The Sector with the Brightest Sun: Chapter Eleven

Mimi had just finished talking to King Lawrence on the tellaprojector.

He brimmed with excitement over their achievement. His kingdom thrived in the tourist market. Becoming the top vacation destinations. It also ruled the polls in top places one wish to retire. And soon it will become a capital kingdom.


The Zane-Nowell practice was underway. There were many new faces. Starting with the women of the Cosmic Star Kingdom. They all transfer to East Sol upon their reignition. They all joined Mimi’s army surpassing the placement exam with excellent performance.

Bree had some new faces as well. Many whom were from the Magic Knight festival. Bree was one of the individuals who picked off some of the people whom lost in the tournament. A few of them joined Mimi eventually as well.

Chloe had advanced far in the ranks. She has been training with Valencia Cowell since her arrival.

Lita and Natalie were now Generals in the Mage and Knight units respectively.

Mimi was going over some technique with Moon. She had taken quite a likely to Mimi. Often, she would pick her brain on many things. Toady she was learning of Ki.

Malicia watch as Moon trained with Mimi. She observed their discussion intently hoping to pick up on a few things herself. Her attention moved to Sonesta.

Sonesta had wind magic like Malicia. However, her use of it was fascinating. She often used friction to created fire magic. It was almost as if she had too elements.

Sonesta noticed Malicia’s gaze, “Are you impressed?”

“I am.” Malicia responded.

“I’ve wondered about your technique.” Sonesta walked over to Malicia,” Do you mind I picked your brain a bit?”


Mimi laid next to Rochel thinking to herself.

“You’re still awake?” Rochel groggily asked as she woke between sleep.

“Ah, sorry.” Mimi said, “I was just thinking.”

“About what?”

“Why don’t we max out our Royal Knight unit?”


After much consideration, it was decided that the final positions of the Royal Knight units be filled.

Rochel added:

Sharron Dean at rank 5

Talula Moon at rank 6

And Sonalie Brave at rank 7.

Mimi added:

Sonesta Black at rank 5

Moon Walker at rank 6

And Gabriella Costca

The ceremony seemed like it was coming to an end when they surprised with a final announcement.

The board of console approved a change in make of Royal Knights allowing them each one additional pick. To which Rochel added Terren King and Mimi Chloe Braxton.

Chloe couldn’t believe it.

Natalie almost screamed.

Chloe walked up trying to hold herself together. She looked at Mimi in disbelief as Mimi handed the official seal of a Royal Knight.

“Believe it. You earned it.”

Chloe nodded as she took the badge.

The kingdom wide celebration began. East Sol had its new Knights.


East Sol and the Kingdom of Braum had one last meeting before officially striking an alliance.

Things have been going well for Mimi as she adjusted to her role as Queen of East Sol.

“We are getting some downtime before the event on Blooming Dawn.” Rochel examined Mimi who looked quite exhausted.

“That’s good.” Mimi stretched, “I could use some time off. Not that I’m complaining.”

Rochel gazed at Mimi before speaking, “I’m really am proud of what we’ve accomplished together.”

Mimi turned to look at Rochel.

“I really do love you. I am so happy we are doing this together.” Rochel finished as she moved in closer.

“I am too.” Mimi said as they pressed their lips together.


The Royal Knight of East Sol decided to hold a meeting. They figured they would get a head start on getting the new member up to speed on the procedures of being a Knight in East Sol.

“It really is different than Dudley’s regime.” Sonalie took in what the information she had just received.

“Yeah. We’re actually working.” Moon snickered.

“Was that guy really that bad?” Bree asked.

“The worst.” Terren jumped in.

“I kinda suspected something was up with him.” Bree continued, “Something always didn’t seem like the full picture.”

“Well we’re are in a better situation now.” Sonalie stretched, “And our homes are in better hands as well.”

“Hey, we don’t we take a break.” Lita hopped up, “We can work on our chemistry through a little down time.”

