In for the Rain: Short Stories, One Day Again

As I sat under the tree I simply dreamt of you. The warm sunshine bathed me in light. The gentle wind caressed me. I let out a sigh and began to hum. Your face appears. I look at you smile. And as I do so the warmth in the sun fails. I began to wrap your arms around me. I draw you near and say: “ You are my one. You are my only. I love you so much. And every day I will pray.” When your arms leave me, I find it has been a day. The night fills with light so, I close my eyes to see you again one day. 

“You are mine.” You say. I lay there in your peaceful gaze. I hold you like you won’t get away from me again. I want so much for this to not end. My sweet angel you are mine here. I love you always, so never disappear. Always hold me for my warmth may fade. Tell me again what you say? I close my eyes as you whisper in my ear. Sweet nothings that moves me to tears.

I find myself laying under the dreadful tree. With dewdrops surrounding the green around me. Why have you gone? Please return to me. I openly dream with my heart and hope I will hold you again one day.

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