The Sector with the Brightest Sun: Chapter Ten

 The announcement was heard far and wide. The main continent on the planet of Cosmic Star was being split into 9 equal parts.

The ceremony introduced 8 new Kings of the Kingdom of Cosmic Stars.


Sometime after Rochel and Mimi returned to East Sol, they started preparing for the details of Mimi’s project to align with King Lawrence of the Cosmic Star Kingdom.

“We’ve talked much about the details of the plan we have going forward.” Mimi started, “Our main objective is to focus on the sector of Tourism.”

“I see.” Rochel thought for a moment, “That wouldn’t be a bad idea as the Kingdom of Cosmic Stars is a beautiful place.”

“Exactly.” Mimi said, “Now then I have someone I want to heavily involve in this project.”

Rochel looked curiously at Mimi, “And who would that be?”

“Why Natalie Gholston of course.” Mimi said with a smile.


Natalie blinked a few times as if she couldn’t believe what she heard.

“Are you still there, Natalie?” Mimi waved her hand in front of Natalie as she said this.

“Yeah.” Natalie said bit breathlessly, “You really want my help?”

“Yes.” Mimi clasped her hand together, “Your expertise on art is exactly what I need now. So, you will be my advisor on this mission.”

Natalie was overjoyed.

“We leave tomorrow to discuss more with King Lawrence.”



Dudley has been much hard to handle since he has become king. He seemed like a tyrant more than anything. Except he forced his chancellors to do most of the work.

Sonesta couldn’t bear it. Their citizens were terrified. Dudley often pushed his power around. Destroying businesses that angered him and blackmailing people with false claims including his own Royal Knights.

“He has become such a nuisance.” Moon said rather exhausted. She ran her hand through her dreaded hair.

“You aren’t kidding.” A Blonde-haired girl in a kango hat sat next to her, “I’m not sure how to feel about this. We fought so hard. It should be an honor to serve as a Royal Knight however it feels more like a curse.”

“He’s got the citizens on edge.” A dark-skinned woman with her hair tied in up in a ponytail joined them, “They think we are all the devil.”

Sonesta winced at this.

A woman with curly brownish blonde hair stood leaned against the wall, “And yet should we fathom quitting who know what he will do to our families.”

“They will be dishonored and exiled for sure.” The blonde-haired girl said with a sense of dread.

“Alright girls.” A brunette with tight curls in hair her started, “We should keep our heads up.

“Yeah let’s try to think positively.” Another brunette tried to perk everyone up.

“Sorry, Terren.” The blonde-haired girl started, “I just can’t see any positives about this.”

These women are the Royal Knight of King Dudley of the Cosmic Star Kingdom. They were hand chosen by Dudley himself.

Their names are Sonesta Black, Talula Moon, Moon Walker, Sonalie Brave, Terren King, Gabriella Costca, and Sharron Dean.

They at first were thrilled to be chosen; however, they soon realized that he is no more than a slimy jerk.

“There is no honor is this.” Sonesta finally spoke. “While I fear what may happen to our families shall we remove ourselves from this situation, I wonder what of my own fate as it stands now.”

Sonesta grimaced to herself.

“It’s disgraceful.”


Mimi arrived at King Lawrence’s territory with her four Royal Knights.

She was to meet him at his new castle and immediately begin discussion. Rochel stayed behind to prepare for the meeting with the Kingdom of Braum and also to provide administrative support to Mimi on her endeavors.

“King Lawrence, it is a pleasure to see you again.”

“Yes, it is splendid to be able to meet again.” King Lawrence extended his hand to Mimi, “So let’s get started on a preparation.”

The went to the grand meeting hall. Discussion began at once. They talked of visions for the kingdom. It was then Mimi motioned for Natalie to step forward.

“Let me Introduce you to my subordinate, Natalie Gholston.” Mimi placed her hand on Natalie’s shoulder, “She has toured your kingdom and has some idea for a change in architecture to better suite your vision.”

