, and appointment of the new Royal Knights of East Sols was finishing.

Rochel, moved Bree Zane to rank 1 and Merlyn to rank 2. Samantha Shield and Lita Rhodes were added as new additions. They were ranked 3 and 4 respectively

Mimi officially named Malicia Wolf her rank 1 Royal Knight. Rhonda ranked at 2 with Valencia Cowell being rank 3.

Her last choice, was none other than Natalie Gholston. The youngest to be named a Royal Knight.


Natalie couldn’t believe it.

She struggled to hold back tears as the ceremony finished.

“What do you think?”

“Please, Lita don’t talk to me now.” Natalie said trying to hold herself together.

Lita smiled as she too felt overwhelmed with emotion.

“What a surprise.”

A familiar voice was heard from behind them.

Lita turned already knowing who would be there, “Lisa…”

“Congratulation, Lita. It seems you’ve come a long way.” Lisa stood in front of her sister. “Too already be a Royal Knight.”


“Do you mind if we talked?” Lisa asked tentatively.



Lita and Lisa walked through the busy street.

They went through the forest to the spot Natalie always painted in.

The silence was deafening to Lita. She really didn’t know what to say.


“I ran from you.” Lita suddenly started before Lisa could finish, “I ran when you needed me.”

Lita began to feel an overwhelming tightness in her chest.

“I’m sorr-“

“Not another word from you, Lita!”

Lisa wrapped her arms around her sister.

“I’ve already forgiven you! I’ve never once held malice towards you. I still and always will love you, Lita! So please, forgive yourself!”

Lita’s eyes filled with tears. She couldn’t help it anymore. She cried in her sister’s shoulder. Lisa caressed her head as she did.

“I really missed you, Lisa.” Lita said through her tears.


Lita talked with Lisa for quite some time.

She found out that Lisa had become a Royal Knight of the Kingdom of West Sol serving Malakai Sol as the 2nd ranked Royal Knight. Lisa also informed her that the Gholstons and Rhodes were the families chosen for Royal Nobility.

“There you are, Lita.” Natalie had come through the clearing.

She looked at Lisa before continuing to talk to Lita, “The others want to celebrate with you.”

“Don’t worry I’m coming.” Lita got up turning to Lisa, “Come on. You come too.”


The celebration had lasted for hours.

Mimi and Rochel had returned to the castle.

Rochel led Mimi down the hall of the North Wing before stopping before a door.

“Here it is!” Rochel turned to Mimi, “Our new quarters.”

Rochel and Mimi walked in.

“It’s huge…”

 Mimi marveled at the room’s size, “It’s like a whole house.”

Rochel’s gaze at Mimi changed.

Mimi began to blush as she knew what Rochel intended.

“Mimi, let’s enjoy this night.”

“Right, let’s. And also, our lives onward. Together.” Mimi said as they entered each other’s arms.


Mimi slept snug against Rochel’s warmth.

The sunlight began to stir her awake.

“Good Morning, my love.”

Mimi woke up to Rochel’s warm gaze.

A blush creeped across her face as the events of the night before flooded across her mind.

“Good morning.” She responded

Rochel snuggled closer to her, “Let’s stay like this for a bit before we began our day.”


“So, you guys are moving today?” Chloe asked clearly bummed about Natalie, Lita, and Sam’s departure.

“Yeah, but don’t worry we’ll still hang.” Lita assured her.

“You better.” Siege came up looking puffy eyed.

“Are you crying?” Natalie asked in a teasing voice.

“No!” Siege said as he hid his face.

Siege was a surprisingly sensitive guy. As tough as he always acted, he was very easily moved. This fact always amazed Natalie as she saw him as the overconfident jerk.

“So, Siege I saw that you were taking bake lessons from Mimi’s brother, Mark.” Natalie started, “How is that going?”

“Man!” Siege lit up, “That guy definitely knows his stuff.”

Siege always talked in such an enthusiastic manner when talking about baking. He’d often talk of passing by a bakery in his hometown on Harold Kingdom and loving the smell of fresh bread that filled the air.

“Hah hah, Man you sure do love that huh?”

Two guys walked up.

“Yo, Seth. Barret.”

“I have you considered our offer to join the Wolf Rose Guild with us?” Seth asked as he sat with them.

“Nah, I’m focusing on this for now.”

“It’s cool.” Barret joined them, “When you’re ready we’ll be waiting.”

“So, you guys are serious about the guild then?” Lita asked.

“We are!” Barret beamed.

“We’ll become top members for sure.” Seth puffed out his chest, “You won’t be the only success stories around here.”

