The Demon Noctis by Raine Leggett

This story spawned after a envisioned a man with silver hair floating to himself in a pond grief. The moon has a key role in this story. Please enjoy this short story.

The Demon Noctis by Raine Leggett

Another day I miss you. Another lonely night. I wonder if in a life you will return to me at once. I ponder in this pond the light that once has faded. Tell me my love why have you not returned.

He floated under the moon light, drifting on his back. His silver hair flowing across water. The water glisten with a great blue color. It reflected all around him in a brilliant light.

He let out a sigh as he let the water take him. His eyes were closed tight to block out the light. As one in his head played over and over again. He saw a woman bright in her beauty. She had a smile so radiant that he felt he could stay there forever.

All at once it began to fade the vision of her began to crack. Just as it began to break is eyes jolted open. Tears streamed like endless falls.

She’s Gone…

He let himself fall into the lake before looking at the moon.

“How many times has this moon come!? How much time has gone by!? You should have returned by now! I’ve wait for many years! Why!?” He cried viciously. “I loved you…”

He crawled out of the pond he rested. He looked at his wrists. Which wore silver colored bangles. On them were blue patterns with ancient encryption.

“If only father had given these to me sooner. I cloud have saved you…”

Just then he looked up.

“Someone’s coming!?”

His eyes lit up.

“It could be! I’ll go have a look!”

And with that he ran off to the northern part of the land.

A brisk rain had hit. The ship rocked violently. It carried a small crew of travelers, one of which had fallen extremely ill.

“Madame Ariel. Are you settled in?” A man walked up carrying a cup of warm liquid.

“No, Drake. This rain is awful. I feel worse.” She said with a moan.

“That unfortunate. Try to relax with this tea I brought you.”

“Thank you.” She said.

The waves rock more violently. Thunder could be heard from a distant. She shivered as a chill came over her.

“I should have never come out here.” She sniffled.

Drake sighed as guilt washed over him.

“I’m apologize Ariel. I wanted to have this adventure with you so we could be free. I wanted to stay close to you, but this is unbearable.”

She watched his face quiver and sat up.

“Oh no! Don’t make that face Drake. I’ll be alright.” She said as she sipped the tea he gave her.

Seeing this he put on a stronger face. “Right, I’ll check on the men. But rest up, please.”

He took on last glance at her and left the room.

Drake walked into the Captains Quarter’s.

“Master Drake Dilyard! I have good news. Our lead is hot. We found an island.”

“Really, Reed! That’s fantastic!” He shouted.

“Yes. The Moonlit Bangles are closer to being true than ever now.”

“I know, Marcus! And with that said the rumors of the healing could be true!” Drake said excitedly. “I want to head there full speed. We must get them to Ariel.”


“You betray me. This weather brings no woman here. The stars align so wrong.” Said the silver haired man.

He looked toward the horizon. As he did, he shouted at the stars: Gaze toward the light and Show a Vision. What Lies beyond the horizon reveals itself to me.

He held his arms high as the bangle lit up bright. The moon shone into the stars as the formed a mirror high in the sky. A vision came into form it was of the woman of the crew Ariel. His eyes grew wide.

“Is it you!?” He shouted.

He gazed at the vision. He could tell immediately she was ill. His eyes teared.

“You will not make it. I must bring you here.”

He raised his arms again with these words: Tides of the world hear my plea. Change your course and Bring them to me.

The waves glew brightly before changing in flow. All at once the ocean changed direction.

With a loud boom the ship jostled.

“Woah!” Drake screamed. “Everyone hold on! Steady the ship.”

The crew ran around. Grabbing the helm was Drake himself.

“Take care of Ariel.”

“Right sir!”

He clenched the wheel and held on tight. The boat rocked heavily as he tried to fight the waves. With one big boom the ship was hit.

“Arrgh.” He yelled as he began to lose his grip.

All at once he blinked out.

You oaf! You’ll kill her!

“Wait what!?” He said as he came to.

Do not fight my waves! Move with it!

“Who said that!? Don’t taunt me! I can do this!”

He grabbed the wheel again and held on tight. The ship moved violently. But began to steady.

“I’ll catch this wave.”

And with that he jerked the wheel to its left. Immediately the ship began to move fast.

“Drake what are you doing!?” Reed yelled.

