As I Wish for You By. Raine Leggett

Sometimes love can be daunting. ”What ifs” floods in and a fear arises. Will my love be returned? A question that can be overwhelming. This piece explores that thought process. Please enjoy!

As I Wish for You by. Raine Leggett

Another day without you. Another day I dream. Another day I pray to the sky for you and me. I want to have you forever. For eternity I mean. This love I have for you exists so miserably. Nothing else matches. Nothing else compares. I seek comfort in your eyes. I want you to be mine.

For a while I thought about you. I wanted to give you a love letter. I grabbed my pen and scribbled some words. They came out incoherent. A lot of nonsense written. I mean why would you choose me!? So I ball up my paper. I throw it to the sky. And as I watch it land, a horror strikes my heart. You find my silly letter and open it to read.

You smile at my letter and tell me one small thing. “Give it to me next time.” A blush crosses my face. “My answer is yes” is all I hear you say. Before I feel a kiss brush across my face. My dream is fulfilled as you promise more. Our eternity begins forever and more.

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