“Hello your highness.” Natalie said with a bow before placing plans in front of him.

King Lawrence’s eye grew wide.

“This style! You are that artist whose exhibition was displayed during the event of East Sol. I’d recognize it anywhere.”

“I see. So, you enjoy my art?” Natalie was flattered.

“It is absolutely brilliant” Lawrence beamed, “Now I am most eager to see your plans.”


Lawrence was in love with the sketches and blueprints of Natalie’s vision for the kingdom. It went beyond his dreams.

“Is this possible?” He eagerly looked at Mimi.

“I could make it happen. With a few calls.” Mimi said, “I’ve met plenty acquaintances in my travels who would be perfect for the growth of this kingdom. Stating with a friend of mine whom just opened a builder’s guild a few orbits from here.”

Lawrence practically bounced in excitement.

“Now as for this.” Mimi pointed at a nice build on the north side of the map, “I think a restaurant should be here. I know two individuals whom are looking to start one. They are masterful at their craft.”

Mimi continued to scan the plans.

“This should be a grand music auditorium.” Mimi continued, “My friend from the Raijin Kingdom would be perfect to helm this.”

“Hey, for the last major landmark, let me have it.” Natalie stared at the building on the south part of the map.

“What do you mean?” Mimi curiously studied Natalie’s expression.

“I mean I want it to be a museum filled with my art.”

Lawrence looked as if he would pass out.

Mimi also looked excited, “Could you do that, really?”

“I could.” Natalie said, “Give me six months.”

“Only six months?” Lawrence couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“Yes, I will put the best of the best piece in my collection as well as new piece in there.”

“Great!” Mimi jumped with joy, “This is looking like a solid plan now.”


They began work immediately. A few months into the plan the Kingdom looked as though it had transformed into something entirely new.

The final stages of the change in architect had commence. Natalie had been overseeing the project until late in the stages as she began focusing on the content for her museum.

Mimi’s friend had also begun prep for the places in the kingdom.

Mimi brought in Sheela Earth and Lin Weathers to helm the restaurant that will be known as ‘Spice and Life’. It focused on powerful flavors that provoked the mind. Many types of spices were incorporated into each dish. Their staple dish was ‘the dumplings of life’. Mimi tried them was blown away. It would be the north landmark in Lawrence’s kingdom.

Agnes arrived to helm the ‘Star Auditorium’ which is the west landmark in the kingdom. It is designed to reverberate sound though out the performance area. Agnes prepared a special piece known as ‘The Woman’s Sigh’. A beautiful piece that relied heavily on the high note of a violin.

To the East was the hotel district. Amongst all the hotels stood a magnificent building know as the Star Tower. It was inspired by the lunar tower of East Sol. Filled with unique features and amenities, it is to carry the kingdom’s vacation sector.

Finally, the south landmark was none other that Natalie Gholston’s ‘Star Gallery’. It already contained some of Natalie’s most beautiful piece she made of the years. Many different styles and techniques were on display. She wanted to add more piece unique to the Cosmic Star kingdom.

Mimi and Lawrence toured the preliminary results of the Kingdom they made their way through each landmark ending with the central landmark, ‘the Star Garden.’

Lawrence became overwhelmed with emotion

“Thank you, Mimi.” He said with an earnest look on his face. “This is more than I could dream.”

“Lawrence.” Mimi said placing a hand on his shoulder, “It is an honor to be part of this amazing journey. Have you thought of a name for your kingdom?”

Lawrence paused he looked around before finally saying.

“The kingdom where dawn blooms. Blooming Dawn kingdom.”


An invitation was sent out to every known kingdom within the Bright Sun Sector. People traveled many orbits to see just what King Lawrence had instore for his Kingdom.

Since this event was so huge, the Queen of Braum, Breeland Fair, decided to hold their talks there. She thought it was a good way to see the potential an alliance with the Queens of East Sol could bring to her Kingdom.

