In for the Rain: Short Stories, From Hell, I Shall Follow

Forsaken as I fall. The lady gorgon has stared in my eyes. I gaze upon them as a child of god that has lost her sanity. The abyss that surrounds me is one that throws me into hell. And yet as I burn my tears do not dry. I retreat in my mind a red blaze around me. A man laughs as I drown in the flames. But a man comes back to save you. “Repent as you pray.”

I feel the grasp of a thousand souls. I feel a numbing pain of wanting to leave. He says:

“Send me your tears and show me your pain.”

I cry and pray but my tears run dry. I cry for me but me fear runs high. My hands clasped together with him.

“Dear child you pray desperate and not sincere.”

The gorgons wander into the zone. Watching from a hell unknown.

“Dear child pray again and I will help now. Hold your hands together and send your tears of repentance. Those who are unknown must never be called on. Yet those who stray far must not believe they are lost. For I have found you and you are not forgotten. That woman led you here, you must come back to me. For I have forgiven you and will lift you to my home.”

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