A Book for Me and A Ring for You: Chapter Three

Chapter Three: For the Sake of My Smile

As I wake from my dreams a remember yesterday. The steak I had put a cap on my most wonderful day. Evie is so great, I love when she reads my stories.

I got up to fix breakfast. Something a bit heavier today would suit. In my mind I find myself saying open I love her. I make my eggs with a tune in my head. I hum it steadily as I make my sausage patties too. The house filled with an aroma I haven’t smelled in a while. My coffee is a special blend Evie talked about.

Finishing up, I decide to sit awhile. My mind began to swim with wonderful thoughts. A sudden urge to write one down became a sudden urge for story. I pick up a pad and pen and begin to write story. I go to the depths of an ocean. I find a wrecked ship. The sharks give me danger. The mermaids chase them away. Then I go to space and drift for what seem for eternity. I see a secret meeting. A new planet is found.

So many words are written. Many are my best ideas yet. Before a I knew what was happening my story count was six.

My phone rang jolting me from my thoughts. I look to see Kevin and pick it up a bit disappointed.

“Dawn? Hello. I want to give you some news. We are pushing into an evaluation. If we get good word your book is going through. We might be able to publish soon.”

I leaped in joy.

Really? That’s amazing. Is there any more for me to do?

“No, it’s all on our end. Have a great day and kick your feet up.”

The news rang in my head a thousand time over and over. Excitement filled me so much I wanted to dance. Calling Evie was next on my mind.

As I reached for my phone my heart began to flutter as I realized this would be my first time calling. Even so I dial her number jitters and all.

It didn’t ring long before she answered. The news made her scream for joy.

“You so close! Let’s go take Kevin up on his offer and have lunch together.”

An explosion of thoughts raced throughout my head as I managed to get out yes.

We sat and chat excitedly. She steered the conversation around for many detail. However many seemed to be about me as a person than a writer. I wanted to talk with her for an eternity. I wanted to watch her as she ate. It was something new. I felt on high as a I sat with her.

“But you said you wrote more short stories?”

I did.

“By the way what will you do with them? Besides let me read them.”

I haven’t thought about it as more than practice.


I watched her warily but her face returned. She brought more questions but the moment returned.

“Hey. Let’s stay for one more refill.” She said with a wink.

My heart jumped high into my throat. It sounded nice.


A laid back in my bathtub reliving the lunch meeting. Evie is so wonderful. I love talking to her.

As I exit the tub I hummed to myself. It was such a dream. My mind soared high into the sky.

Before I knew it, the afternoon was almost over. My phone rang again. Kevin’s name showed up making my head light.

“Dawn? I will just be honest. You book was a no go.”


I couldn’t believe it. My heart panged as if it was struck by a dagger.

What do you mean!? I worked so hard… With you.

“I know we evaluated time and overall quality and it just wasn’t there.”

Tears made my voice hoarse. I could tell he could hear.

“Sorry Dawn, It just wasn’t time yet. Take care.”

I wanted to throw my phone. It was such a dagger. My tears hollowed my chest. I immediately dialed Evie.

She was stunned to her my voice. I could tell she was worried.

“Try to call down.” She wept,” You have to keep yourself together. I’m here. Just come to the park.”

No, not now.

It felt awful hanging up after she cried too. I didn’t mean to lift her so high. I didn’t mean for my pain to hurt her. Tears shouldn’t have left her eyes. I am pathetic. I lost my time.

My phone rang again. I didn’t look at it this time I went to my room and laid down and continued to weep until I shut my eyes.

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