In for the Rain: Short Stories, You

An imagination that lights the heart. A smile and a laugh from the bottom of me. Gleefully dreaming under a tree. A war the of the hearts. A loss of a smile. My only lullaby, to pass the time. I drift off to sleep. I dream of you. My love who sees me. My love who is true.

Coming back from a land of sleep, is me who wanted only to weep. I dry my eyes as some tear still stayed. I look outside to a mid day. I want to call you. I want to say hey. Please bring me joy at the end of the day.

A rumble in the sky told me to run away. The downpour of rain hoped to end my day. I flew past you with out a glance. You yelled for me but I didn’t turn back. I can not see you for my eyes are to wet. I can not see you as my heart has not set.

I lay on my back hoping you weren’t hurt. I close my eyes. I let out a sigh. Why do I miss you. I run inside. I dream of flying. I dream of cake. I dream of sunshine as I drift away. I slumber a bit and dream some more. A wake up to night and sing of love.

The wind bustles and leads me away. I walk to a path and sit for a bit. I look around at every face. The one I miss, sneaks up and say “Hey”. I jump in my skin. I look at you weary. I want to hi, so I did for a bit. I talk to you freely. For a little while. I love you sincerely so all I do is smile.

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  1. This is a beautiful and loving poem that really tugs at the heart. This poem makes you want to fall in love over and over again. Thank you for sharing.


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