In for the Rain: Short Stories, To my Dear Love

To my dear Love,
I once saw you in my sleep. A dream unfolded before my eyes. You stood before me with a serene melody. It resonated through my heart. A light shone around me as I finally caught your eyes. A gaze warmer than your melody filled my eyes with tears. A love so sweet bloomed in my heart. I wanted to get closer but as I did the sun broke into view. A light you fell in made my run to you. With all my might I followed your voice. I ran until I was lost. Surrounded by warmth I felt a sense of peace. Yet until I see you my eyes continues to weep. As I stayed engulfed in the light, a sweet voice says “I’m here. Open your eyes and I am in front of you” I close my eyes and see your face. My one true love I see you face.
From the one who loves you,

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