Story Break: My flash fiction Collection: To My Dear Love

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Raine Leggett. I am the author of many flash fiction stories. I was born in a small town known as Brunswick, Ga. I currently reside just north of it in Savannah, Ga. I am a huge restaurant junkie. As a good meal with the right ambiance is a pleasure of mine. I’ve also always enjoyed writing. It was a wonderful hobby for me to pass the time. I’ve written casually for many years. Many things from poetry to flash fiction. I have now taken steps to make it a career.

A work I have published to take the next step is: ‘To My Dear Love: A Short Collection’. I would like to tell you about it.

‘To My Dear Love: A Short Collection’ is a short collection featuring 11 flash fiction. It is a collection filled with love and longing. As it starts, it welcomes the reader into a world of a beautiful mind that tells the story of “You”. Each tale is of love or longing between two women. As it shows the stories are of a romance that “is”, “will be”, or “never” in existence.

I wrote this collection from my own love. I have someone wonderful in my life that I will always treasure. She makes me so happy that I wrote a tale of that. Even so with love comes a struggle. Distances between love can cause a frustration and sometimes it falls down. As I have felt these struggles with her, I have made a few mistakes with them becoming a longing to make it right.

“As I don’t have you…” Is a strong thought that is personified in a few of the stories. It is a love with distance, so it tells many tales of love as to close the gap. It is lovely. It is bittersweet. It is beautiful. An overall roller coaster of my emotions put into many stories of love for longing. “Are you mine?” is a question that only has one answer and in my own experience no matter the date or time, the answer is “Yes.”

My target audience was romance readers of ages 17+. It is a light snack of a book for break time and light reading in the short read category. It has many poetry elements to it and can be read as free form at times. It was also designed as a single story to read through once. A long tale of love.

I want this book to entertain but also swoon. To tell of love that is inspired by mine. It was a special story to write, and I hope have many readers who find it a great reread. I want them to love going back to it again and again.

As my love blooms, I want to portray many ways of love in novels. I hope to one day make a story based on this collection. I am also working on become a novelist with many works planned in the Romance genre in particular. It is something I hope to share soon, and I hope many who enjoy this story will look forward to it.

‘To My Dear Love: A Short Collection’ is available now on Amazon.  Own it in your personal library and see love through my eyes. I hope that many of you will love this.

“When I think of love it makes my heart soar. The most beautiful thoughts capture my mind. In this collection is a world of love and longing. My beautiful girl and I. Watch life unfold around this love. As it grows a yearning never fades. 11 stories that tell of love. Watch my heart bloom.”

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