“I can’t wait to see what you all have done.” Rochel shifted in anticipation as the traveled to Blooming Dawn Kingdom in the Planet of Cosmic Stars.

“Yeah I’ve been dying to sneak in there and find out.” Bree looked at Rochel. “However, this chick her nearly dropped kicked me.”

Lita snickered at that.

Merlyn and Malicia sat together taking in the view.

“It never ceases to amaze me, coming here that is.” Merlyn gazed at the moons of the planet as the got closer.

“Yeah…” Rhonda came to look at one of the moons Malicia and Merlyn was looking at, “It is a sight.”

Valencia gazed at a cluster of stars. She had such a fondness for them. Especially since it was the stars that helped her bond with Mimi, starting her on this amazing journey.

Valencia turned to look at Mimi.

“So, Natalie is already there?”

“Yes, she is preparing for the grand opening of her museum.”

Sam smiled at this, “I’m sure she is ecstatic.”

“Very.” Lita agreed.

They began to enter the orbit of the planet of Cosmic Stars.


Anger flowed through Dudley. He could believe it. His brother’s kingdom far surpassed his wildest dreams.

Sonesta wanted to roll her eyes. She couldn’t stand what a brat he was. He is too old to act like this she thought.

“We did Rochel align with him?” Dudley growled, “What about my kingdom?”

“Maybe her vision didn’t align with yours, sire.” Sonesta said as she grew tired of his attitude.

Dudley’s a grew big with anger. He swung his fist into her jaw.

“How dare you!? Who told you to speak!?”

Talula had enough. She advanced on Dudley to which he quickly “Eeeped” as he stumbled backwards.

Sharron stepped in front of her, “Please calm yourself, Talula.”

The dark-skinned girl glowered at Dudley, “We are not his punching bags! We are Royal Knights!”

Sharron tried to calm Talula.

“Is everything alright over here.”

A woman with four swords came to investigate. Her long brown hair pulled back into a braid ponytail. She looked around to exam the situation.

“Mari of the four swords.” Sonesta said as she turned to see the woman.

“Everything is fine.” Dudley said as he quickly positioned himself on the other side of Mari, creating a distance between him and Talula.

Mari looked at Dudley who flashed a weary smile.

“Please let us enjoy this event.” He quickly gathered himself, “I was just giving my Knight sometime to enjoy the festivities while I hang out with my brother King Lawrence. Please excuse me.”

He hurried off into the distance.

“Well then I guess we are free to explore.” Terren said trying to lighten the situation.

“Do you mind if I joined you?” Mari offered.

“Sure.” Sonesta perked up.


Sonesta was extremely excited. She thought her day would be terrible however things have taken a turn for the better as she was now walking side by side with her ideal, Mari Nowell.

She often looked at status that were published of Mari’s exam results. She compared herself to them trying to beat those status. She looked up to Mari so much. At 19 years old she hoped she could catch and surpass Mari someday.

“How often does that happen?” Mari suddenly said causing Sonesta to jerk out of her thoughts.

Sonesta paused, “How much did you see?”

“All of it.” Mari looked at Sonesta whose expression dropped.

“I have no idea how to handle it. Afterall he is King.”

“No king should behave like that.”

Sonesta frowned, “I don’t know what to do though. Honor-“

“Has many forms.” Mari interrupted, “Think of that as you decide how you will continue. I must return now. I wish you well.”

Mari nodded as she left Sonesta to ponder her words.



It was so lively there. Rochel pulled Mimi along as they toured the city. Their Magic Knight could barely keep up.

“Come on, Rochel.” Bree said as she trotted along Rochel and Mimi, “We don’t have to run everywhere, do we?”

Mimi giggled, “Yes let’s slow down a bit.”

“Sorry, it’s just that this place is so amazing.” Rochel’s express had a bright glow to it.

Mimi’ smiled. She always enjoyed it when Rochel acted like this. It reminded her of the day when they’d play together in the meadow.

