In for the Rain: Short Stories, The Cursed Man

They all fell…

What possessed them to come here? Were they scared? Why would the human world return to us in this state?

Such a smell of blood. Their war was vicious in nature.

Foolish humans after the prize of the sun. Foolish man…

I have unnecessarily stained my hands. I have nearly robbed myself of my own sanity. The sacred land is marred by greed. Stained for eternity. The marbling destroyed. My sanctity ruined.

Yet I crave no vengeance. Yet I have mercy. These souls I claim return to the earth in good time. Even so I fall to my knees as a god of the sky.My dear brother take care of them. Keep them until they are right. They will not see such a vicious man again. For in my sky the sun shines just fine. For in my heart I calm. The beauty of my world is here to stay. No man will come here. No man will take my heart.

I rise. I stand tall. The sun of mine shines so bright. The crimson red. The stench that fill my land. I lift it all and burn it away. They won’t touch it again. As I stumble past a wretched form. My rage ensues me. Cursesed beast. You still defy me. My brother has answered yet I have trouble hearing. Why must this be his answer.

Come to me now!? Why can’t I fly? Why bring me with them? You have to see brother? You have to know? I slayed them to protect us. I don’t want to die now. It’s not fair…

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