In for the Rain: Short Stories, A Little Demon

A little demon once told me; I only have one wish. That I would simply learn of it once I forgive him. No harm was to befall me as I have not sinned. No matter how much it confused me; the demon said its his. Under the watchful eye of the sun I watched the demon dance. He said stay until the moonlight but fall asleep not. As he swayed to his own beat the wind covered the sky with clouds deep in grey. He watched it with a teary eye. He told me for you the rain must not fall. Yet as it began to fall from the sky, he motions for me to run with him and hide. We sat by a tree with branches too high. High enough to catch the rain in the sky. He told me to close my eyes and dream. That one simple wish will come at three. I closed my eyes and fell into slumber. And in heaven I fly with wings so vivid. My eyes are blinded by a bright light. I hear a bell. I hear a thank you.  I hear a voice in gentle peace. I close my eyes once again and return to the tree where I sat before. The demon who led was there no more.

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