In for the Rain: Short Stories, A Little Light

A light glimmered in the distance. The goddess who sat off and stared watched as it closed it. It was too pure to not look at. It was a light that captured her. It stopped just beyond the world. As she watched it she then motioned for it but it would no come.

“A lost soul then…”

She eyed it softly for a few moments before deciding to go it herself.

A warmth about it made her nearly weep.

“You seem to have been a beautiful girl.”

She held the spirit of the young woman.

“It must have been awful for you to stray so far in fear.” She looked deep into the light. “ Yet you hold such a love. It is a shame you are here. Your light stuck in that state is too cruel.”

She continued to look.

“And yet you seem as if you could awake at any moment.”

She sat the light on the chair which she sat. She walked a bit away from her. Thinking to herself she wondered what it would mean to keep her here.

“A name is of no use to you.” She said as she returned. “I have no qualms of releasing you, but dropping you seems so cruel.”

The light began to shine a brilliant color.

“ It seems you are called somewhere.” She picked up the light. “ May I will take you there.”

And with that she lifted the light and traveled with slight haste.

She held her as if she was dear. Something of a warmth filled her as she did. It was strange but she felt a bit at peace herself caring her.

“It calls you here…” she was then stopped by a feeling. “ Yet this is as far as I go it seems.”

“I don’t want to release you… but I will let you go as you are called.”

She watched as the light faded and her form began to change. While she did not awake, she seemed so serene. It was the most pleasant thing the goddess has seen.

“He really does love you. You live here now… goodbye.”

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