“I’m game for that.” Valencia perked up.

“There’s a small bake festival on the orphanage is holding on the southeast part of the kingdom.” Natalie offered, “Let’s go there!”

Every shared their agreeance before the head out.

The Kingdom was always so lively these days.

People stopped to wave at them as they passed by.

“It’s so nice here.” Moon waved at someone who sat their basket of flower down to wave at them.

“It is…” Bree started to reply before catching a whiff of the delicious smell of baked goods, “It as nice as this smell.”

Sonalie laughed.

They wandered around stopping at a many booths as they could.

They had gathered a herd of goods before settling in a nice spot beneath an large tree.

“Dang, girl.” Valencia gawked at the amount of sweets Bree had.

“What? I’m taking some of this back to Mimi and Rochel.” Bree said slightly offended.

“How many? One each?” Valencia teased.

“Girl, hush.”

They all snickered at this exchange.

It was nice having such down time. The sun shone down on them. It really was a beautiful day.

“Well we better head back.” Natalie said.

“Hold it!”

They turned to see Siege standing there with a very beautiful cake.

“Wow did you make that?” Natalie looked in awe.

Siege beamed, “Of course. Impressive, huh?”

“It is.” Chloe looked at it.

It was a very well decorated 8-inch round cake. It looked like it had three layers. The chocolate icing had many designs with a swirl of icing going around the top.

“Give this to Mimi and Rochel.” He said handing it to Natalie.

“Oh, they’ll love it.”

“Yeah ‘cause they are going to need more then what Bree is bringing them.” Valencia snickered.

“Don’t worry I’ll make sure I share this with them too.” Bree said as the all laughed.


The day arrived of the ceremony to name King Lawrence’s Blooming Dawn King the capital kingdom. Many gathered to celebrate this event.

“Rosalyn!” Rochel ran up to hug here dear friend.

“Rochel! Mimi! It is good to see you!” Rosalyn said as she hugged Mimi as well.

“I love it here.” She said. “It is the kingdom of my dreams.”

“I’m glad you think that.”

King Lawrence came to greet them.

“It is a pleasure to see you all again.”


Rosalyn and Lawrence talked together so enthusiastically. They had such a chemistry that sometimes Mimi and Rochel snickered to themselves.

They hung out as a group. They would eventually be joined by Queen Breelund of Braum. As she too became friends with Rochel.

They chatted amongst themselves about the process and design of the kingdom.

Breelund was immediately fascinated be the story.

“And the results show. It is truly wonderous.”

“I know.” Rosalyn gushed. “I really wish to live here.”

King Lawrence gazed at her intently. He really did like Princess Rosalyn.

“I invite you all to join me after the ceremony too.” He spoke, “Let our kingdoms remain close.”

“Yes, of Course.” Rochel agreed.


A man watched them from a far. His eyes fixated on Lawrence than they shifted to Mimi.

“So those are the targets.”

He examined the photos in his hand.

“It’s time to put a bang in this celebration.”

He walked off into the shadows grinning to himself.

“I’ll be swimming in the dough soon.”

“You’ll be swimming your way to a jail cell is what you’ll be doing.”

He whirled around to see Lita standing very close to him.

“What? When did you-“

“Sound magic.” Lita said simply, “Now tell me assassin who sent you?”

The man’s eyes grew big.

He quickly turned and made a mad dash.

He ran with such great speed before finding a place between the territories of Blooming Dawn and East Cosmos, Dudley’s former kingdom.

He panted to himself.

“You’re tired already?” Lita stood just off to the distance.

The man was horrified.

He looked about trying to figure out what to do next before making his decision.

“I guess I’ll have to add one more person to my list.”

All at once red magic appeared before him. They formed into red light spears. One by one they launched at Lita before exploding in the air halfway to reaching her.

“Wha-“ The man looked on stunned his spell exploded before Lita came flying through the explosion surround be soundwaves.

