A Book for Me and A Ring for You: Chapter Four

Chapter Four: Following my Heart

It was too long since I stopped going out. Evie started texting me a warm message a day. I read them out loud but my heart stayed low. I got ahead of myself but what’s worse is I made her as me. Evie shouldn’t have to worry about me. She has been so kind. Even so I can’t face her. I messed up big time.

My phone went off it’s usual time. The message seemed longer.

Dawn, I know you are in pain. But it doesn’t have to be over. If anything can soothe you than please be okay. I want you to be happy but I am very selfish. I want to read your stories. I want to see you around. I’ve sent you many messages. I’m working on your smile. So please show it to me again. I’ll read your stories a thousand times. Just let me hear your voice as I hurt for you now.

I don’t know when they started to flow. My tears streamed down my face. She really did miss me. I never thought more then myself. It meant so much for me to have this book. Yet as a read this message again my fingers moved on their own. I touched her name on my phone. It rang for seconds before she picked up.

“Dawn, it’s you.” She squeaked.

It is. Evie I know we were both disappointed. Even so I should have healed with you. I should have continued to stay around. But please don’t sound like that. You mean to much to me. I hurt you but I won’t apologize. I will simply say I’m fine.

“That’s good.” Evie said between her tears, “Take your time to come back out. Right now your voice is all I need.”

A smile formed for the first time in a while. I loved so much to hear her again. It wasn’t long before conversation itched. I told her to stop and chat awhile. We stayed on the phone for hours. We promised to call as we pick ourselves up.

As I hang up the phone, I looked around. I told her so many stories. My notebook knows it all. My writing bug itched as I picked it up. I stopped at the front and read a few lines. A few lines in, I read a few more. Before I knew I was four stories in. I went for a ride and my smile match my memories of hers. I left my pages early into the afternoon. I want to try again.

I felt tears fall but this time my hands moved for one more story. I wrote about dreams. I wrote the flutter of love. I wrote all my heart in one story and picked my phone up.

Kevin I have a new pitch. A collection of stories.

“Dawn? So soon?” Kevin sounded surprised.

Yes. I have will send the detail over email. Please take a look when you have a chance.

“I will look into it and call you I after review.”

I sang to myself after I told Evie the news. I told her I want her to read again but this time as a book. We shared our excitement but tempered it too. Goodnight was the sweetest the she said. I want to say more but goodnight was all I said. Before long I drifted off to sleep.

As the morning sun crept into my room. My eye flickered awake. It was later in the morning then the time I usually awake. My first thought was to call Evie for breakfast. She was elated. The way she sounded lifted me high. I loved her so much.

We hugged upon our meeting. Her embrace was strong and warm. We took our time eating. I let her have a snippet of my plans. She clapped for joy and I laughed. It was a simple morning one that told me I’m in love. I wanted to say out loud however my phone rang and it was Kevin.

“Ooh, Pick it up.” Evie said enthusiastically.

I listened to Kevin who talked excitedly. He told me to bring the manuscripts for review.

As I hung up, I told her I was heading home to get ready.

Right before I left she placed her lips against mine and told me “Good Luck.”

Kevin glanced over the manuscript.

“This looks really good. The wording and imagery plays well. I move this a fast a possible.”

I shook hand as I knew he loved it.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed for this one.

“Most definitely. Take care, Dawn.”

I wished him well as I left. I felt good about the meeting.

As I made it home the event of the day set in. I love Evie is all I could think. Her lips on mine kept setting in. I floated to my room and lay in my bed. I hoped it goes through and my book is in her hands.

I think about her more before sleep takes. For better or worst I love to tell story. My eyes shut as a smile but before sleep sets my phone went off again. A message of sweet dreams sent me to bliss.

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