“That’s good to hear.” Natalie looked at Chloe, “What about you, Chloe?”

“I think… I might join the army.”

“Oh?” Natalie looked at Chloe attentively

“Yeah, I want to take the placement test.”

“Sweet!” Lita clasped her hands together, “You kill it for sure.”

“Yeah your magic has really gotten strong.” Natalie agreed.


Mimi studied the papers in front of her. The meeting with the kingdom of Braum neared however before that they were headed to the Kingdom of Cosmic Stars.

The King had invited them as a special guest to a feast that accompanied a grand announcement.

Mimi stretched as she placed the papers down.

“I think that is enough for today.”

Mimi looked at Rochel, “I hear the Kingdom of Cosmic Stars is quite the sight.”

“Oh, it is.” Rochel said dreamily, “I’ve been there a few times when I was younger. It lays to stars north of our orbit. It is named after the planet it resides on ‘The Great Cosmic Star’. It has nine moons in orbit, each can be seen throughout the day. I truly mesmerizing kingdom.”

“Sounds fascinating.”


A young man let out a furious cry.

“It’s not fair!”

He kicked a chair down as he screamed.

His guards watched as he threw such an awful temper.

“Why didn’t Rochel marry me!?”

“She should be mine!”

“Prince Dudley, If I may.” One of the guards attempted to calm him.

He glared as he smacked her away from him.

“Know your place!”


A young woman sighed, “He such a retched guy.”

“Yeah he sure is a piece of work.” Another young woman agreed.

“It’s frustrating!” The young woman who was struck vented, “We did not come here for this! We are future Royal Knights!”

“Sonesta, are you alright?”

“No, I’m fed up.” Sonesta sat next to one of the other young women, “Moon, this can’t be who we serve. How we will spend our careers as Royal Knights.”

“I know… Maybe it’s time for a change.”


The King of the Kingdom of Cosmic Stars awaited the family of East Sol upon their arrival.

“HO HO! Splendid just splendid! Rochel, it has been so long! My have you become a sight before my eyes!” The King held out his arm to embrace Rochel.

“Yes, it has been a while.” Rochel said as the parted ways.

“Please you and your family make yourselves at home. I will brief you on the event.”


“I see so you are going to split your kingdom territories?” Rochel asked the king.

“Yes. That way all of my sons will have land to rule.”

“I see. That’s wonderful.” Rochel stated.

“Yes, it is! My boys will be fine rulers!” The king boasted, “Come now let us go meet them.”

The king led them to the grand hall of his castle. Upon arrival they were greeted by 8 seven Princes. Their names were Prince Regan, Prince Skylar, Prince Doris, Prince Heath, Prince Armstrong, Prince Lawrence, Prince Michael, and Prince Dudley.

The stood there proud and tall.

“It is a pleasure, Rochel.” Prince Lawrence extended his hand out, “And you too, Queen Mimi.”

Prince Dudley eyed Mimi. Sure, she was a beautiful woman, but how could she have stolen Rochel from him.

The other Princes greeted them as well.

They chat about the upcoming events. Prince Dudley boasting about becoming a powerful king.

Mimi didn’t really like how full of himself he seemed. He was quite honestly a bit much. He’d often glance at Rochel as if to see if he’s impressed her or not.

“You are a great Executive General, Mimi Nowell.” Prince Armstrong started, “We have been assigned our armies already. Come by our joint practice tomorrow.”

“I would be honored to attend.” Mimi nodded her head as she spoke.


The next morning Mimi got up early as she and Rochel along with their Royal Knights headed to the Magic Army base of The Kingdom of Cosmic Stars. It was huge. It had already been filled with many soldiers upon their arrival.

They watched as the army ran their drill. The Princes proudly looked upon their squads.

“So, I hope being queen hasn’t gotten you out of shape.” Prince Dudley started.

Rochel took exception to such words, “Mimi may not be Royal Knight anymore however her spot as Executive General remains the same.”

“I see, then let’s see the great Executive General in action.” Prince Dudley motion for one of his soldiers to come, “Lieutenant! You will spar with the Queen of East Sol.”

“Yes, your highness.” The woman that stood before them bowed.

“Alright then.” Mimi stood and followed the woman to the practice ground.

Mimi didn’t like this situation. She felt as though they were not as serious as they should be about this.

Mimi faced the woman and assumed a warrior’s stance. To with the lieutenant followed suite.


The lieutenant tentatively charged Mimi.

Mimi stood her ground as they exchanged blows.

“You hold back, Lieutenant.” Mimi said between exchanges.

“You are mistaken. I am going at full strength.” She replied.

