In for the Rain: Short Stories, A Garden for Us

Did you know that behind their beauty there is also sadness. Marigolds are simple but for me they mean a lot. In my most saddest moments a friend picks one for me. I asked why not give me something more pretty to which she answered:

“I chose it to be sincere. In your sadness you should express it properly. Marigolds symbolizes grief. Remember your feelings well and you will see that should you ever return to grief you see a familiar place and returning to light should be less daunting.”

Those words moved me.

I stared at her as her tears fell. She wait so long for her birthday. She was going to fly overseas with her mother. I’ve never seen her smile so brightly in my life. Yet before the trip her mother passed away. I was shocked. But these tears she shed are so vexing. I wanted so much to dry them for her.

“Sharron, I’m not sure how I could help… Even so let’s figure this out together.”

She nodded as she cried. She remained silent as she did so.

“Here, let’s go for a walk.”

We walked as far as the sidewalk took us. As we walked around town, I tried to make small talk. It worked only for a little at first but as we went along: I noticed she was trying to talk to feel better. It wasn’t long before we approached a bench.

“Can we stop here, Khari?”


“Tell me more about the language of flowers.” I began.

Sharron loved flowers so much. She spoke on the language of many flowers including the marigolds she always brought me. I felt like she lifted as she did so. But there was one flower in particular that she spoke of that made me think.

“This is all very interesting.”

Clapping my hands, I had an idea.

“Let’s go to the flower shop together!”

Sharron perked at this.

“Sure, that would help me feel better.”

We walked through town slowly. We took our time walking in silence with words in between. The sun beamed over our heads. Its warmth bathed us in good spirits.

“The sun is smiling for us so brightly, today.” Sharron smiled teary eyed. “Mother must love it up there.”

“Yeah…” I said as I smiled.

Shortly after we approached the flower shop.

“What are you looking for, Khari?”

“These.” I said as I pointed.

“The Hibiscus?”

“Yes, I want to plant some for you. And in time we could watch them grow together for our love.”

Sharron teared up.

“Our love!?”

“Yeah.” I motioned for her to help me pick the seeds.

“Wow. Then can I pick something, too?”

“Sure , what did you have in mind?”

“yellow tulips for our smiles, daisies for our me and you-“

“And Hibiscus for your delicate beauty.” I said as I kissed her cheek.

She stifled tears as she picked up the seeds.

“These may take a while.” She said. “But if it is with you a can wait forever.”

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