“Getting us to this Island!”

The waves began to calm as the ship felt like it was slowing down.

“Is everyone alright?” Drake yelled.

“We are.” Ariel said softly.

A look of relief washed over his face.

“That’s good.”

“Sir, the Island!” A sailor shouted.

They both left the helm and immediately gasped. It was a beautiful land lush with green. The Moon shone so close behind it. They never saw such a view of it.

“Let’s land at once!” Drake said as he ran back to the helm.

They’re here…

“Captain, we were quite fortunate. We can set up here for a few nights but stay no more than that.” Reed said.

“I think you’re right.” Drake said as he examined the land. “Well men, let’s set up.”

Just then the moon glew. It was a brilliant blue. So light in color and dazzling in beauty.

Ariel couldn’t believe her eyes. She felt a wave of pain as she jumped up to see it better.

“Calm yourself, Ariel.” Drake Said. “But wow! What’s going on!”


“You there! Who are you!?” Drake demanded.

“I am the Great Demon Noctis!” The Silver haired man boasted.

“That voice…” Drake said. “You’re the one who nearly took us out!”

“How dare you!” Noctis yelled.

Noctis jumped from the tree he was standing on and approached them in a hurry.

They readied themselves. All at once he jumped past the men onto the ship and stopped in front of Ariel.

He gazed into her eyes. Not wanting to look away.

“You’re ill.”

“Hey! Back off!” Drake roared.

Noctis snapped his gaze away from her.

“What did you say!?”

“Do not get so close to her!”

“Who are you to her!?”

“She is the woman I love!”

“And yet she looks like this.” Noctis said as he pointed out her ill look.

All at once Drake roared and threw his fist to him. Noctis caught it at once.

“The Bangles!” Drake gasped.

“You fool! What business do you want with them?”

“Give them to me, I want to heal Ariel!”

Noctis paused.

“Her name is Ariel…”

“Let to me. We were sailing for so long. She has suffered so much. I want to heal her. Give them to me!”

“They are not for you.” Noctis said. He looked at Ariel. “You have come to me after all these years?”

“I don’t know you. I am not sure who you think I am. But if you can heal me with your bangles that would be more help than I can ever ask.”

“So…. You are not her….”

Noctis turned away. He jumped off the ship with his head low.

Perhaps she would not remember. Such cruelty!

“Where is my beauty! Where is my love!”

Just as the approached him again, he let out a vicious yell! It pierced through their ears.

They all looked up as the moon began to fade.

“I wanted her here! All these years and pass and the only visitors are them!?” He wailed. “Please come back. Don’t let this moon fade!”

Drake looked on with sympathy. He could not bear to see Noctis’s tears.

I won’t be him. I cannot be him. Those bangles must be used.

Just then he saw Ariel walk up to him.

“Wait! Ariel!”

Noctis looked up to her hand clenched over her heart.

“You need help…”

“I do.”

He stared at her before getting up.

“You need not suffer more than I have.” Noctis said.

He raised his arms with these words: Light of the moon. Power my bangles. Put to ease this pain and heal this one here.

All at once the bangles glew. He put his hands forward and Ariel began to glow. She felt a wave of warmth wash all over her. Her pain began to leave her and color returned to her face.

“Woah!”  Reed yelled. “Look, Drake!”

“Ariel…” Drake whispered.

The light began to fade. Ariel took some breaths before smiling.

“I feel better!” she cheered “Drake I feel better!”

She turned to him as he ran up.

He twirled her around before stopping to look at Noctis who had tears in his eyes.

“You’re a good man.” Drake said.

“I am no man, but I will not tear you with my story.” Noctis eyed the ship. “Leave now or I may change my mind on how to deal with you.”

Drake stared before looking at his men.

“Let’s Go! We got what he wanted!”

And with that they all loaded onto the ship and set off.

Noctis watch them leave before walking slowly into the forest. It was a long walk dreadful and sad. He watched every flower he passed before his bangles glew warm.

“What’s going on!” He yelled.


Word began to form on the bangles. Be free my son as you are near. Come to me now and find you dear.

“Wait! What!? Why am I weak!” Noctis said as he began to fall. His eyes grew weary as he relaxed into the ground. He closed his eye to find a beauty too clear.

 “I’ve waited for you…” He said. “I’m glad you’re here.”

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