He franticly fired blast after blast each one bouncing off the waves of sound.

“Curse you!” He buckled down for hand to hand combat.

Lita stopped midair. She floated on waves off sound that constantly reverberated around her feet.

Lita extended her arm. Her hand balled into a fist as sound waves condensed around it.

Sound Bullet!

A golf ball shaped sound wave hurled towards the assassin. He was struck fast then he could react. The wave numbed him with pain a he was sent flying.

He landed with a thud.

Lita stood over him.

 “You’re still awake.” She sat stooped to talk to him closer,” Now let’s have a chat.”


Dudley watched the ceremony in disgust. He often eyed Mimi and Rochel as they sat together clearly enjoying themselves.

“It’s only a matter of time before they get theirs” He thought proudly to himself.

The ceremony ended in applause. Lawrence to tall as he thanked everyone for coming.

He joined the group he was with before.

Dudley walked over to them.

“Congratulation dear brother.” He started, “Everything is going so well for you.”

Lawrence looked at his brother sympathetically. “Do not fret dear brother you too will have some luck thrown your way I’m sure. You just have to focus yourself more.”

“Hah, you say that as if you know better.” Dudley glance around the room.

“Are you looking for someone?” Mimi asked sensing Dudley’s change in demeanor.

“Yes, a friend of mine.” Dudley said nervously.

Just then the door opened.

Many Magic Knights poured into the room.

“Dudley Brookstone!”

Dudley shrunk down in horror.

“You are under arrest for plot of assassination.”

“What?” Lawrence couldn’t believe his ears.

He wasn’t the only one as the King immediately stood from where he sat.

“Tell me this isn’t so! Dudley!”

Dudley immediately made a run for it.

He was captured immediately.

He wrestled to free himself.

“Damn it! Damn it all!”

Lawrence was deeply saddened.

He walked up to his brother as they were taking him away.

“Are you really that far gone, Dudley?”

In a rage Dudley kicked the guard who held him and stole his sword.

He aimed to take Lawrence out rushing him head on.

Dudley was immediately knocked back by none other than Sonesta.

She stood other him with a pitying look.

“You have no honor.”

She turned to comfort a shaken Lawrence as the guards took Dudley away.


Mimi sat in silence with Rochel. The events at the end of the ceremony were honestly too much for her at the moment.

Rochel looked at her love before placing her arms around her.

She held Mimi in silence.

“It’s awful someone would be that desperate.” Mimi finally spoke.

“Yes, it is.” Rochel caressed Mimi’s forehead.

“I see many things. Often time there are horrible things that come up. As a person I’ve always wanted to find a way to end such thing.”

Rochel continued to stroke Mimi’s forehead.

“I sometime wonder if I’m strong enough. Things like this give me such anxiety. Even so,” Mimi rose away from Rochel’s embrace to look at her directly, “I know that there is a lot of good that happens too. Meeting you is one of them. I won’t stay down long. I promise you that.”

“That’s good.” Rochel as she embraced Mimi once more, “That’s all I wanted to hear.”


Things have settled after the events of the ceremony.

Mimi was now two years into being Queen.

The now 24-year-old vowed to advance onward with her love. So many things still await them.

With their comrades by their side they have much life ahead of them.

Mimi’s younger sibling have joined her army of East Sol some time earlier. Her younger Brother 20-year-old Micah is now an executive general. Her brothers the 18-year-old twins Mick-and-Mack serve as generals in his army. Miki her 21-year-old Sister is also an Executive general. Her 17 year-old-sister Meryl joined Mimi’s army as one of her top mages.

East Sol is becoming one of the most thriving kingdoms of the known galaxy. There is not a place in the Bright Sun Sector that doesn’t know its name. East Sol led by it’s two Queens, Rochel Sol and Mimi Nowell has come so far. They’re tale however is only beginning.

End of Book.

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