Mimi saw two young women walking side by side. They seem like the were having just as much fun.

One of them looked at Mimi’s Group, “Ahh, your highness it is a pleasure.”

She and the other young women made their way to them bowing as they did.

“Moon Walker and Sonalie Brave.” Mimi started, “It is a pleasure.”

Mimi nodded to them as Rochel did the same.

“We were given some time to explore the festivities.” Moon started, “I really think what your two kingdoms accomplished in amazing.”

“Thank you.” Mimi said.

Just then a horn blared throughout the kingdom.

“Shall we all go to the main ceremony together?” Mimi motioned for Sonalie and Moon to join.



The ceremony was met with great enthusiasm and applause. Mimi’s group met the rest of Dudley’s Knights on the way. They had such a great discussion. The women of Dudley’s unit immediately gained a great respect for Mimi. Her wisdom and knowledge moved them.

Sonesta pondered Mari’s words as she spoke to Mimi. She eventually made her decision.

Later after the event began to die down. she gather her fellow knights.

“I’m leaving my position.” Sonesta said as the other women sat around her. “I want to serve someone with great honor. Someone like the Queens of East Sol.”

“They are much better than Dudley, that’s for sure.” Moon talked as she looked at the ceiling, “But leaving a Royal Knight position is unheard of.”

“Yet, we are the dishonorable dogs of the foul king.” Sonesta stood up and looked at Moon, “Do you call that honor?”

“No, you’re right.” Moon said as she looked into Sonesta’s eyes.

“Are we going to resign then?” Sonalie looked at them expectantly.

“At this point what ever happen afterward need not be of concern.” Talula said, “I’m leaving any way.”

“Right then let’s properly figure this out together.” Gabriella offered.


The women walked to the administration office. Dudley was there chewing off the chancellors for being “incompetent”.

“What are you all doing here!?”

Sharron stepped forward, “We are resigning.”

Dudley’s eyes grew big.

“What!? All of you!?”

Sharron looked into Dudley’s eyes with an unwavering conviction.

“You fools! How dare you! I will destroy everything! Your Names! Your reputation! You Honor!”

“Do as you must.” Sonesta stepped forward, “Our honor does not hinge on you word.”

They all placed their papers down on the desk in front of them and walked out.

Dudley was left fuming.


News spread fast of the resignation of the Royal Knights of Dudley’s kingdom. Many speculated what may have caused it. However, rumbling from within his kingdom began to come out of his horrible nature.

“They ruined me!” Dudley kicked a chair down, “Those whores!”

Just then a messenger came in.

“Your highness an audience is requested of you with the King and Queen of Cosmic Star Kingdom.”

Dudley was horrified.

He arrived at their palace dreading what may come of their meeting.

He made his way to the meeting hall where his father and mother awaited him.

“I am ashamed.” His father began, “What in heavens possessed you to behave like this.”

“Father! No of those senseless rumors are true!” Dudley pleaded.

“Such a pitiful display…” His father looked at Dudley with a sad look on his face, “It pains me to do this however you are not ready for such responsibilities.”

Horror struck over Dudley’s face, “No, mother reason with him.”

Dudley’s mother shared the same expression as his father, “I’m afraid I can’t dear. This is for the best of your kingdom. The people of the Cosmic Stars.”

Dudley stared in disbelief.

“You are here by stripped of your crown.”

Dudley fumed in anger, “You’ll pay! You’ll all pay!

He ran out of the room leaving his parents looking on in sadness.


Shortly after King Dudley’s territory was given a new ruler. Their cousin Charles Brookstone. It was part of a series of announcements that came from the Kingdom of Cosmic Stars.

The other major announcement was the revelation of the Blooming Dawn Kingdom becoming a major capital of the Continent of the Cosmic Stars. The ceremony was to take place in the near future.

Dudley read the bulletin in disgust.

“They won’t get away with this.”

End of Chapter Ten.

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