In for the Rain: Short Stories, I Dream of Fish

What a sight I see. A million fish. They have many colors and shapes and sizes. They swam around me in fun and games. I want to play with them, so I float nearby and the tiniest among them comes up to me. It was a blue and yellow fish that swam really fast. It circled me to tell me hi.

It motioned to me to follow it. So, I swam after it as fast as I could. We went around the school of fish headed north toward the reefs. We swam to the clearest part of the ocean and let the sun give us light. We floated for a bit drifting in the water. No adventure was better. I enjoy this little fish.

It blew bubbles that floated really high. I blew bubbles too just to see them fly. It was a wonderful swim, but it’s just begun. We take a ride with the turtles. We ride the currents in between them. We let ourselves speed with the water. I cry hurray this is so much fun. I want this fish to stay with me.

I want to give it a really nice name. My friend the fish deserves something cool. I name it Bubbles as I felt it was great. We go to a coral reefs to play. I watch it swim pass coral in an obstacle course. I want to try too but we swim away to the north were the other fish play. Bubbles is my friend I think to myself. As we reach the rest my eyes wake up.

I wake in my bed at home. I feel sad as my dream ended. I feel tears form in my eyes then mom come in saying: “Good morning my dear you look sad. But I have news that will make you happy. You’ll have a brother to play with soon. Mommy is having a boy for you.” My eyes got wide. A little brother! I hope he is fun as the little fish. So I ask mom if I could pick the name. She says it’s fine. So I chose Bobby as his name.

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