It’s Only You by Raine Leggett

A tale of frustration and longing. “We can’t I have you?” Is a thought that ran through my head as I wrote this. It’s bitter. It’s sweet. Please enjoy this piece.

It’s Only You by. Raine Leggett

When I think you, I want to be happy. I want to say I soar in the sky. I sprout my wings in a figurative manner. And in my mind, I fly. I find you high up in the sky. I land next to you but in my mind you fade. So in my heart I try to sing. I hum a tune just for me. And in my heart is you.

I find myself giddy. I want to stare into your eyes. I watch your face for many hours. Until my eyes fill with tears. You are not near. You’re not by my side. I find myself still in my mind.

I want to cuddle. I want to sin. With you on me and in my arms in bliss. I find myself on my own. With nothing but my own warmth. If you were here my heart soars. I loath it here all on my own.

As I see you my heart yearns. For my affection stays to me. I fear you will not be for me.

As I look up to the sky, my mind wonders where I have gone. I sway to myself as I think of you. A devil that’s captured me in my own heart. Why do I love you? I feel so lost. A feeling of frustration burns in my soul. In all my heart, it’s only you. To me my dear, it’s only you.

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