In for the Rain: Short Stories, The Perfect Gift

The gift I’ve always wanted was always beautifully packed. It always had ribbon that shown bright in color. It always was round with paper like gold. A brilliant package with pure love inside.

I’ve always imagined opening it. A big smile would always form. A dazzling gift would float out. I hold it dear until I cry. It never leaves my side. I keep it close to my heart. I lay it next to me as I sleep. A wonderful gift I will always love.

Yet as I imagine it, something finer has captured me more. A wonderful girl with a smile so bright. A girl with more beauty than I can behold. I want to share with her a piece of my heart. A little light for her to behold.

I first sing a song to the moon and It gives me a shooting star. I then ask the sun and receive a ray of light. I forge them together with the perfect wish for you. A wonderful wish comes from your lips saying, “I just want to be with you.”

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