Are you Mine? by Raine Leggett

A story of love and longing. When you love someone, you want them near. You want to hold them and fill yourself with love. In this flash fic, I try to capture those emotions. Please enjoy!

Are you Mine? by. Raine Leggett

Were you sent to me from heaven? Is there light brighter than yours? I watch you from afar. Even though my eyes meet with yours. A lovely smile stays on your face. My own stays just as wide. I take my time to close our gap. You walk to me with a joyous step.

As you come nearer, I feel my own warmth. I want it to surround you and fill you with love. I want it to lift us to heaven on high. You grab my hand. I squeeze it tight. I want you to know that you are mine. I tell you my love for many many hours. I embrace you as if I’ll never let go. Time stays still as we stay with each other.

A million stars fill the sky. One streaks by as I make a wish in time. I wish for us to stay together. And in our warmth, we’ll never leave. Until bells ring above our heads, I keep you with me for eternity.

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