A Book for Me and A Ring for You: Chapter Five

Chapter Five: A Book for Me, A Ring For You

Finishing breakfast while dreaming was something I missed. It felt like a new life has come over me. I want to see Evie and tell her how I feel.

I hummed to myself as I walked a different route. The crowd seems lively but I felt I beat them all. I strolled along the sidewalk. Before heading to the park. Evie dashed behind a tree and peaked out playfully.

What are you up to?

She blushed before coming around with a bouquet of beautiful roses.

I couldn’t believe it. The colors were gorgeous. However what caught my eyes was the colors she picked. I knew them too well. White rose for “I’m worthy”, Pink Roses for “Happiness”, and the most beautiful red ones for… “I love you.”

“Please accept this from my to you. However based on you expression you know they say, I love you.”

I love you too came out as fast a she said finished. I went around the rose and embraced her as hard as I could. We held them together and she cried as I took them. We sat on a bench and just enjoyed each other’s company. I held the to my nose and sniffed them fondly. It was nice to be this open with her. As we part we shared a small kiss. I floated all the way home.

I sat in my living room in a daze. My flower were put in a vase I bought on the way home. I wanted them to last as long as forever.

My phone rang. Kevin’s name came up.

“Dawn, Congratulations! You have a book.”

My eyes welled. I didn’t imagine what those word did for me. It felt higher than I thought it would.

“We will a it released in a month. But congratulations, Dawn! You did it!”

I hang up the phone having spoke a bit more. I couldn’t wait to tell Evie the news.

My eyes filled with tears she burst into tears of her own. We cried together over the phone. Afterwards we said goodbye much sooner than I’d like. She said she would greet meet tomorrow after she does something she called important.

I looked into the ceiling as a lay on my back. My emotions swam ahead of me. I felt entirely on bliss. I though of what she might be up too. It sounded very important.

As a stayed in my room I though of what I would do as I am now a published author. Those thoughts didn’t last long as my phone began to ring.

“Hey, Dawn… Let’s meet for dinner tonight.”

I immediately agreed and a sprang out my bed. This was the best day and Evie just made it better.

I arrived at the restaurant and so her standing in front. She was shifting nervously before she saw me. She walked up to me before stopping within arms length.

“You know Dawn, I’ve enjoyed being with you as you’ve told me story. You light my heart and I Love. You have a book for me and know I have a ring for you. Will you marry me.”

I will. I always will. The answer is yes.

Evie placed the ring on her finger as a few people cheered. It felt like a story book ending. The ones that’s open end. I couldn’t believe it and yet it was so perfect. Evie and I together was something even I couldn’t write up.

Life with Evie was always my true book. I wrote a story at a time and now we sit together with a copy of my work. We admired the cover. We looked through the pages. I couldn’t have done it without her. The love I have for her inspired my best. I found my next beginning and with Evie it will be my best.

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