In for the Rain: Short Stories, As She Goes On

For the fear I hold of the person unknown, I call to you for your name. You answer as sweet as a voice that I’ve heard. “I am the one who has watched you from afar. The one who’s seen your mood fall and lift. The one whom I hope you share your heart with. I am love. I am your angel. Call by me my name that is simply yours.”

It rings through my ears so sincere and clear. I watch as you come into view.  Your face, your beauty. I know you. A person I chased. A person I admired. Why does such words now draw tears into my eyes? I fall into despair as my heart race. A fear of your own crosses your face. “I know you…” is all I say. “Dry your tears.” You respond right away.  I clasp my hands together. You take them right away. “Do not pray yet as I want to stay.” “Please leave, I cannot bear this fate.” You hold on to me with your eye closed tight. A sleep comes over me with every tear you cry.

You look into my eyes. At look back at yours. The tears we cry gets lost in our gaze. I hold my head up as your tears must fade. My love for you shines so we both can dry our eyes. “You are so warm.” you tell me softly. “I want yours back. As I’ve never felt it.” You pull away with a glance behind. “Dear child you must not stay.” We both want to hide. But as he commands it. You must go on.

“I need to stay. As I love her so.” He pauses as he answers “Neigh, for if you love her it will be so.” I close my eye to wish him a way. And with all my might I began to pray. “Dear lord I wish you well the same. Please ease our pain so she won’t leave in vain. I want our light to never fade. Let no darkness come into our eyes. Lead her home as she has died.”

He offers his hand to the woman in front of me. She looks back before smiling. “I love you too much to leave you like that. I’ll watch you from there but don’t hurry back.” She grabs his hand and fades into light. I shake my head and look into the light. It fades softly as you go on. I say “I love you.” As she goes on.

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