In for the Rain: Short Stories, So I Ran

When you say “Hi”, how do I look? Do I look strong? Am I a pretty face? What if I said hi too? Would I look strange? I want to be brave. But what do I do? This woman in front of me is strange and bizarre. She talks herself loud with bravado. She calls herself one of a kind. Can I do the same in good time?

I walk beside you in away. Talking to you is a bit strange. Will I yell my name like you do yours? Am I a fool or no one like you? I want to be brave and strut my own way. So, I put on a face just like yours. I think I can see but where am I now? Am I me or just another you?

Where did it go? That confidence you see. Where am I to you? Do you still see me? I feel so ashamed I don’t want to win. I run and hide but I lose you then. A sorrow washes over me. I try to calm down. I look in the mirror and see myself now. Why do I cry? Can I help me? I say my name one time and I see the tears dry. I say my name two times and I see a feint smile. I say my name again and I remember me now.

I return to you with my own face. You see me and say “Hi, where have you been?” I simply answer I lost myself then. With open arms I feel your embrace. With open arms I welcome back myself back the same.

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