In for the Rain: Short Stories, The One Whose on my Mind

In the corner of my mind, I’ve always seen you. I watch a light over your head. It was always so beautiful. Yet as I stared into your eyes, you always seemed fearful. Is it me you look at with those eyes or do they look beyond? I want to reach for you, but the light seems too hot. But as I grow braver, I approach you with no fear.  The light grows brighter. I see no life in your eyes. Are you still there I wonder?

You look through me. I ask are you okay. You blink before speaking. Your voice soft and meek. “I’ve killed you.” You said. I look in astonishment to where you point. I see me laying there in a heap. So motionless and grotesque. A knife stuck where I lay. “What have you done!?” I scream to you. “I’ve meant to tell you I love you. Yet you couldn’t hear me. I wait for your heart. I wait for him to call you. I wait no more for you. So I decided to call you.”

I watch tears stream from your eyes. The light began to fade. My fear is beginning to over run me. I want to go where I lay. “Please forgive me.” You say. I don’t know how to answer. You quickly reach and grab my hand. “Let’s go together to beyond and away.” “I’m too scared.” I simply answer. “No need for fear of our journey home. The light will lead guide us.”

I grab your hand as you float us up. I watch my form. “Please only look up.” You say. I close my eyes and say my wish. “I try to understand you and live with this. I won’t feel fear forever. As this light is such a bliss.”

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