This annoyed Mimi so much.

“Very well then.” Mimi said clearly annoyed as she buckled down.

All at once Mimi palm strike the lieutenants mid-section and sent her hurtling back.

“Out of bounds!”

The woman looked stunned.

Mimi bowed and turned to return to her seat.

Suddenly a young woman stood in front of her with a wooden sword.

“You can’t have been satisfied with that?”

Mimi examined the young woman’s face. She seemed highly annoyed.

“Please allow me to spar with you properly.”

“General Sonesta, Know your place.” Prince Dudley fumed.

“I think it is a rather good idea.” Prince Lawrence interjected, “Should her highness not mind.”

“It would be an honor.” Mimi said as she and Sonesta returned to the practice field.

The both assumed a warrior’s stance before facing each other.


Sonesta swung her wooden sword down creating a sound with a loud crack.

She then dashed toward Mimi.

This is more like it.

Mimi met her head on using her right hand to strike at Sonesta’s hand at the hilt of her wooden sword. All at once Mimi grabbed hold of both of her wrist while keeping the sword inches from her and swung Sonesta away from her.

“Such strength.” Sonesta said to herself as she stumbled to gain her balance.

Mimi buckled down again.

She stuck at the hilt of Sonesta’s sword blow after blow to which Sonesta parried.

The blows of Mimi’s punches were hard and heavy. Sonesta decided a change in pace was due.

Just as Mimi began to strike again Sonesta ducked and in one motion scraped her wooden sword against the ground,



Mimi shifted her wait narrowly missing an intense current of wind that erupted from the ground. However, the current had such force it sent her into the air.

Sonesta positioned her sword at her hilt before quickly striking the current.

Hurricane Slash!

The wind exploded around Mimi.

Being in mid air she should be able to dodge. In theory.

Mimi twerked her body midair. In one motion she round house kick with such force the wind broke up and hurled back towards Sonesta.

Sonesta readied her stance with her blade in front of her using it as a shield to cut through the wind.

Mimi continued to spin. She landed just in front of Sonesta and palm strike the air in front of her.

It erupted causing Sonesta to slide back.

Sonesta tried to gather her footing before Mimi charged her.

She swung her wooden sword as Mimi approached.

Mimi moved with the motion to the sword going all the way around Sonesta before stopping in front of her wide-open form.

Mimi again palm strike. This time landing a good blow to her midsection, sending her flying out of bounds.

The king and some of the princes stood and clapped with thunderous applause.

“As expected of such a power Magic Knight!” The king yelled as he clapped.

Mimi walked up to Sonesta. Sonesta stood in front of Mimi a bit awe struck.

“I see, As expected of Mari’s younger sister.”

Mimi perked up at this. However, before she could ask any more the king motioned for Mimi to return.


“I would like to apologize for my brother’s rudeness.” Prince Lawrence began as he and Mimi walked down a long road.

He had called her out specifically to take a walk with him.

“It is no worry.” Mimi answered as she looked around, “This park is amazing.”

“It is.” Lawrence beamed, “This in not the best part.”

The soon arrived at the center of the park.

Mimi was floored by her surroundings, “It’s beautiful…”

“Is it?” Lawrence seem very excited, “Father allowed me to have this built here. This is part of the land I will be ruling.”

Mimi looked around.

 “Prince Lawrence.” She started as she turned to look at him, “What is your vision for your kingdom?”

Prince Lawrence thought for a moment.

“I want a land that people will never want to leave.” He started, “One rich in art and culture a vacationer’s dream and a citizens paradise. Starting with the beauty of this garden.”

“That’s wonderful.” Mimi clasped her hand together, “Your land has so much potential to be a fine kingdom. I want to help.”


Mimi returned to the Castle of the Cosmic Stars.

She met with Rochel who had awaited her return.

“So, what did you talk about with Prince Lawrence?”

“His vision for his land.” Mimi looked at Rochel, “I want to form an alliance.”

Rochel though about this.

“I’m not sure about it.” She looked at Mimi as she spoke, “They are in a major transitioning period. It would seem much wiser to wait.”

“Is that not what alliance is for though.” Mimi wondered, “Afterall we form them to help each other. Strong bond a crucial to a kingdom.”

“You are right about that.” Rochel continued to think before she looked at Mimi again, “Mimi? Would you like to helm this one then?”

Mimi perked up.

“It would be good for you to get experience as a Queen.”

Mimi wrapped her arm around Rochel.

“Ooh that would be great.”

“Then I will support you however you need.” Rochel said as she snuggled in Mimi’s embrace.

End of Chapter nine.

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